USC Morning Buzz: Conference Of Champions Makes Statement

The Pac-12 has 29 players on the combined rosters of the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots, which is more than any other conference. Ironically, USC has just one player: wide receiver Nelson Agholor of the Eagles.

Pac-12 29
SEC 28
Big Ten 27
Big 12 15
ACC 14
  • FightOn!

    CCH coaching em up! Walk-thru On!

  • Mrs Tool_Obama

    Backhanded compliment!…. Should we have expected anything different, no


  • Guest.user73

    I think this fact was pointed out by the brethren herein yesterday

  • Fred Sampson

    The Pac 12 has always put skilled players into the nfl, but not a whole lot of dominating offensive lineman, because the physical play is GONE

    • Peaceful Warrior

      109 of 216 players in NFL come from either line (including TE) or LB. Not sure how that compares to other conferences.

      • gotroy22

        How many are dominating offensive linemen?

        • Peaceful Warrior


  • Paul Muad’dib

    USC probably had more players overall on all playoff teams than most schools. But I’m sure Scott Wolf wouldn’t mention it.

    • gotroy22

      Then that would mean these NFL talents were coached by clowns the last 8 years.

  • Rock2112

    I wasn’t sure how he’d do it, but I knew somehow Wolf would turn Agholor going to the Super Bowl into a negative. What a sad man.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, u barely give any information but you think you are smarter and bettter than the readers. While u gave us a morsel if information, you could have told us how many former Usc players are on the patriots, how many Super Bowls former Usc players have been in the super bowl, and who has the most super bowl players from a particular follege. But that would ruin ur agenda on being negative towards USC. Schmuck

    • Linkster

      that would require a little work and creativity to actually think something like that through to completion and print. Not happening with this blogger.

  • LamontRaymond

    Open that stat up to the final four teams. Bunch of Trojans on the Jags & Vikes.

    • JustOwns

      A bunch on the losing teams; that figures.

      • Linkster

        Hey dykhead, how many bruins are on the Vikings? The team that did not show up yesterday! How stupid are you?

  • San Diego trojan

    The rest of the country always forgets about the conference of champions part, that our conference has kicked a lot of arse over the years to bring home the bacon. Even though football was down this year, we usually have one of the better bowl records of all the conferences. I’m tired of our conference having the perception it has. Larry Scott and the presidents have to raise hell to make sure we don’t have sports broadcasts later than 5-6 pm so everybody can see us and we don’t get treated like a red-headed stepchild. ESPN and Fox would still pay and play if they were given an ultimatum. They can find other late night programming. We aren’t “nick at night” for crying out loud. Our schools should have a similar contract to , and making as much money as all the other conferences. Who has our back?

  • Sebastian Lane

    These numbers must include the “taxi squad” because they don’t add up for two, 53 man rosters….

  • SoCalGreg2014

    USC has 44 current NFL players, including Agholor. Perhaps you could rephrase your last sentence to “Ironically, out of the 44 former USC players currently on NFL rosters, only one, Nelson Agholor of the Eagles, will play in the Super Bowl.” I’m trying to help you get out of your negative spin on anything USC related…