Uchenna Nwosu At Senior Bowl

USC defensive end Uchenna Nwosu measured in at 6-2, 245 pounds at the Senior Bowl today. In the above video, he goes against Alex Cappa of Humboldt State.

  • LamontRaymond

    Get after it, Uchenna! You developed more than any other player (other than, maybe Clay Mattnews) during your years at SC – your hard work will pay off!

    • Arturo

      Best comment and comparison in terms of development. Helton’s Poster Child IMO.

    • j metaphor

      A huge accomplishment considering the lack of coaching

      • schammer47

        j, Uchenna had four seasons of college coaching. He excelled in his Junior and Senior seasons because of exceptional instruction by Helton’s LB coach.

    • Grammymb

      I don’t remember Clay Mattnews playing for USC. Was that in the 50s?

  • steveg

    I sure hope he gets with an nfl team that can use his extreme talent.

    • Paul Muad’dib

      I hope my packers take him. He could cause havoc along the edge.


    Shouldn’t he be able to handle someone from Humboldt State ?

    • GABBY702

      Stay in your lane, Mr. Pop Warner

    • Sebastian Lane

      Cappa is well regarded and according to several experts, looked good. So did Will Hernandez from UTEP. Take the hook out of your mouth because you took the petty bait from SW.

      • Arturo

        Former All Pro Larry Allen was from Sonoma State.

  • Evil Robot

    Did you steal content, try to pass it off as your own and then give people the big update that Nwosu weighed five pounds heavier after not practicing for a couple weeks? Great post.

  • Arturo

    All Uchenna needs is some sort of marketing nickname. Nwosu Bumaye, Nwosu Bumaye, Nwosu Bumaye!

    My favorite Defender last year who always brought his A game and delivered on the big stage; his fourth down stop against Stanford delivered SC their first PAC 12 in almost 10 years.

  • Sebastian Lane

    Cappa is 6-7, 305. That’s no picnic, especially in Mobile…

  • j metaphor


  • Tebow_Obama

    Once Uchenna Nwosu gets to the NFL he’ll finally be able to play under a real head coach.

    Uchenna…Fight On!