Former USC Coaches In The News

I hear former USC assistant coach Demetrice Martin, who was the defensive backs coach at UCLA last season, was hired at Arizona.

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  • steveg

    I wonder if that means Bradford is going to stay.


  • USC jojo

    Here is an interesting article on Sark and his preparation for the Eagles in the playoffs.

    Does this look similar to USC?

    the falcoholic dot com /2018/1/21/16913176/steve-sarkisians-weaknesses-were-laid-bare-in-the-eagles-game

    • usc fan

      why would you bring up sark in this blog, who cares that he lost. you do realize his team had a ton of injuries this year just saying not defending him but, if you can do a better job go coach.

      • USC jojo

        Did your feelings get hurt?

        You do seem to be mr knowitall around here.

        • usc fan

          Sorry I was in a meeting. Fyi like most all coach’s I will not coach at USC until clay helton is gone. Most coaches around fbs may not admit it. Behind the media we don’t like clay helton

  • Arturo

    Don’t watch a lot of the NFL and I know that a lot of bloggers write me about defending our DBs too much (the criticism is legitimate- I do defend SC players to a fault), however, the times when I do watch there is a lot of PI called. Idk the league is set up for WRs and QBs to flourish both in the NFL and at the college level. I know a lot us don’t like Biggie or Jack Jack but I think that the rules are stacked against them.


  • Peaceful Warrior

    Excellent recruiter but terrible coach.

    • john holmes

      He can’t be any worse than Ronnie “Living Room” Bradford

      • Peaceful Warrior

        Bradford is actually a good coach but does not like to recruit. He wants and will probably go to the NFL this off season.

        • Sas

          Peaceful Warrior, Ronnie Bradford +N& Clancy Pendergast have managed to turn the most talented group of Safeties and Cornerbacks in all of the Pac 12 into nothing more than a bend but don’t break defense. Marshall has lost his whole player rating of “all everything” that he once had. He noticeably lost the swag he walked with (but kept it in check). There’s a reason why LSU aka DB-U, Nick Saban, Jimbo Fisher and Jim Harbaugh all begged and pleaded with Iman’s father. Jack Jones could also be a lot better. I won’t even get into any other DB’s who just all happen to be Army AA’s. It’s not them…it’s not. (SMH)

          P.S. Biggie and Jack-Jack would be 1st Team All Conference or better at any of those schools.

        • Jack B

          Since he wants to go and is a bad recruiter, what’s keeping him here now? Seems silly to have kept him aboard when recruiting is so important only to let him go later. Just dumb.

          I doubt we have the entire story here or he could have been kicked to the curb and replaced by someone who isn’t allergic to recruiting by now.

          • Pudly76

            Read an interview with Chris Steele, who visited this weekend with 50+ of the top juniors. He mentioned Bradford’s plan too stay and coach, not leave.

          • usc fan

            whats keeping him here is the fact he is a terrible coach. no one else wants him. USC handing him up on a platter and no one bites??

          • USC jojo

            If you can do a better job go coach.

      • Peaceful Warrior

        By the way he wanted to come to USC but we passed.

    • LamontRaymond

      Agreed – a net negative for the Bruins during those lean years.