And Now The 2018 Heisman Odds, So Where Is JT Daniels?

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Bovada has come out with its first Heisman odds for 2018. No surprise that Stanford tailback Bryce Love is the favorite. I jokingly asked in the headline why JT Daniels is not listed since everyone says he is the best QB ever. I also included last year’s opening odds for comparison.

Odds to Win the 2018 Heisman Trophy

Bryce Love (RB Stanford)                                  7/1

Johnathan Taylor (RB Wisconsin)                       8/1

Khalil Tate (QB Arizona)                                     9/1

Tua Tagovailoa (QB Alabama)                            10/1

J.K. Dobbins (RB Ohio State)                            12/1

Jake Fromm (QB Georgia)                                 12/1

Jarrett Stidham (QB Auburn)                              12/1

Will Grier (QB West Virginia)                               12/1

Justin Herbert (QB Oregon)                                15/1

Kelly Bryant (QB Clemson)                                 15/1

McKenzie Milton (QB UCF)                                 18/1

Trace McSorley (QB Penn State)                        18/1

Cam Akers (RB Florida State)                            22/1

Jake Browning (QB Washington)                        22/1

Rodney Anderson (RB Oklahoma)                      25/1

Ryan Finley (QB NC State)                                 25/1

Brandon Winbush (QB Notre Dame)                   35/1

D’Andre Swift (RB Georgia)                               35/1

Nick Fitzgerald (QB Mississippi State)                35/1

Travis Etienne (RB Clemson)                              35/1

David Sills (WR West Virginia)                           45/1

Ed Oliver (DL Houston)                                      55/1

Nick Bosa (DL Ohio State)                                 75/1

Odds to Win the 2017 Heisman Trophy

Baker Mayfield (QB Oklahoma)                          11/2

JT Barrett (QB Ohio State)                                 6/1

Lamar Jackson (QB Louisville)                           7/1

Sam Darnold (QB USC)                                     9/1

Saquon Barkley (RB Penn State)                        10/1

Jake Browning (QB Washington)                        10/1

Trace McSorley (QB Penn State)                        10/1

Deondre Francois (QB Florida State)                  12/1

Josh Rosen (QB UCLA)                                     12/1

Mason Rudolph (QB Oklahoma State)                12/1

Jalen Hurts (QB Alabama)                                  12/1

Derrius Grice (RB LSU)                                      15/1

Bo Scarbrough (RB Alabama)                            15/1

Nick Fitzgerald (QB Mississippi State)                22/1

Nick Chubb (RB Georgia)                                   25/1

Kamryn Pettway (RB Auburn)                             25/1

Shane Buechele (QB Texas)                               35/1

Luke Falk (QB Washington State)                       35/1

50 thoughts on “And Now The 2018 Heisman Odds, So Where Is JT Daniels?

  1. And Now The 2018 Heisman Odds, So Where Is JT Daniels?


    I can tell you right now, this JT Daniels kid doesn’t have it.

  2. Nodoby said he was the best QB ever. Don’t try to explain away your negative USC spin and terrible sense of humor.

    • Daniels will be his next love affair and he will bad mouth anyone playing in the QB position if it isn’t Daniels.

    • Actually, both of the major recruiting services had him listed as the second best player at his position and he wasn’t even the top player in what would have been his senior class if he didn’t reclassify.

      This is up there with Wolf saying that Burnett needed NBA-level coaching and that upcoming home game SC is playing at Washington St, but not quite as good as sc needing to “coach harder”.

  3. I never read, or heard anybody say JT Daniels was the best ever, based on what, High School awards ? John David Booty arrived at USC with similar awards, and he was a average college quarterback, so let Daniels do it on the college level, before making any predictions

    • The kid has to come in, learn a new complex system memorized, adjust to the speed, size, and athleticism of D1, get aquainted with his receivers, start school, and find him a song girl all over the summer and early fall. I think that is why I am favoring Fink, and Sears will transfer.

      • He should be ok with everything except the SONG GF, not sure if any of them are still single. USC may need to recruit him a GF. lol

          • You can slober all over a college cheerleader at 50 as well as you could at 19. The chances of bedding her have only changed in your mind.

      • Seriously. I do not take any satisfaction with someone losing their job. SW may drive many of us crazy , but him losing his job would harm more than just him. I reluctantly join in when the crowd begins to call for a coaches firing because they have families who pay the price when their dad is let go. I recognize that coaches are in a results driven business and when they fail there are consequences to pay. But we shouldn’t take pleasure in their misfortune.

        • Wolf needs to go! The National Enquirer is hiring.

          PS….I would take great pleasure in wolfs misfortune… long have you been around here?

    • Odds are about the same that WW acknowledges David Sills.
      Wolf aside Sills story is a great one .

      • Try as he might, Sills couldn’t play D1 QB successfully. The real question is, could Sills have succeeded at USC as a WR, a position USC is always loaded at. My guess is no. WV has no talent compared to the Trojans. He would have been lost in the shuffle here IMO.

        • What’s great about his story is his journey. No,he wasn’t a D1 QB. Plus your right he would not have be recruited at WR at Usc.
          He completely reinvented himself. Learned the WR position, went to a program that beleved in him and excelled. .There he is on the list of Heisman odds.

          • It would be great to see him make the NFL. He’d maybe be the perfect New England possession, move-the-chains WR.

        • I read somewhere that Sills was well on his way to becoming the No. 1 rated player; that he was the best QB in the nation as a Jr. ( Much like JT Daniels). He severely injured his shoulder and never recovered. To his credit, he didn’t let it stop him and the rest is history.

          At SC, I think he’d have to switch to TE or maybe Safety.

  4. I see the kid as a Jake Browning type of quarterback. Based on watching him play and his demeanor in interviews I am a fan. He will conduct himself well and win the respect of his teammates.

  5. Bleacher Report predicts that SC will finish #3 in recruiting while CBS sports predicts second.

  6. Daniels only has to be better than Sam Turnover Darnold aka “The best USC QB Ever” according to you

  7. JT Daniels will turn out a lot better than the all-world bust Max Browne. Browne’s probably a great guy who couldn’t play worth a lick and another example of a totally misevaluated 5-star. At least 60% of the so-called 5-stars aren’t really 5-stars.

    That said, I think Daniels could turn out pretty darn good. But he’s still got to make the jump, and there are no guarantees. I bet he doesn’t start as a freshman.

    • If he redshirts he gets a year to acclimate, get comfortable with USC football, it is also the time young guys gain size and strength, not that he needs it, but I would hate to see him end up like Barkley, thrown into the fire. If by all means he comes in and shows he is D1 starter ready, and he beats out the competition, cut him loose. I expect an exciting spring and fall at QB with all three doing everything they can to be #1.

    • Probably some technicality because of reclassification, who knows. It doesn’t matter. Daniels is a Trojan and has been for a long time.

      • But when? Last I saw he had a boat load of classes to complete, and he’s still just a sophomore.

        • He’s not a sophomore. He’s a junior who will be working out with USC this summer.

          If you think he’s not gonna squeeze his classes in, some of which will just be on-line, good luck with that.

          • Guess we will know officially Feb 7th. Should be the biggest news of the day. I guess this staff can recruit after all.

          • I wouldn’t sweat it out. We won’t know for sure on Daniels until far later because he has to squeeze all these credits in. It’s not a signing issue. It’s a qualification issue.

  8. SW’s operative word re: JT is “jokingly”. At this moment, his college QB rating is 0.00. It’s senseless to even speculate about what his potential is. Let’s see him perform in the fog of Saturday CFB wars before we weigh in.

  9. There is a type-o above. Sam Darnold was pre-season 1/1 to win the Heisman in 2017.

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