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“In our long range plan to compete for championships year after year, Clay Helton continues to move that forward.”

— USC athletic director Lynn Swann

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  1. Lynn was talking about the inter-state championship that Clay invented 2 months ago.

  2. That’s funny, Wolfman, How about this one, it’s my favorite:
    “I’m 150% behind Lane Kiffin” – St. Pat Haden
    Of course, that was later downgraded to: “I’m 100% behind Lane Kiffin”
    and then later downgraded to: “Take a hike, loser and get your own ride home from LAX”

    • I guess he expected Swann to say look this coach has 1 more year to impress me or we are moving in a different direction. In reality it is really a good situation. Helton has brought some stability to the program and done a great job recruiting. If he stumbles next year we open the wallet and bring in an experienced coach to take over a stocked program.

    • USC AD Lynn Swann’s quote tells me and shouid tell you, Trojan5, that Coach Helton has earned the unquestionable support of Mr Swann. FIGHT ON, COACH HELTON !!! Win Big in 2018.

      • Clay Helton has done one thing while being HC at USC. Babysat the program while having the luck of Sam Darnold brought wins beyond what the pitiful coaching has accomplished here.

  3. “He continues to move that forward” – WTF ? Is Swann nuts or what ? The only thing that Helton does that involves moving forward is called “kicking the can.” 2018 has already been labeled as the “I told you so” season. Tank !

    • The great prognosticators on here predict doom and gloom and demand instant gratification. Helton got USC back into the game, got great players to come, and established a tranquil program. Exactly what was needed when he was hired. If he has carried the program as far as he can then Swann needs to go in a different direction for 2019.

  4. Why are you quoting ths? This was an remark from Lynn days after taking over for Haden.. Lol .. Smh!

  5. If you read that quote with a critical eye, Swann indicates that the plan to compete for championships is moving forward. As it should be.

    But he doesn’t say outright that Helton will be the coach when USC reaches the point of being a yearly national title contender.

    Saying a guy is moving the plan forward is not the same as saying I support my coach.

    No wonder Swann tried to enter politics in Pennsylvania a few years ago. What a great answer/non-answer!

    • I hope you are right. I’d love to be wrong when it comes to any negativity about the Trojan program.

    • narvienna, You gave it your best but fumbled the ball and fell on your face. AD Swann just gave his FULL SUPPORT to Coach Helton. You missed it, Son.

    • It is both sad and maddening. A quess we need to ask the question “move that forward” means WHAT IN TIME. Frankly, I think we will move backward this coming season without Darnold, Rojo and Barnett.

      • Barnett gets replaced with St. Brown. Rojo gets replaced with Carr. Darnold gets a statue at McKay center and an adequate to very good QB takes over, hoping he is able to complete 65% of his passes. The O line remains the same, sadly.

        • Don’t think so. with Toa at center, our line will come together in 2018, blowing the Opposition Defense off the line of scrimmage. I hope Callaway moves Edoga to RG and Vorhees to RT.

          • Toa’s a pushy slug with no power or feet. It makes me laugh when I hear people touting him as some great OC. Ya, right. Just as long as he never needs to take on anyone who wants to swim right by him or push his face in the dirt.

          • Jack that is entirely not true. I played RG. Toa lateral movement and footwork is bad at OT. He should have never played tackle. His forward get off and power is actually very good.

          • I think he’s always been hugely overrated – a real paper tiger. Since he had to play OT, it just shows you how weak we are on the entire OL. He was never any contest for anyone any good. Weak, slow and unathletic – no way to go through life.

          • Jack B, You are not speaking wisdom from the heart. The vast majority of your 24/7 posts on SW’s Blog spread disparaging rubbish against USC Athletes, Coaches and just about everyone else connected with the University. Jack, SW’s Blog is you entire life, a life spent full of contempt and hostility for gifted people. Listen, Jack B, Toa Lobendahn will excel at center. Chris Brown and Andrew Vortees will excel at the Tackle positions, if given the chance. If the coaches are able to put a Tight End on the field who can block, our 2018 Offense is set.

          • Try not to get so emotional schmuck. If you had any self control, you’d stop reading me, but you don’t. Sorry we don’t all agree with your lame talent assessments. I suggest you block me for your mental health, rah rah boy. Either do that or get some counseling. It’s just a silly message board Spanky.

  6. I see this as politics at the highest level. No A.D. would say we’re bringing around the bus and Clay is being ready for a toss under. It only angers me that nothing has been done to fix the obvious problems with O line and defensive secondary.
    That Swann would toss away another season just to let the coaches fail is incomprehensible. It’s like waiting for the roof to collapse before repairing a leak.

    • It shows USC is a stable place to come work, setting the stage for a new hire, but USC can say they gave a fair chance and thought through a plan for success coming out of the chaos. Keep waiting, patience is a virtue.

      • I’m really stunned. However, I think there is such a strong belief that the record doesn’t warrant a dismissal. However, without Darnold, the record would have warranted it. I guess we can expect another miserable season. I was exhausted at the end of most games last year fearing we were going to lose………to the likes of Western Michigan!!!! Really, does the Swann quote include that moment in time!

        • That’s like saying without Brady the record would have warranted it. The only problem is the patriots have Brady.

        • C S, Another miserable season ? 2017 was a Glorious season for Coach Helton, his Staff, and the Team’ I’ve got the facts. You’ve got nothing but pathetic hot air. Helton hater.

          • fast fred, I have no idea. Coach Helton has earned a new 3 year contract beginning in 2018. Should Helton’s Trojans dominate in 2018, Helton should receive a a new 5 year contract. His Assistants should receive new 3 year contracts. Failure by the AD to award new contracts to Helton and his coaches at this time is nothing more than a Piss-Poor insult to the coaches. Mr. Swann, you just drove into water before three putting on the green. There is Sweet Tea for you at the 19th Hole. Enjoy…….

    • 73, Toss away another season ? Loser 73, you are visible, but you are not cool. the upcoming 2018 season will be a big time success. I suggest you look elsewhere to keep your food down and your head off the floor.

      • Facts? Where are you getting this optimism? The O line was a joke and we have only one player in the backfield who has any real chance of being the next Rojo.
        While we’re at it can we please discus all of the coaching gaffs from this season? Fact is I remember when Larry Smith was allowed to simmer a couple seasons before he killed the USC super fan at a UCLA game.(look it up) And don’t get me started on Hackett by the end of final season I was yelling “He can’t Hack it!”
        So not acting to improve is tossing the season away. I will still wear my colors every weekend as I have done since 1960 and if I can swing it I’ll be at the home games because USC football is one thing I think is always entertaining. I think you have me confused with someone who isn’t passionate about the sport.

      • I suspect you think I am some nube who just jumped on to the shipwreck of a column. Please rest assured I know what I am talking about. Before you go attacking someone’s character you need to look at what is being said. I have been around long enough to know what passes for good football, and having watched and rewatched every game I can tell you we were not the stellar performers you think we were.
        Usually I like to blame the refs for most of our misfortune but the stupid things I saw during this season have the look of someone without football knowledge. For example fielding a punt inside the 10 yard line and running backwards to gain an advantage (which was not there) Or sending ten men out for a PAT. Like it or not (and I love optimism when it comes to USC) we have not addressed the mistakes of the past season and look to see worse next season.
        That being said I hope as you do that I am wrong but until then, keep your sophomoric attacks for the likes of Ed Garrett and Charlie Bucket. I am as entitled to an opinion as much as you are.

    • Don’t you wish Helton could chit qualified FB coaches who wanted to work for a crummy, ghetto Univ.

      • I almost thought you were becoming a mature poster on here, but you invalidated that and once again have become the pimple on our butt.

  7. Lynn knows what the fanbase believes. He isn’t kdding himself. He is being a company man.

  8. Exactly how long are we talking about? 3 years? 5 five years? More? If LW was scrutinized re: this statement we find he really has no clue or an actual plan to back it up.

  9. Long range? That makes it sound like a 10-year plan.

    Helton YEAR 3 should be the target, especially after YEAR 1.

      • What kind of idiotic comprehension is that, stinky?

        Let me spell it out and maybe your short-bus driver can explain it to you:

        “In our long range plan to compete for championships year after year…” sounds like Swann hopes to achieve this in the next 10 years.

        I say that we should compete for championships year after year right now (Helton YEAR 3), especially after the great and unexpected success of Helton YEAR 1.

        WHO THE FUGG is criticizing Helton year 1??? HOW do you get that from my post? Are you literate? You fling words of attack like throwing your feces through the bars at the scientists conducting medical experiments on you.

  10. Because he didn’t hire him so he isn’t he’s guy but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t give him a chance to grow which he’s proven over the first two years

  11. Sounds similar to Arte Moreno talking about that sack of fertilizer Fat Albert Pujols – sooner that clown hog is gone the better.

    • Looks like Angels are going to compete in 18 and Pujols is going to be playing some 1st base from what I read.

  12. “to compete for championships”

    Those infamous “State Championships”…LMFAO!

    • The State Championship is not infamous. In fact, it’s only defect is that it doesn’t exist.

      • He interviewed today for an asst DL position. He’s already been with the Seahawks and the Vikings. All our good guys are getting picked off. Hope Swann and Helton can keep him. If not, we will have lost our two best assts and not added crap while keeping dead weight Callaway and Bradford. Never a dull moment.

        • May I state the obvious? If Udeze leaves, it’s not a good omen. Keneche is what makes Clancy’s defense go.

          • And Jack brings up a non coaching problem I didn’t even think of —- if K.U. leaves, it could mess with our recruiting.

          • I tend to believe what you tell me, Pudly —-so can you explain why we’d be okay without K.U.?

          • It’ll be embarrassing if BKU leaves to be an “Assistant DL Coach”.
            If we allow some coach BKU or anyone for that matter who’s DL led the nation in sacks in only his 2nd season ever as a DL Coach than we will look pretty bad.

          • we already look pretty bad, sam—-we let deland mccollough get away and he showed success in one year —sorry for the lower case —im on with fed ex tracking getting the run around……

          • I’m surprised Scott isn’t camping out next to the elevator to Swann’s office….

          • I’m pretty sure that it will be Clancy’s defense…..and I’m pretty sure JDR won’t be around. (Don’t you feel the same, steveg)?

  13. Note to Clay Helton, better lock up BKU ASAP!

    It’s getting hotter in the kitchen for you now and you better not let the DL Coach who’s DLine led the nation in sacks.
    Callaway, Pendergast and Bradford still on the staff. Now this…..Coach I hope u have a bag of tricks. You let him walk and your days are numbered.

  14. Scooter, when did Swann say this? Was this yesterday and was it a direct quote to you or did you take it from a tape machine two bowls ago right after he won the Rose Bowl? Scooter, you need to improve as a journalist.

  15. Lynn Swann would have been better off by saying nothing at all, because those words were not encouraging for Clay Helton

          • He’s been at SC for 2 weeks…seems something is brewing after signing day.. Clancy rumored to the nfl with JDR stepping in as DC and Asst HC for the moment.. Also heard that BKU and USC are workiing on a extension… Everyone has their ears out..At this point who knows.. Even the people I chat with are now quiet..

  16. The USC Trojans won’t be competing for any CFB National Championships as long as Clay Helton is head coach.

    Never going to happen.

  17. If this is true Lynn Swann, then you & Max Nikias are taking the long scenic route to getting this program competitive enough to play alongside the top teams in CFB. You sure are going to get there staying with Clay Helton and his choices of position coaches.

  18. CHH’s current deal has two vesting options past this year.. 3+2.. Year 3 will determine CHH’s fate.. I still see him gone early in 18 .. BKU is working the Martin angle for a multi year deal and $s from SC.. He will stay..

  19. “In our long range plan”

    — USC athletic director Lynn Swann

    Wait until the third game of the upcoming season, we’ll see about how well Lynn Swann’s “long range plan” (complacent with being mediocre) will be going over with Trojan fans.

    Maybe by then Lynn Swann will have figured out that the least he could have done would have been to clue Clay Helton in on what seemingly everyone who follows Trojan Football already knows, Neil Callaway isn’t a good coach, the players he coaches haven’t developed the talent they were rated as having which made them highly regarded recruits coming out of high school and USC fans are tired of seeing the Trojans talent being wasted because Clay Helton and Neil Callaway are second rate at best.

    Then again, there doesn’t seem to be any ‘Urgency of Now’ as far as wanting to win at USC these days, save for the Trojan players and a few Trojan faithful…so don’t expect Lynn Swann to abandon his idiotic ‘long range plan’ of giving his second rate head coach as many years as he needs wasting the highly rated talent he’ll never be able to develop in order to compete for national championships.

    Swann apparently believes that wins over soft inferior teams is good enough for USC.

    Oh how times have changed at USC.

    • Ah, poor little hillbilly troll…not happy because no one listens to his little tantrums…bwaaa!! Bwaaa!! Listen to me, I mean it!!! I’ll say the same thing over and over and over again, I’ll piss myself, whatever it takes…pay attention you !!!

  20. Lynn Swann’s days should be numbered, he’s just as bad and clueless as Clay Helton and Neil Callaway.

  21. There are 2 key words here….”long range”. Maybe it will happen. Maybe it won’t. Who can say for sure that it will not happen. I don’t think that it’s going to happen next year. Again, the key words are “long range”.

  22. Here’s hoping.

    But recall, SC went 25-years without a national championship, from 1978 to 2003.

    In other words, titles don’t grow on trees. And with Ohio St and Alabama poaching some of “our” prospects, don’t expect any easy pathway to the title.

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