Weekend Visitors

Here is who will visit USC this weekend (officially and unofficially): Cornerback Julius Irvin (Servite); linebacker Solomon Tuliaupupu (Mater Dei); quarterback JT Daniels (Mater Dei) and wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown (Mater Dei).

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    • He already visited late November but I hear we have made up a lot of ground and look good for Penei Sewell from UT. He’s a significant OLineman being 6-5 349, #1 OT in the West but also ranked as the #2 OG Overall.
      For what it’s worth SS picked him to USC a few days ago.

      • So what is he? An OT or an OG? Do these recruiting services have a clue? Obviously, they don’t on many occasions as is obvious by their star rankings.

        The correct OL position obviously makes a lot of difference at USC. A guy like Toa L couldn’t play OT if he tried, was humiliated in big games and some USC people fantasize he’ll be an All-America at OC in 2018.

        • It’s coaching.
          Bama will make this kid a good OT. OSU, WISC, UW, Stanford will all make or at least try to make this kid a good OT. I hear he’s suitable to play both at a high level. USC just likes to reverse kids positions. We have Toa Lobendahn at OT when everyone knows he belongs inside somewhere. Helton is a soft and safe coach. He’d rather go with what may look safe in a smart player like Toa than an actual OT, but that would mean they would have to coach and prepare them to play OT which we don’t do very well.

          • I know you think coaching is everything, but sometimes pure talent is also an overwhelming factor. The vast majority of talent signed is best suited for one position over another. No amount of coaching excellence could have made Toa a decent OT. He simply doesn’t have what it takes physically or athletically to play there. At least that’s what a big-time college OL coach tells me.

          • I agree with you. I didn’t like the idea of Toa playing OT way back in spring because he’s not.

          • We obviously had no one else because we are so thin on the OL. Still stunning a school like USC has to pull this crap. Since Toa was so pathetic (from what I saw at least), we would have been better off IMO letting some other younger guy sink or swim.

          • Stop interfering w the it’s all Calloway’s fault mantra. This is where the sanctions plays major role. We took Toa to fill a specific spot. It hasn’t worked out and now we are scrambling to find a spot for him. Meanwhile other schools took 2-3 guys for a spot so when one doesn’t work out (Toa) odds are one of the others will. Multiply this scenario by 3 years and this is why we’ve had OL issues. Not saying Calloway is the best OL coach, but the bullets he needs are just now being loaded in the chamber. The guys from last year can be very very good the next couple of years.

          • It’s 2018 and you’re still using the sanctions as an excuse. Have at it.

            Well, that doesn’t float with a lot of us anymore. USC has had plenty of time to fix its OL problem and hasn’t done it. And USC isn’t just some regular program. We’ve got recruiting clout a lot of schools can only dream of. But because of poor OL prep evaluations and poor coaching and weight room development, we’ve stunk up the joint against anyone any good.

            USC’s runners are so frequently trapped behind the LOS and thrown for losses, it’s not even funny.

            So go ahead and keep making all the excuses for USC you want. The school received sanctions in June 2010. Sorry, that dog just don’t hunt anymore. Toa should have never been placed in a position to play where he can’t perform worth a lick. That’s on USC’s coaches, unless you want to blame Toa. One way or another,

            USC has nobody to blame but itself for our horrible OL. The sooner people quit blaming USC’s problems on the severe, unfair sanctions, the better. It’s time for USC to get a grip and figure out whether it’s gonna be a punishing, physical team or not. This is what Helton promised, but has failed to deliver so far.

            Callaway’s obviously no great shakes. We’re gonna have to live with it. That doesn’t mean we all have to like it just because some do.

      • Man you would think with So. Cal being close enough for the family to come to games and the strong samoan connection USC has they should be a strong contender. Unless Alabama is going to relocate this family or Oregon is going to fly his family to every game on the Nike jet.

        • Yep. The other day Tua Tagovailoa was took a picture next to a ROLLS ROYCE ON twitter. If that’s not begging for the NCAA to investigate than I don’t know what is.

    • How many d-linemen do you want? O-linemen we’ll be short on this year, unless we get a transfer…

      • Typical. What’s new? The one great weakness in the USC program for years. It’s just more difficult to rebuild a poor OL than any other part of the team – at least it has been for USC.

        That old also-ran Callaway doesn’t help any, I’m sure. Imagine what it’s like to be recruited by Callaway compared to the real world-beater OL coaches out there. Not pretty.

        • Well it will be interesting to see how the Sewell sweepstakes shakes out, between he and Irvin and ITS and Griffin, we are going head to head with bama on every one…can we keep them home?

          • We can always tell them they’ll be lost in the shuffle at uber-talented and far away ALA. During the past 3-4 years of Carroll’s career, that argument worked against us. Turnaround would seem to be fair play.

          • Or show their parents the pic of the former bama db (bobby Humphrey)arrested last night stealing a $15 phone charger from an Uber driver…

          • “Former” being the key word here. Doesn’t matter, but I presume you are joking anyway. Hah!

          • Plays for the Ravens now..was in town for the championship party. But yeah, I was joking.

    • D Line is more important than O Line. We should have 3 DT and One DE in this class. We currently have 16 O- Linemen on the roster. It will be a huge need in 2019 but not for now.

      • Keneche Udeze is the guy we need to keep. He’s the key to everything else good on the DL for now.

  1. I think Irvin may be in now and Devon Williams the 5-Star WR from Lancaster may be out because of grade issues. Just what I heard from a friend. So a DB for a WR.

        • True. He does look like a good ftbll player.. But is it worth it? .. The kids need the grades to stay eligible.. I’d rather have a kid that is solid academically..

          • Me too. We have enough WRs anyways and I don’t believe we’ll be missing out on the next Randy Moss.

          • Any idea who the other qb is looking at?.. Read they were looking to bring in anpther kid.. As a preferred!.

          • What good QB is gonna come in as a preferred walk-on? Sounds like fantasy land in today’s recruiting world to me.

          • Of course it’s a death sentence, kid would know it going in. We have usually 3-4 preferred walkons a year, don’t know why it matters, I’ve never paid them any mind.

          • It obviously doesn’t matter in the least.

            Not sure how it even came up here since it would be so superfluous. I might care if the guy was an OL, where anybody could literally turn out important.

          • USCDAN brought it up..walkons (preferred or otherwise) are generally just sideline filler and practice fodder, as much as I hate to say it..occasionally you get a backup, but not often.

          • You would agree that if we don’t get Sewell, we flopped all over the place on the OL, our weakest spot, right?

          • Yes. And still think we need at least 1 grad transfer on the line too…for insurance if nothing else.

          • Unless lightning strikes twice and we get a kid like baker mayfield, but most likely not going to happen again for a long time.

          • Hah, hah, hah. Ya, I’m sure a Baker Mayfield clone is looking to be a Trojan QB. That’s like hearing people proclaim JDR could be the next great one at USC because of Pete Carroll. Good comedy relief, worth its weight in gold!

          • Agreed. Oklahoma hit lottery with that walk on. I also agree on JDR, not too excited about that “prospect”.

          • JDR will always have some support here simply because he’s a Trojan – even though he has a losing NFL record over many, many years and never accomplished diddly. I don’t get it, but heck, it’s only a crazy little message board.

          • Ya, he was a great LB. A purely mediocre NFL coach, yet many Trojans run around like nuts proclaiming him the next Trojan miracle coach. Bizarre.

          • I didn’t know we were looking at another QB still. I know we were really interested in the kid from Corona that had a mission planned. Could it be him?

          • If his grades are suspect perhaps the greyshirt is a good route for him if he wants to play at USC. Otherwise the clearing house has a big say in his future. Some schools have special programs for those that have bad gpa.

    • Doesn’t it make you wonder why we are hanging with a guy at this late stage who has grade problems?

      Since we have space problems anyway, you’d think we’d be focused on guys who were sure bets to get into school and stay eligible. It’s not like USC doesn’t have plenty of interest from those who don’t already have academic issues.

        • I would guess he’s too highly ranked to be amenable to that. One of the real weaknesses of recruiting services is that they don’t factor in academic issues.

          • Devon is in if he wants in. He’s in Oregon this weekend so we’ll see, but Tee really Love this kid..

          • Hope we stay away from those types. It’s just not worth it much of the time and there are so many other good alternatives.

          • Chris Olave is the backup plan to Williams…but if his grades were bad we wouldn’t spin our wheels here,just bad info, kid is on his Oregon visit and somebody’s spinning the info incase he goes back…ducks already took the Hall kid from LB Poly yesterday, doubt they want two the same size.

          • 247 says Olave is 92% to OHIO ST, with ucla and MICH as the alternatives. Doesn’t sound like much of a back-up plan.

          • You like those odds, huh?

            If 247 said an uncommitted kid was 92% likely to go to USC at this late stage, I sure wouldn’t be worried about losing him to OHIO ST, regardless of their stature.

          • I do. If you check Sewell before the ruin game when he visited there was probably 0 chance for SC…same with Williams…it’s why Helton and these guys are great..let’s see them earn their money..as far as Olave goes, we asked him not to sign early incase a spot opens.

          • I’m wondering why the recruiting sites, who are in this stuff 24/7 and it’s their livelihood, don’t know what you know and still say the kid is almost 100% Buckeye? What are they good for if they don’t know basic info like you just passed along?

          • I’ve said many times, these services are slanted towards teams in the east and as such mention SC as infrequently as possible..to the point of lowering a recruits rating once he commits to us.
            I will say again, a week AFTER he signed with us Levi Jones was a 55/45 split between FLA and FSU…

          • I can actually understand the Jones problem. Once LOI Day passes, the wheels stop running. But to be in the heat of the final battle and not recognize what you said about Olave is totally humorous. Does SS also predict this kid to USC if all else falls through? And why is Olave so acceptable to being a 2nd class citizen at USC? A lot of these kids would no way put up with that treatment, especially when they can go to programs like OHIO ST, which are superior to USC at the moment.

          • Well the Jones problem only highlighted the previous weeks predictions…even I had him as a Trojan. His family wearing Trojan gear might have been a bit obvious.
            As far as Olave, I really think he just wants to stay home and play..many kids grow up seeing themselves in those colors, I know I did, would have loved the chance.

          • There are people who believe it won’t come to that…some people believe Williams. I do.

          • People say a lot of stuff about recruiting and 50% of it is pure BS at any given point of time. Then, when time passes, they just conveniently say that things changed.

            In pursuit of the truth here, the only true justice there is to be found on any message board.

          • You know how I am.. total homer. That said when I chose Carmen to SC I had good reason and stood by it…I still do. That said everyone in recruiting from SS to 24/7 reserves the right of correction when it comes to teen age kids..it’s the way it is.

      • Was reported USC offered 3 preferred walk ons … One a K … The other was OL and FB.. Anyone see the info?

      • There was an irish rag I read Sunday, and it was the most depressing thing I’ve read in a long time about their recruiting and chances to fill out this class…you would have thought we beat the crap out of them the way it was written and the level of players they’ looking at to fill out their class… then across town you’ve got chocolate chip and all his three star juco boys..

        • ucla wouldn’t be in on him unless he likes to steal stuff. That’s the key to ucla entrance.

        • Steveg, why do you wear the Official bozo u,”Ripple and Puke,” practice jockstrap as a flu mask?

    • JDR is already there, has been for weeks. Has an office right next to Swann. All of the players, recruits and coaches already know he is taking over after signing day. And…. nope, none of that is true. And if it were, it would be sad, because he is not a good coach.

      • Chris you are just a keyboard warrior.. You have no idea whats going on.. You will see, Helton is not the future.. He will not be leading the football past this year..JDR is a good football coach and will lead USC to great things..

          • Other than SAS, JB,76 and a few .. I’m probably in the mix for dialed in info.. Helps when you have the BAT PHONE to the Athletic Dept.. I have been around USC for 5 decades..

          • Cool. I have zero connections. It’s still nonsense. If he were there, as you say he is, it would have been reported. Recruits and players would have spoken about it. The coaches would have. The beat reporters would have mentioned something. It’s fantasy land.

          • It has reached the point of pure delusion. Time for USCDAN1986 to abandon this moniker and start a new one. He went out on a limb here and there’s nothing to it. He said it was “getting out there” because there were vague reports of changes to USC’s staff, and then we learned that was a reference to Keary Colbert being promoted. Why wasn’t he leaking that correct info if he is so “connected,” instead of something that doesn’t line up with any reality?

          • Having a high 6 figure income.. I beg to differ.. Lol.. Back to the french fries and toilets you go! Beat it clown!

          • You know, there are no small jobs, and as such somebody needs to do those things too..why do you defame hard working people, most of whom are immigrants,like my parents, who work very hard trying to make a better life? Just because you don’t have the right response regarding JDR?

          • I personally would love to have JDR on staff in charge of the defense, that is about it. He has not shown much as an HC in my humble opinion.

          • Oh now you too?. Im 3rd gen mexican italian american. Great grandparents came to the US with zero.. I know the sacrifices of all people.. Im the product of hardworking parents.. A ptoud alum of USC .. My grandmother and father also attended USC along with other family members over the years.. My response to him (him only) me teasing him.. I dont hold back.. Lol yet I do enjoy the bantering with everyone.. Thats when I have time.. Im actually a retired executive from the sports and entertainment industry.. My first job was a paper boy for the old Herald Examiner at 10… No harm nor foul.. All good..

          • Evidently there’s hope for your short term memory loss..won’t ever see me standing for owns..up or otherwise.

          • Yer’ an engaging individual but I sense yer also full of bull but hey good luck amigo

        • The USC/UCLA game in 2015 is very instructive, if you will take the time to analyze the coaches, the players and how the program had evolved. Helton is on the same curve entering 2018 and will be the head coach at USC for a long time to come.

          • Interesting point of view, optimistic, but insightful. I think most people on here believe if Helton had a top notch staff he would be here a long time.

          • I agree. [So why isn’t Helton hell bent on acquiring a top notch staff? What’s holding him back]??

          • Helton doesmt have the $ for staff to simply outbid people. Not sure that’s the best route anyway. LSU tries that and it hasn’t worked out so well. Their OC is gone and their DC extorted am insane amount of $ from them in a contract extension. All this coach bashing is the same stuff people on here said about BKU. As our OL from past 2 years mature we’ll see how our coaching stacks up. Calloway isn’t popular on here, but he has a pretty impressive resume for those who take the time to look into that stuff. Nansen also was considered useless as a coach for many years, but seemed to do pretty well the past 2 years.

          • All kidding aside….& forgetting resumes…and judging by what I see with my own two eyes—–the coaches who are producing are Clay himself and Clancy. And, if both Deland and Udeze are out the door, I don’t see much of a “staff” left for those two guys to work with. And, if they fail….and if the next coach has more $ to assemble a first rate staff ….USC will have treated Coach Helton pretty damn unfairly.

        • I apologize for the nonsense part. I don’t want to be mean spirited. Too many of those on this board. I just can’t believe that none of this has been reported anywhere else. Like I said I have zero connections, I know what I read. I haven’t read anything about del Rio other than nfl coordinator jobs. You and I have the same hope, more NC’s for our boys. Fight on!!!

        • Agree Helton is on shaky ground but JDR? He has never won anything as a coach and has under 500 career record over 12 seasons.

          • I understand JDR is 93-94 as a head coach.. He is a good football guy liken to Pete Carroll.. I would give him a shot.. Not on the JDR bandwagon.. Would actually like any qualified #2 guy on any of the top staffs… who.. Someone like a Kiffin type without the BS ..

          • Carroll was perfect for college football not sure JDR is in that same mode. I still have hope for Helton but I think the admin/Swann are cutting him off at the knees. I would just hope the next guy would be well respected and have a great record.

          • I had this same dialogue with Jack B..

            JDR is 93-94 in his career as a head coach in the NFL.

            PC was 41-49 in his first 6 seasons as a head coach..
            Jets 6-10
            Pats 27-21
            Seahawks 14-18

            PC was just a diamond in the rough.. And probably Haden’s 10th choice to be the head coach..

            JDR could be that guy too.. We dont know!

          • Agree there is a shot of JDR doing well, but can’t we once hire somebody that is ready for the job with an excellent resume?

          • Sorry USCDAN. Hate to tell you this but JDR will never win a Super Bowl and never win a NC. He doesn’t have anywhere near the personality magic of Carroll, who could talk dogs off a meat wagon.

            Please stop even trying to compare coaching loser JDR to miracle man Carroll. JDR needs to lick his wounds and get a coordinator job. I wish him the best but keep him away from USC. The last thing we need is another failed inbred experiment.

          • Pete is a hall of Fame coach. It’s not even close. To compare is silly. Pete is a master motivator. Super bowl and national championship rings. JDR is a .500 guy.

          • Pete when he came to USC was fired NFL coach with very limited success. Nobody is making a comparison with Pete Carroll of today.

          • The Pete Carroll of today is probably headed downhill if you watched Seattle this season. Personally, I don’t think the team ever got over their massive choke job against the Patriots in the SB. And the Seahawks currently have the worst OL in the NFL. That’s on Carroll.

            But Carroll’s USC legacy has so entranced some SC fans, they think JDR automatically has that same Carroll magic, when he obviously doesn’t. If JDR wants to be our d coord some day, fine, hire him, so long as he has no objections to recruiting his arse off. Otherwise, sayonara JDR.

          • Agree with your assessment on Carroll. Same thing happened at USC. I think it is a combination of Pete getting bored and people getting tired of his methods.

          • And Pete getting jealous of Chow getting credit for the 20014 NC team’s offense. If Pete could have kept his ego in check, SC wins 6 more NCs with Chow as OC with Leinart, Booty and Sanchez as QBs.

    • Your pal Gollly Noiiid and his sock puppets that attacked you just outed themselves again on the ruin board….

      FightOn! • 2 days ago
      With all the 3* talent coming in…new slogan: 3 ups! Cactus Bowl 2 here we come!

      •Reply•Share ›
      gotroy22 FightOn! • 15 minutes ago
      Golllly Noiiid is so lazy and stupid he doesn’t even bother to hide that he had his other sock puppet say the same slogan…

      RoseBowlBound • a day ago
      3’s up!!!

  2. sure hope usc acts moar nicer then ladys do when they got theyre visitors,,,dont pee on the toilet lid ed lift it up first!!! always naging me, smdh!

  3. All this speculation over so many recruits signing with us and not a word on the few spaces we have available…

    • We should have 4 more signed in addition to the 4 who are committed but not signed. Both top corners, Solomon and Julius. I guess we’ll make room if Sewell commits, but he will probably not come.

      • Until another name drops from the roster or a commit Blueshirts, we have 3 spots open for JT, St. Brown and 1 other.

        Ryan Abraham confirms this on 247sports:

        82 currently on the 2018 roster (including the early signees) and that leaves 3 spots. Where that leaves Trout and the 5 other guys discussed here as ‘locks to come’ or “must-gets” is a wonderment.

        6 transfers would be a lot to expect.

  4. Heard from the AD at Bishop Gorman, Palaie Gaoteote was taking an official visit to USC this weekend, also

    • That’s right, had to cancel last weekend so he came this week, what a bunch these guys make!!!

  5. MSU, having had multiple sexual misconduct trials and hearings back before 2010 …then in 2010 Mark Emmert was specifically notified of these problems…was probably too busy with his USC problems to pay any attention to real institutional control issues.

  6. USC offers a walk-on spot to Texas kicker Alex Stadthaus.

    We’re short a couple of recruiters (1 that won’t and 1 who hasn’t been hired — plus 2 rookie coaches), but 2 scholarship kickers are not enough (not to mention Budrovick can kick), we need to spend time getting another kicker.

    It’s incredible to see where Helton chooses to be aggressive.

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