Man Who Killed Joe McKnight Guilty Of Manslaughter

Ronald Gasser was found guilty of manslaughter Friday night for fatally shooting former USC tailback Joe McKnight last year. Gasser faces up to 40 years in prison. A Louisiana judge will sentence Gasser on March 15.

217 thoughts on “Man Who Killed Joe McKnight Guilty Of Manslaughter

  1. Had he been an illegal in CA he would have been found innocent.

    RIP Joe, the highest rated USC recruit ever.

    • Had he been an illegal in NY he would have been found innocent and given free tuition.

      • Jesus! Murder is legal in New York?! This poor guy is so unlucky that he was found guilty!

        • Will your lib pal Portapotty apologize to the board for his racist prediction?

          Porfirio666 • 8 days ago
          Justice is never colorblind south of the Mason-Dixon line. I’m always amazed when black players from the West choose to attend Bama and other Southern schools. They probably have to watch a documentary about Emmit Till to educate them and ensure their safety.

          • Nothing to do with being a liberal or conservative. I know plenty of conservatives who are sympathetic to the plights of immigrants and don’t call human beings “illegals.”

          • Sure it does, Lib. The One Big Party Chamber of Commerce types like Goober Graham, Marco Rubio and John McCain love Open Borders and paying illegal aliens under the table while the working man gets nothing. No wonder Cesar Chavez called your pals worse names than illegal aliens. He saw what you cheapskate phonies were all about.

    • Illegal what? I don’t understand this statement is murder not illegal in California?

        • Not only did they not arrest him they’re in the process of giving him tax money for being detained in the first place.

        • Well that illegal idiot wasn’t trying to kill Kate, this redneck idiot pointed his gun, that he was driving around with, at Joe and blew him away point blank on purpose cuz Joe approached his car since the redneck dummy doesn’t know the difference between Red and Green. Big difference.

          • I have no beef with you but it’s funny how you would never use the N word but throwing the word, redneck about people from the south, that’s ok…….. right.

          • According to the ruin wacko, the illegal alien was just out sniffing a flower when the stolen gun jumped in the air and shot Kate.

          • Apparently so Jellyhead, because that’s what the jury said. Has Shana “U-Turn” Handjob instructed his zombies to whine about the Zarate trial as part of the FBI’s “Secret State” agenda?

            I bought a new refrigerator about six months ago for $750.00.

            Now we learn the Moron has signed a $24m contract with Boeing to upgrade refrigerators on Air Force One.

            Jellyhead, since when does a couple of new refrigerators cost $24m?

            We must assume the Moron has learned a valuable lesson; why pay wholesale, when the taxpayers will foot the bill for retail?

            Trumbturds making Amerika Great!

          • Moron Owns, why was Hiltery enabling a known pervert for years? And I am not talking about her husband your role model BJ Clinton.

          • Moron Owns, who stupidly predicted we couldn’t drill our way to lower gas prices? Clue: he posed for a photo with Louis Farrakhan.

          • Apparently you believe whatever libs tell you to think, Moron Owns .

            We really don’t want any info from your kind on cutting costs after your hero Obama added $10 trillion to the national debt in 8 years. That’s a record that wiill never be broken. I bet you are proud.

            Tell us Moron Owns, why did the NY Slimes sit on the photo of Obama meeting with the antisemite Muslim bigot Calypso Louie for 9 years? Just think, Hitlery would have been elected president in 2008.

  2. Great news. 2nd degree murder just wasn’t going to happen. This was a clear hot blood case where Gasser decided to show McKnight who was boss, and boy did he. The judge will consider Gasser’s prior road rage incident at sentencing and hopefully give him at least 30 years. Justice served!

      • So your racist prediction was proven false:

        Peaceful Warrior • 8 days ago
        My guess is this guy is going walk which is a travesty. “Stand your ground “ a black man is coming strikes again.

          • I knew you would refuse to apologize. Being a lib is never having to say you’re sorry.

          • Stormy Daniels is also from Louisiana and under a gag order…paid off actually but gag order sounded better. Free Stormy!!! Let her speak.

          • Burns Strider’s victim received a reminder call from Hitlery Clinton last night that she might accidentally shoot herself if she ever violates the confidentiality agreement and tells the truth about what a pervert enabler Hiltery is. Free the sexual harassment victims of Hitlery and BJ Clinton!!! Let them speak.

          • (CNN)Republican Rep. Patrick Meehan, under fire for using taxpayer money for a payment to a former staff member after a sexual harassment accusation, says he will not seek reelection.

            Trumbturds making Amerika great.

          • You got one republican, how many democrats dummy? Democrats in Sac have spent 25 mil on payoffs. Keep up the good work.

          • (LA Times) Dumbocrat Assemblyman Jim Cooper (Elk Grove) is the subject of a sexual harassment investigation, according to multiple reports.

            The Sacramento News and Review, reported in 2009 that Cooper grabbed his crotch while telling a female co-worker she needed some “jungle love” before her upcoming wedding.

            He sounds like the next BJ Clinton.

          • Jellyhead, W. Goodman wants YOU to relite his cigar. You must be proud Jellyhead.

            #Jellyhead Succs, and he Succs.

          • Moron Owns, BJ Clinton has a Monica flavored cigar for you. You must be turned on.


          • Is he or she president? Nope.

            Sorry, but I’ve never been a public employee. Keep trying.

          • Did she use a Russian dossier to get illegal FISA surveillance of the opposing party’s presidential candidate and use it to try to overthrow the current president? Is she running in 2020? YEP.

          • That’s already been debunked by everyone other than Sean Hannity. Keep trying. Trump and Stormy. Lovely couple. Can’t wait for Mueller to get ahold of him.

          • You mean the Senate and House Judiciary, Hmeland Security and Intelligence Committees are wrong and your beloved Mediacrats that were Hillary’s puppets are right? I bet you sharted in your Depends when adulterous Hillary loving FBI agent Peter Strzok said he found no collusion after 10 months of investigating for Mueller. Keep deluding yourself, Libt*rd. Hitlery and BJ Clinton. Lovely couple. Can they get adjoining cells when they go to prison?

          • Sorry, but Nunes is not the committee and you can go on and on about Hillary all you want. She lost. Trump is in trouble. Big time. They can share a cell for all I care.

          • Sorry but Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism Chairman Lindsey Graham referred the author of the “Russian Dossier,” Christopher Steele, to the Justice Department for investigation of potential violations of 18 U.S.C. § 1001 for false statements investigators have reason to believe Steele made about the distribution of claims contained in the dossier. I can’t wait for him to point the finger at you heroes Hitlery and Obama. They are in trouble. Big time. They can share a cell with your role model BJ Clinton.

          • Guilty until proven innocent and yet you don’t apply your same standard to Trump and Stormy and virtually every other Trump scandal.

            Looks like Carmine Puliafito is back in the news today. Not a good look.

          • Youy have declared Trump guilty since the day he defeated your heroine Hitlery. Maenwhile your kind told us BJ Clinton was the victim of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy even after the DNA on Monica’s Navy Blue Dress matched.

            Looks like the Deep State FBI is a now lying that they can’t find Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s text messages! Not a good look.

          • Stay current. Trump has fired or tried to fire anyone investigating him. Why is that?

            Trump is the law and order president who is disparaging the FBI. He’s the big supporter of the veterans who is trying to cut their benefits. The Deep State! LOL Hook, line and sinker right from the Sean Hannity script. Don’t forget the Secret Society!!

          • Stay away from Fake News like the NY Slimes and WaPo. They are now making non-actions into thought crimes. Why is that? Because they covered for the Clinton-Obama criminals the last 8 years? Why was the NY Slimes sitting on Hillary’s s*x harasser story for 9 years? Why did they hide Obama’s association with Louis Farrakhan for 8 years?

            The leadership of the FBI and DOJ tried to fix the election for Hitlery and have now tried to overthrow the President of the United States. You think exposing the Hillary loving partisan fanatics like Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page is “disparaging the FBI”? What do you think using a Russian Dossier to illegally obtain FISA warrants to spy on the opposing candidate for president constitutes?

            You really are a full mooner libt*rd. You even lie about Trump when he has increased the VA budget and improved their health care. Riddle me this, Libt*rd, would you have still voted for Obama if you knew of the photo he took with Louis Farrakhan?

          • Nothing about the wall? LOL More conspiracy theories!

            What happened to your buddy, Laker Rod? He’s dropped off the face of the earth since a true freshman led the Tide to victory.

          • The United States House and Senate Judiciary, Homeland Security and Intelligence Committees are devoting themselves to conspiracy theories? Really?

            You are a kook who simply can’t accept the results of November 8th 2016. You LOST.

            When each political faction hates each other but accepts the election results, you have a country.

            When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war. . . .

            You libs are dangerous.

          • Focus. Wall. Mexico paying? Remember? Every speech Trump says that he is going to build a great, big wall and Mexico is going to pay for it. I realize you don’t want to answer. So far, crickets.

          • Focus.Riddle me this, Libt*rd? Remember? Would you have still voted for Obama if you knew of the photo he took with Louis Farrakhan? I realize you don’t want to answer. So far, crickets.

          • Nice try. No wonder you avoid answering.

            And you lecture on accepting election results after your boy Trump spent 7 years proclaiming Obama wasn’t a legitimate president and then said he won the popular vote but there were millions of fraudulent votes. Hypocrisy doesn’t begin to describe your illogical positions.

            Now, about that wall? Nah, you conspiracy theorists can’t answer simple questions. Maybe you can give Trump’s favorite deposition answer, “I don’t remember.”

          • Nice try. No wonder you avoid answering.

            Please speak in English. I don’t understand the Ebonics of this sentence: “then said he won the popular vote nut there were millions of fraudulent votes”. You either had to have flunked Dumb Dumb English all those decades ago when you were a ruin or you must be slipping into Alzheimers as your waste of a life being a brainless lib begins to fade into a haze.

            Now about that picture of your hero Obama with the black bigot. Would you have still voted for Obama if you knew of the photo he took with Louis Farrakhan? Nah, you don’t have the courage to answer. But we all know the answer. You have no principles. You would support Stalin.

          • More avoidance. How about this sentence. You’re a fraud and a phony. Trump is president. Not Hillary. Not Obama. Not Lindsey Graham or John McCain. Not Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz or Joe Biden. He won the election. So tell me again, is Mexico paying for the wall or has Trump just conned you again? Or is Louis Farrakhan paying for it? Maybe Stormy Daniels?

          • More avoidance. How about this sentence: You are a preachy lib who can’t handle it when you are forced to live up to your own book of rules.

            So tell me again:Would you have still voted for Obama if you knew of the photo he took with Louis Farrakhan?

          • Nope, you must live by your own book of rules. The question is still on the table:

            Would you have still voted for Obama if you knew of the photo he took with Louis Farrakhan?

            Well, creep?

          • Bye. You’re a coward. You just keep avoiding this easy question, asked ling before yours. Simple. First question gets answered first.

          • Bye lib ruin scum. I knew you are too much of a coward and would never answer that question. Now call your physician tomorrow and schedule a full physical and mental exam. You keep lapsing into gibberish. What exactly does “asked ling before yours” mean? Are you asking about ling cod? Okay I will answer that question. The ling cod are biting this time of year off the Channel Islands.

          • Still afraid. Call Stormy. Maybe you can get a lap dance. That’s as close as you will ever get.

          • Still refusing to live by your own book of rules? You are such a coward. Maybe you can call Gennifer Flowers and she will do a strip tease for you and you can listen to her tapes of BJ Clinton. Who can forget you dopes falling for Hillary denying on 60 Minutes of Lib Propaganda that BJ Clinton had enjoyed Gennifer many times? That’s the moment the Dumbocrat Party lost its integrity. And you have to the nerve to wax moral now?

            Who knocked the ling cod? They are nasty to land but worth it.

          • I’d rather have a guy who had a photo with Farrakhan than a guy who has a white supremacist (Stephen Miller) as a senior advisor. One is really bad judgment and Miller is dangerous and a known racist in our hometown. Now, about that wall.

            You, much like the ling cod, have a large mouth that seems to swallow anything and everything.

          • You still didn’t answer the question. I’m talking about 2008. If the picture came out during the Democrat primaries would you still rather have an antisemite for president than Hillary? And if it came out during the general election you would rather have a black bigot for president than liberal Republican John McCain?

            You can’t weasel out. Answer the questions, coward. Your “moderate” con is about over.

          • My con? LOL Black bigot? That’s just rich. You’re showing your true colors.

            Sorry, Troy. You still can’t answer about Trump’s big lie about the wall.

          • You must live by your own book of rules. Answer the question. Would you have knowingly supported an antisemite for president over Hillary and McCain?

          • Focus. Collusion. Russian. Remember? You have declared Trump guilty since the day he defeated your heroine Hitlery. Now the adulterous Hillary loving FBI agent Peter Strzok told his paramour in e-mail texts that he found no collusion after 10 months of investigating for Mueller and McCabe was just cashiered and you still have no reply at all. I heard they are treating your Trump Derangement Syndrome at Keck.

          • Seems like a fair verdict to me. What went wrong with the prediction about no justice in the south?

          • I think the fact it was Joe a football star definitely helped the case. It was a very fair verdict.

          • “False Prophecy”? Oh no, Jellyhead goes holy-roller, speaking in Trumpturd tongues, spewing hellfire and brimstone on Inside bozo u.

            Next thing you know, Jellyhead will be banging on your front door at 5:30am, passing out change your life pamphlets by following the way of the Moron.

            Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger.

          • Thats right, you have the great braintrust in Jerry Brown. Now that is someone to follow for sure.

          • What’s right? Kindly complete your sentences Dummkopf.

            Given the choice of Brown vs your beloved hero, Jellyhead, I’ll stick with Brown.

          • Moron Owns tries to play Grammar Policeman? You really are out of ammo now that Mueller’s right hand man FBI agent Peter Strzok revealed there was no Russian Collusion.

          • Snore.

            It sounds like you’ve run out of official Shana “U Turn” Handjob taunts for every occasion.

          • Wait just a minute Jellyhead, didn’t Mr. Handjob say he was sorry for loudly proclaiming the news the Moron tried to fire Mueller was FAKE NEWS? LOL…..

            Is it true Jellyhead, Stormy wants another large Republican campaign $$$$ donation to her new fund “Keep Stormy happy.”?

          • The Moron didn’t just think about it, the big weenie ordered WH counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller, but McHahn wisely refused.

          • We don’t always agree, but on this topic we do. The American people are the wisest on the planet IMO. We rejected corruption we couldn’t prove and yet we knew existed. Anyone denying there are deep issues at FBI, DOJ and State Dept. are just hacks. There is a mountain of evidence and that’s just what couldn’t be covered up. If the Trump election does no more than hitting the reset button on govt hypocrisy it’s a win. Now we just need that here in Ca. Bullet train to nowhere anyone? Pick your favorite issue here in Ca and the funds from that terrible project could probably solve it. Homeless, education, infrastructure, addiction, crime…pick one and we could seriously make a dent in it by mickonsing the train to nowhere.

          • Moron Owns is confused. Mr. Handjob is married to Hitlery Clinton’s trusted assistant Huma.

            Is it true that Hiltery and Obama are both going to prison for their collusion with the Russians?

          • Hey Jellyhead, do something constructive, relite and smoke Wes Goodman’s cigar. He’s claimed your big mouth fits best.

          • Moron Owns, do something perverted, relight and smoke a Monica flavored BJ Clinton stogie. BJ Clinton claims you love the taste of a human humidor.

  3. This is the correct outcome. I didn’t really know what to expect. Now let’s see what sentence is given.

  4. Unlike so many other incidents, the evidence didn’t back Ronald Gasser’s story in road rage murder. That was clear before the trial, just as evidence has been in so many other cases.

    Gasser is guilty and should be hit hard at sentencing.

  5. oh grate, a event that invovles 2 poeple and detales me and my imajinary friends dont now so ill coment on it cuz 1 of them went to a scool i didnt actualy go to, ill also write some tripe emtee but seamingly sensetive things to impres compleat strangers, i realy aint doing any thing but I got to be herd,

  6. the facked that some poeple hear who probaly never ben to the south bring up race issue with this event only prooves that every one in the south is raycist,

  7. Speaking of crime in sports:

    BSPN reports: “NCAA president Mark Emmert was alerted to 37 reports of alleged sexual
    assault by Michigan State athletes at a meeting in 2010.

    BSPN makes no effort whatsoever to cast any negative light on Emmert for not acting on this massive sexual harassment scandal.

    Let’s hope Emmert is crucified and never works again.

      • Still defending scumbags?

        I guess you must, because they give you something to aspire to.

          • You are defending the thug Trayvon Martin and the illegal alien Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, ruin wacko.

          • Whoa, Zarate was acquitted of murder because he didn’t murder anyone. Some poor girl died because the bullet ricocheted off a wall and hit her on a fluke. Zarate, the illegal dummy didn’t even know he had a gun, if you follow the trial.

          • Whoa, GZ was acquitted of murder because he didn’t murder anyone.
            Some scumbag died because he tried to murder someone who was lucky enough to be armed.
            Overwhelming evidence that GZ acted in self-defense — IF YOU FOLLOW THE TRIAL.

          • That’s his argument and a bunch of white people stand by it. That’s the legal process in America.

          • Seriously. GZ jury was 9 white people and 1 Hispanic black. That’s a real diverse group right there.

          • Seriously. The most corrupt President of the US and his minions wanted a different outcome and
            spent 35 months investigating EVERY possible way to
            punish GZ legally.

            They FAILED. If a corrupt, hate-filled, racist US President and his dirty, despicable AG can’t even gin-up a case against GZ, then reality must be within your reach.

            W found more WMDs in Iraq than the AbomaNation found evidence that GZ committed any crime regarding TM.

            Try a nice Chianti with THOSE fava beans!

          • Ask OJ and Casey Anthony about it. If you get a moron jury, you can get away with murder. Or do you think they are innocent as well?

          • Yes, ignore the fact that the most powerful person in the world tried with all his might to prove your position, and couldn’t.

          • The executive branch doesn’t have much judiciary power in an individual case, so even if there was video of GZ breaking into Trayvon’s apartment and blowing him away while he was sleeping in the bed, the President couldn’t do anything to overturn a jury decision that acquitted him. It’s just not an impressive feat to say I beat the jury AND the president. Because the president can’t do anything in this situation.

          • The OJ trial was all black, and they came up with a crackpot rationale to acquit an obvious murderer. Yes, race affects the judicial process. It’s a proven fact. The OJ jurors were open about the role race played in their decision. At least white people have the decency to lie about it.

          • Wrong, they were all dumb lib racist wackos like YOU. It’s a proven fact. Got it? Conservatives of any ethnicity wouldn’t have given OJ or the illegal alien Jose Ines Garcia Zarate a free murder.

          • It’s our judicial system. You have to take the racist white jurors decisions with the racist brown juror decisions.

          • I see two of the biggest racists, most self-deluded commenters on this board — gootroy22 and hoohoolian –are trying really hard to gaslight you. They can try, but anyone with a bit of sense can see past their lies and delusions.

          • I wondered when gray stool would drift in like the red tide to defend a fellow Hillary lib.

          • What have I said that is even remotely racist?

            What lies?

            Did Aboma and Eric Holder spend 35 months trying to find any possible way to prosecute GZ — and FAIL — or not?

            Saying that makes me racist? Or that Trayvon is scum and deserved to be shot. Or that Gasser should be hit with a harsh sentence?

            You lefties define “racist” as anyone who disagrees with you.

          • Same as OJ. Same as Casey Anthony. Same as Jose Inez Zarate. Nicole, Ron, Caylee and Kate all got what they deserved. Proven in a court of law.

          • That’s right you waving mad woman, the illegal alien Jose Ines Garcia Zarate deserved a free murder.

          • None of them had a corrupt, racist President of the United States hell-bent on punishing them and GZ did. 35 months of the full force of the US government doing their best to prove GZ did criminal wrong to TM.

            Further, Nicole, Ron, Caylee and Kate were not killed in self defense. Nifty bit of obvious Fact to ignore, that.


          • Wow you finally got something, except you forgot to put in that Trayvon wasn’t killed in self defense either. You can’t cry, “I was defending myself” when the police told you not to follow the ‘suspicious character’ and GZ instigated the entire encounter that was 100% avoidable.

          • Trayvon was killed in self defense. All logical evidence point that out and MOST people in the world recognize that. Even people on the Left.

            Again, the cops told GZ they don’t need him to do that” for GZ’s safety, not because GZ was committing a crime or being a physical threat.

            Dispatcher: “We don’t need you to do that.”

            That is NOT a command to stop following.

            You make so many absurd assumptions and conclusions that I wonder how you are able to wipe your own butt.

            Martin approached GZ while GZ was on the phone. People who stalk others for dubious purposes do NOT do so while on the phone. Why? Because that would be dumber than believing the TM was murdered.

            Read the transcript of the 911 call and pull your head out of your Serena.

          • You short-bus people are obsessed with one minor exchange on the 911 call:

            Are you following him? [2:24]

            Yeah. [2:25]

            Okay, we don’t need you to do that. [2:26]

            Tell me: If GZ was ORDERED not to follow TM as an order because the cops were afraid GZ would escalate the situation, why wasn’t the order repeated? A trained officer will press to make sure an ORDER is complied with. The call goes on for over 90 seconds more and the ORDER is never revisited.

            IN CONTEXT: “Okay, we don’t need you to do that.” is an “order” like “Don’t bother stopping at the store for milk, I’ll get it tomorrow.” is an “order.”

            Most importantly, there is nothing that shows that GZ did continue to follow TM after that point. However, it is clear that TM looked GZ and and began to approach him; then ran away.

            It is ludicrous to assume that, at that point, GZ pulled out his gun and chased down TM (the person who he clearly didn’t know the location of), and repeatedly head-butted TM’s knuckles while alternatively falling backwards into the concrete — all while waving his gun about screaming the N-word.

            It is far more likely that TM saw GZ was on the phone and didn’t want to be directly tied to his impending attack or have GZ be able to call for help to the person on the other end of the call, instead preferring to ambush GZ once he got off the phone.

          • I don’t think anyone knows the facts in this case. Zarate, a homeless idiot, was spinning around in an office chair that had been dumped wherever and he found something under the chair wrapped in a shirt or cloth and when he undid the wrapping the gun fired, he didn’t even know there was a gun in there. He had no intent to kill someone or even shoot someone. He didn’t aim it at anyone, it ricocheted off a wall and on a fluke hit Kate and killed her, unfortunately.

          • Do you or have you owned a gun? Hard not to know what it feels like even in a shirt…just my opinion. Would have loved to hear the evidence in that case for sure.

          • The ruin wacko has no idea how a gun works and how they just don’t “go off”. She doesn’t know what the “safety” is.

          • The weight, shape and bulk of even a smaller weapon, wrapped in a shirt would be clearly evident. Revolvers may not have safeties, mine don’t, but you’d surely struggle to get your finger into the trigger…no?

          • Try to picture yourself being a total drugged out imbecile that has no idea about what’s going on around them, and you pick up a shirt with something heavy and hard in it. The dummy doesn’t know it’s a gun and unwraps it and in doing so the gun goes off, bullet ricochets off a wall and kills a woman. Authorities know where the gun came from, and they know Zarate didn’t steal it. The thief dumped it, and Zarate was the poor unfortunate idiot that found it.

          • The poor unfortunate was the deceased, or had you already forgotten? Again, I say I’d have to hear testimony of the someone couldn’t recognize what is so universal by shape and function…juries are funny things and if you’d ever been on one you’d know how they take on a life of their own, what happens in one location doesn’t always work out the same in another.

          • I agree Kate is an unfortunate victim, and so is Zarate. He wasn’t looking to shoot someone, or possess a gun. I wasn’t on the jury, I was as shocked as everyone when the verdict came back not guilty because I didn’t realize the story had never been reported to the public, all that was ever said was an illegal alien shot a poor innocent virginal blonde all American girl at the beach in San Fran, end of trial– gas chamber. When I found out what actually happened I understood why a jury acquitted him and I feel as bad for him as I do the family because none of this should have happened, and if Zarate was on a curb in Mexico, it would’ve been some other drugged out height-ashbury loser that accidentally shot Kate. By god I pray that it would have been a white American natural born citizen that didn’t pull the trigger so dumbasses like GoTroy, Laura Ingrham, and every other white racist wouldn’t have this to complain about or use against poor illegals. Because it’s obviously a very poor example of the illegal immigration problem. Mainly because the man was found NOT GUILTY by 12 honest and intelligent jurors.

          • Try to picture yourself spending a nice day at the Embarcadero with your daughter and suddenly you are holding her in your arms as the life drains out of her and you realize someone who isn’t suppose to be in the country shot her. And all you can say is “Poor unfortunate murderer?”

          • Complain to the jurors that found him not guilty. You support them with George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony and OJ’s acquittal, why deviate from your support now? Tangentially, 36,000 Americans die from the Flu every year. Dying sucks. It’s not always Mexicans causing the deaths of Americans, but you can continue to blame brown people if it brings meaning to your life. Something ought to.

          • Jellyhead follow a trial? How could he when he spends 18 or 19 hours day in front of a TV tuned to Fox F**k News.

          • Clinton Network?? LOL……

            Jellyhead, former Ratpublican Representative, Wes Goodman is waiting.

          • Sure the gun went off by itself and they blamed the poor illegal alien. Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was smart enough to sneak across the border countless times and steal a gun but didn’t know he had a gun? You libs are pathetic.

          • I defended one act by GZ.

            You and GZ are politically the same, so you are right about him being a scumbag. But even scumbags have a right to defend themselves from being murdered by other scumbags.

          • The NCAA and especially MSU should have been on High Alert with previous scandels that ‘rocked’ woman’s gymnastics in the post Mary Lou Retton era. This is recent history and just the generation of gymnasts before, went through a 20 year crime infested era. Starting at Flair Gymnastics (Coach Doug Boger’s) to SCATs, Gymnastics, US National Coach Don Peters, Sexual abuse is an ongoing crime.

          • ESPN really grilled Izzo about it after the end of the Michigan State-Maryland game today.

          • GZ instigated the entire situation, that’s why he can’t use the “Stand your ground” law. He had a gun, he was looking for trouble, he was stalking Trayvon Martin who was walking home, he was told by police to cease his activity, Trayvon stood his ground and beat GZ’s butt and GZ blew the sucka away cuz he knew he had that ace up his sleeve.

          • Don’t rehash old BS that has been proven, not just here on this board, but in a Court of LAW where the highest officers (The President of the US and his minions) wanted a different outcome and spent 35 months of tax payer money investigating EVERY possible way to punish GZ legally. All the while diverting resources from real crime solving.

            They FAILED as you do in doing anything more than exposing yourself as a corrupt and morally-vacuous animal.

      • Funny how the ruin wacko is playing the antisemite card now when she was MIA when posters were making antisemitic comments about Josh Rosen.

  8. Manslaughter sounds weak and like an accident, but I guess the legal definition is not, even though it’s silly that the categories in killing a person include “malice” or if there’s no “malice” it’s manslaughter. Do serial killers operate with malice? Since they’re all messed up in the head it seems that an absence of malice could be argued, although when you get to your 10th manslaughter conviction that would put you up to about 200 to 400 years in jail anyway. The bottom line is, when you kill a guy on purpose, that’s a category. Hard to believe that there would be an absence of malice for anyone picking up a gun, pointing it at an unarmed person and pulling the trigger, when you are sitting in a running vehicle and you have the ability to push your foot on the accelerator and remove yourself from the situation without incident.

      • Somebody has a bee in their bonnet this morning….hahaha!

        Seriously, why politicize #4…

        • ruin wacko Portapotty, Pu$$y Warrior and Tim Chaney politicized it weeks ago with their claims the US is a racist country.

    • YOU are the one who believes that people are legally entitled to kill people who they feel threatened by, so you are an advocate of Gasser being exonerated.
      On Saturday, 20JAN2018, sandyunderpantschaffesmybrain wrote:

      Being follo wed is an act of aggression and legally you have a right to
      retaliate with deadly force if you feel threatened in this situation.
      You even defended that statement in a following post.

      By your standards, McKnight was rightfully gunned down.

      Does that only apply to your selected people (as is always the case with Leftists)?

      • It’s not my opinion it’s the law. Obviously, your friend George Zimmerman was acquitted as a result. “You people” are really dumb.

        • That’s why Gasser wasn’t convicted and Trayvon was allowed to kill GZ? <— that's a James Woods' question mark, right there!


          • If Trayvon had a gun and killed GZ he could have used the “Stand your ground” argument. He would’ve lost because he’s black and wears a hoody and drinks grape drink, but if it was me, I would’ve gotten away with it. Like GZ.

          • That’s what my wife keeps telling me because I voted for Trump and think the DACA people are A-holes.

  9. His 65 yard run off that bounce lateral from Booty, in the Rose Bowl, was a run I’ll always remember.

    Fight On Joe

    RIP Joe

    • Let’s not try to ruin this thread with fond memories of Trojan Rose Bowls. Do you think George Zimmerman is innocent or not!!?!?

    • I for one would prefer this board to stay on topic of all things sports. If the loser ruin trolls won’t go away, at least keep the subject matter to sports. The typical leftist bruin political diatribes are more suited for other places, not here. Yes, I’m talking to you Owns, GrayStool, etc.

      • I understand where you’re coming from but the “leftist Bruin political diatribes” and the responses they provoke from the opposing and more rationale side are great entertainment. Then again i’m more literate in current events than sports so maybe I don’t belong here. But I sure do get some laughs from it.

  10. So a white guy is attacked by a black guy twice his size that was a football player and the white guy shoots the black guy in self defense and is arrested and prosecuted. How is this suppose to be justice. What was the white guy suppose to do sit there and be beat to death. This antiWhite system is part of the problem with this country

    • Agreed. The numbers of little white guys being beaten to death in their running vehicles at intersections is off the charts. If Trump doesn’t address this urgent issue immediately I’m going to be the next person to deport myself. No More Big Black Guys!!! No More Big Black Guys!!!

      • Did you look at this guy’s comments? Holy $hit!

        I wonder why those here who are so quick to throw out the racist accusations haven’t condemmed this guy.

        • I wonder why you didn’t condemn the antisemites who attacked Josh Rosen and instead joined in the antisemitic comments?

          “gotroy22 Jethro G Sabbath • 2 years ago
          You admitted you made an antisemtic comment about Rosen’s nose only a month ago…
          “Jethro G Sabbath gotroy22 • a month ago
          I have a question for you. You’ve made it abundantly clear that my making a comment about Josh Rosen’s nose unquestionably makes me a Nazi in your mind.”

          AMF Kurt Waldheim Jr!

          • Here’s what Michael79 said:
            “Well we are sick of black people and their hateful racist antiWhite talk. Black people act like animals and their whole culture is hate and disrespect. All they talk about and think about is how much they hate White people. I use to not feel this way but the past few years after blacks have really showed their true colors and how much they hate white people their is no doubt that blacks have destroyed this country and have to be sent back to Africa if we are ever going to have a peaceful and prosperous country.”

            No wonder you approve of him and feebly attempted to paint me as a racist.

            “Hispanic and black thugs tend to attack Asians because they are high achieving like whites.” – gotroy22, 2013

            gotroy22 & Michael79 – birds of a feather

          • Why you didn’t condemn the antisemites who attacked Josh Rosen and instead joined in the antisemitic comments?

            “gotroy22 Jethro G Sabbath • 2 years ago
            You admitted you made an antisemtic comment about Rosen’s nose only a month ago…
            “Jethro G Sabbath gotroy22 • a month ago
            I have a question for you. You’ve made it abundantly clear that my making a comment about Josh Rosen’s nose unquestionably makes me a Nazi in your mind.”

            Kurt Waldheim Jr and Louis Farrakhan, two birds of a feather!

            AMF Kurt Waldheim Jr!

  11. You suffer from the heartbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Hopefully they can cure you at Keck.

    We have a great idea what Mueller has since his right hand man the traitorous FBI agent Peter Strzok blabbed about to his bimbo Lisa Page. He said there is nothing!

    Yet you refuse to trust the words of a fellow true believing Libt*rd who was speaking in confidence to his paramour. I guess it doesn’t fit the Narrative.

    You should try getting your news from real news sources besides the Clinton News Network and PMSNBC. The truth is coming out after 2 years of your hair-brained Russian Collusion Conspiracies leading back to your heroine Hiltery and your hero Obama. I can’t wait for their texts to be released.

    • I guess you are overlooking the two guilty pleas and the two indictments.

      I wonder what people would have said if Obama trashed the FBI while praising Putin. Pretty sad.

      • I guess you are overlooking Mueller’s henchman Peter Strzok telling his bimbo that they found no collusion and they only wanted to continue the witch hunt to get Trump impeached for process crimes.

        I wonder what you latter day defenders of the FBI would have said about the bipartisan Church Committee when it said “FBI intelligence reports on protest activity and domestic dissent accumulated massive information on lawful activity and law-abiding citizens.”

        And yes, the FBI used the information it gathered to become an active player in politics. But your libt*rdian love of civil liberties only clicks in when you are the victim.

        • Strzok was fired. Yiu probably believe that OJ was innocent because of Mark Fuhrmann. Strzok isn’t needed to prove obstruction. Strzok isn’t needed to prove money laundering. If that’s what you are hanging your hat on, you are naive.

          • Strzok was fired only after his lib antics were exposed to the public in the texts messages to his paramour Lisa Page. Comey and Mueller were very happy with his obstructing justice and covering up for Hillary and rewarded him with the chance of a lifetime, as he put it, to bring down Trump. Strzok in his own words to his bimbo has proven that there was no Russian collusion and hence no crime. Yet you continue to obsess like a dog without a bone.

            Pretty pathetic, like you libs at the SOTU last night.

          • When will you be apologizing to the board for spreading another lie?

            88 Straight gotroy22 • 4 days ago
            Keep trying. Trump and Stormy. Lovely couple

            Why do you stupidly mouth DNC talking points instead of thinking for yourself?

            “To Whom It May Concern:

            Over the past few weeks I have been asked countless times to comment on reports of an alleged sexual relationship I had with Donald Trump many, many, many years ago.

            The fact of the matter is that each party to this alleged affair denied its existence in 2006, 2011, 2016, 2017 and now again in 2018. I am not denying this affair because I was paid “hush money” as has been reported in overseas owned tabloids. I am denying this affair because it never happened.

            I will have no further comment on this matter. Please feel free to check me out on Instagram at @thestormydaniels.”

          • She was paid off as reported in the Wall Street Journal. WSJ is hardly an anti-Trump newspaper. Man, you are thick. I’ll bet that Melania isn’t buying that garbage.

            Also, a member of the LPGA, Suzann Petterson who likes Trump was talking about how he cheats at golf. She likes him and has played golf with him several times.

            Your denial is comical.

          • Sure she was Kissy86er. Yet your heroine Hillary told us we need to listen to women and that they don’t lie about these things.

            Even when your lies are proven wrong by the person involved, you cling to your conspiracy theories and gossip. Then you try to move the target once you are exposed as an inveterate liar to another topic.

            You really have no shame.

            For a man facing his own mortality one would think you would at least try to make up for your wasted life of lies and fraud. But NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    • GoiTroy is very hurt and scared because of Latinos and Black folks live in Los Angeles. He’s got a survivalist ranch in Idaho where he watches SC games next to his gun collection.

      • Illegal alien Portapotty, you lie as much as your fellow lib Kissy 86er and you both can’t keep your stories straight. Remember you were whining after I posted the LA Times story about you illegals ethnically cleansing the area around USC? You are the racists who hate Black folks.

        • I be racist. Better lock me up. How’s life in the Survivalist Bunker in Idaho? You get cable TV there? Decent TV dinner selection at the general store?

          • I thought you libs were suppose to be relativists who accept all persons and lifestyles? Why so much hate and bitterness at Real Americans, Illegal Alien? You should be grateful. Instead you make false predictions and trash the country that was foolish enough to allow interloper line crasher squatters like you in, Portapotty.

          • Wife and I will be at our usual spot at 35yd line north for UNLV game on Sept. 1. Call your ICE agent friends and get me arrested. And speaking of “trash”….you still living in a white t trailor home in Idaho?

          • Were you the illegal alien gang member that threw up on my back at the Arkansas State game in 2015? Or was that one of your 100 grandchildren?


  12. Lies and fraud are YOUR speciality, Kissy86er. You deny the words of the principal person and cite a story with no on the record sources. In other words, more Fake News.

    You will go to your grave shortly with this latest episode of you behaving like a gossipy little junior higher. You would have been perfect as Mary Tilford in The Children’s Hour.

    • Don’t worry, buddy boy. I have plenty of years left and plenty of money to enjoy them. You are the Prince of Trump World!

      • Sure you do. That’s why you went to Keck for your diabetes. Every ruin on the West Side goes all the way across town to USC instead of the the UCLA Medical Center for routine care. LOL.

        Michael almost got you to spill the beans on your condition but you caught yourself realizing you had said too much. You can’t even keep all your lies straight. You rival Obama with your shameless lies.

        • You are truly showing your stupidity. Your knowledge of diabetes is worse than your political knowledge. Doctor is located in Beverly Hills. Every now and then I go to Keck. I’ve been happy with my care as I was at UCLA, when the same doctor was there. Take a look at how long Mary Tyler Moore lived with diabetes. Your ignorance is on full display again. I’m sure that Trojans everywhere are proud of you! LOL

          You reach a new low with every stupid post.

          • You are truly showing your propensity to lie. Gee you deny going to Keck while admitting you go there. Obviously my aim is true and your condition is even worse than I imaged.

            You, the gossipy 10 year old who has been caught red handed, are judging others? You are as pathetic as Joe Kennedy III drooling in front of billions of viewers last night.

          • Reading fail. I said the doctor is in Beverly Hills and every now and then I go to Keck. That means I go to both. And you went to SC?

  13. Why did Ashley Judd wait so long? Was she paid off? Was she paid off by Harvey Weinstein? Was she paid off by Miramax?

    You are a pig. You have proven it over and over on this blog. Your denial when caught red handed lying speaks volumes about your character. You have none. You are a weaselly lying lib who will say and do anything and believe any conspiracy theory no matter how preposterous. How humorous that you tried to foist yourself off as a moderate.

    • Waiting to deny is totally different. The story came out a couple of weeks ago and she let her friend talk about it and then has her attorney send this weak stuff out there.

      Such a dupe.

      • The non-sourced Fake News was proven false last night and yet you cling to it like a Titanic survivor clinging to a life preserver. It’s time for you to let go and allow your lib Bizarro World view to die.

        I can imagine your bitter tears when Jimmy Kimmel let you know the bad news after the week long build up. Kind of like when Fake News NBC’s Rachel Maddow let you down about Trump’s tax return.

        • Trump has a tax return? He said he would release it after the election. He said Mexico would pay for the wall. He says a lot of things that aren’t true. He also said he could shoot someone on the street in NY and get away with it. He was probably referring to blind supporters like you. Sicko-phants.

          • John F Kerry said he would release his full military records 14 years ago. Barack Hussein Obama said if I liked my health plan I could keep my health plan and the cost would go down. BJ Clinton said he didn’t have s*x with that woman Monica Lewinsky. Your lib heroes say a lot of things that aren’t true. And you now top them by refusing to apologize for spreading gossip here. You have no brain and no shame. Luckily the world will soon be rid of you.

          • I think you must be doing drugs like Jim Morrison as well. Hallucinating as usual. But this is the end.

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