• Yale O. Leftwich

    Things were sure different back then…I always enjoyed the frosh football games played before the varsity games

  • Krystal

    That’s not a notice to the participants in the match. It’s an announcement to the student body to come out and support the JV tennis team. It’s filler when there’s nothing else happening…. like when a radio station books a local reporter to be a guest when there’s nothing else happening in the world of sports

    • Golden Trojan

      What a sad cynical man SW. All he can find is a postage stamp notice in the student newspaper from 1956 and turns it negative. 1956, a great year by the way, for all us 62 year olds!

  • Grammymb


  • JBKayak

    Scottie doing his part for ‘fake news’

  • AtlDDS

    Referring to the names of the JV tennis players, I think Kevin Tichenor became an actor, did he not?