USC Morning Buzz: Will This Recruiting Class Become Cornerback U.?

USC is poised to get commitments from top-rated cornerbacks Isaac Taylor-Stuart, Olaijah Griffin and Julius Irvin. Maybe they saw some of the corner play last season. Griffin wanted to commit to USC last summer but then committed to UCLA when it seemed like UCLA backed off. He re-opened his recruiting after Jim Mora got fired.

20 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Will This Recruiting Class Become Cornerback U.?

  1. ” He committed to UCLA when it seemed like UCLA backed off. ” ?? Is it time for the dreaded Alzheimer’s test for Scott ?

  2. Gomer CANNOT lose OG & ITS to the SEC. ITS is freaky fast ( will be the new kickoff and punt returner ), OG can flat out play and Irvin is a safety not a corner.

    Oh wait, Gomer has that moron Bradford “coaching” these 5 star talents, nevermind.

    Memo to Gomer, Mark Carrier would be an upgrade over Bradford.

  3. hmmm,,,intresting how only poeple with jobs get to have a retirment acount,,,thanx alot, smdh!

  4. ucla plaid the hard to get gaim and grifin said gimme some of that action, but ucla said no means no! and grifin know going to usc, i see what writer is saying, good job writer!

  5. How long have you been covering CFB?.. My head is spinning .. Early commits verbal early to their advantage in hopes of securing other offers.. In the case of OG, he wanted to go to USC but opted to use the verbal to Ucla as leverage.. He backed off to open his chances of securing better options.. Martin at Ucla was his main recruiter.. Remember FLOW, he was fired!.. Come on now .. Report facts!

  6. Consensus among those PAID to cover recruiting have us ending with about 18 scholarships. Even to reach that there will be some encouraged to transfer and a couple loose theirs to reach that.

    Griffin seems a Trojan.
    Irvin is a Safety, will come if we have space.
    Issac -Stuart is torn between love affair playing in SEC and staying home playing at Usc.
    Then there’s LB from MD.
    OG Sewell
    WR Johnson
    Talk of a OL grad student.
    And ???

  7. Brought this up earlier, but where are we getting the room for these guys? Any reporting on who might be doing the graduate transfer thing? Are any of the 5 scholarship specials planning on moving on?

    • My understanding is we have 81 scholies as of now that gives us four. There will be if needed a greyshirt. Plus two 5th year guys who understand that if they need to give up a scholarship they will, mostly because the only reason they are on scholarship is that they were available at the time to give.

  8. Great, Griffin… we’re recruiting guys that run a 4.7 at corner because their father is a washed up rapper. Kids are getting better at hyping and blowing smoke.

    Similar can be said of Taylor Smith. Kid ran a 4.5 at Nike but he puts out that he ran a hand times 4.3 with a coach. There’s a big difference. Here’s the issue- his PR in the 100 is 11.4 in the 100 meters. LOL His real time 40 is probably closer to hip hop junior. He’s not molasses slow like Griffin but he’s selling something he doesn’t have.

    USC is falling off in a bunch of small ways. A corner running over a 10.8 wasn’t getting an offer at SC. Even the undersized ‘roided up Ryan Ting ran a 10.8. Say what you want, under Kiff we continued to recruit speed. Now we got people like Biggie who is just plain slow. It’s one thing to be a high school corner with weak armed QBs lobbing up passes but not having speed at corner hurts in CFB.

    The Tyson Campbell type kids, real freaky fast kids are around out West too and I assume Chip will chase them down. He used to be our chief rival for the fastest kids, now he’s in CA which makes it easier.

    The PAC 12 is now a 7 on 7 league- the one place we can get burned at in this otherwise crap league is corner.

    • Wow, we are about to recruit a top 5 class. But you have these numbers. Nothing against you but do realize the numbers and the class we are about to achieve.

      • I have no doubt that SC will get yet another top five class. That’s what SC does. I’m not one of those with excuses as to why they are all supposedly over-hyped and no good when a top or near top class doesn’t result in a Playoff caliber team.

        But I do grant that there are particular cases where over hype occurs (such as I suspect with Griffin, and along the lines most people mention with Biggie as a corner).

        I get that across the board SC will be talented and the larger margin may be about scheme, game planning, play calling or technique. But that didn’t stop any team with a blazing fast WR realizing that Biggie’s speed deficit can be exploited.

  9. I think we have seen what Clay Helton considers good coaching by hiring Randy Bradford last year. I think that pretty much tells you how Helton has really raised the bar around this program.

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