USC Fires Tony Bland

USC says assistant basketball coach Tony Bland is no longer employed by the school. Why now all of a sudden? It seems reactionary especially after Arizona fired assistant coach Book Richardson earlier this week. Or did the feds happen to give the schools more information?

46 thoughts on “USC Fires Tony Bland

  1. Dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s, probably making sure they can fire him outright for cause without paying him any buyout or severence.

    • And making sure to follow Calif. labor laws, make sure Atty Gen Becerra won’t file charges on SC.

  2. Bland’s lawyer indicated that Bland was fired last week. Before Arizona fired Richardson.

    To answer your question, I’m guessing both schools were privy to information from the DOJ that compelled the termination of those coaches.

  3. Somebody should search some of these USC websites that provide good information on Bland and let the “reporter” know the answers to all of his questions.

  4. I’m at USC now I think Swann might have fired Helton. I will post as soon as I know forsure.

  5. What do you care Wolf? It’s not like you would have been satisfied even if USC handled the situation perfectly.

  6. I wonder if it will affect SoCal players efforts when they know their wins may all be disqualified by the NCAA.
    Perhaps St. Pat can be enticed to come back and handle the NCAA investigation.

  7. I am surprised it took this long. Although I don’t follow BB as much as football cutting the dead branches (sort to speak) seems to be healthy for the team. Now they can move forward with the rest of the season. As for why now? I assume the university did an investigation and couldn’t find a way around the charges.

  8. Scott you are clearly not aware that the word REACTIONARY is not the same as REACTIVE… get it right. A common mistake but you regularly rip on the coaches for not being disciplined or exacting. Maybe you should follow your own advice. Idiot.

    1. (of a person or a set of views) opposing political or social liberalization or reform.

    1. showing a response to a stimulus.
    “pupils are reactive to light”
    2. acting in response to a situation rather than creating or controlling it. “a proactive rather than a reactive approach”

  9. I believe in God, and in his son Jesus Christ, and because I do, I can say this: southern cal and coach Tony Bland is investigated by the FBI and the rah rahs cry that it’s a tragedy. But southern cal is investigated by the FBI because they have no code. they are investigated because they have no honor. And God was watching.

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