Least Surprising Item Of Day

Remember Tate Martell, the Pocket Quarterback, who committed to three schools and signed with Ohio State? Well, according to the New York Times, Martell is among a list of athletes who purchased twitter followers. It might seem surprising a college freshman would already have purchased twitter followers but given the way Martell seemed to market himself, it figures.

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      • Pretty funny nail down on GH.

        Imagine him as a character TM7, one of the top 5 westerns ever made. I think he’d be sweaty Robert Vaughn, unable to catch flies anymore and too weasily to pull the trigger.

        • Ha! [Do you think Gomer could take out a room full of toughies before going to his reward, Jack]?

          • No, but the only other cowardly-type was the mercenary gold hunter, Brad Dexter, and he wasn’t as over-the-hill as Vaughn (a real life USC guy by the way).

            Great, great movie. Almost perfect IMO. But Dexter’s death scene with Yul Brynner has to be one of the worst ever shot and is memorably unbelievable.

            “Only the farmers win,” or something like that, ends it.

            McQueen almost stole the show and he couldn’t have spoken more than 150 words.

          • Whenever anybody gets to say his last words and, then, turns his head and dies with a smile, you have to wonder what the director was thinking. But, you’re right, that’s the only Mickey Mouse scene in the movie.
            [And thanks for reminding me of the wonderful, bittersweet ending —even that great musical score by Bernstein has a trace of melancholy as the heroes ride off].

          • Bernstein donated all of his music archives to USC Thornton School of Music. Thornton was ranked nationally #2 behind the Juilliard School in 2016.

          • Bernstein was such a genius —Sweet Smell of Success, The Ten Commandments, Ghostbusters, The Magnificent Seven, Thoroughly Modern Millie —-incredible range. His scores are fun to listen to even when the movie isn’t much.
            Cool to hear that Thornton is so highly ranked.

          • And don’t forget The Great Escape. According to industry overlords there is no valid reason for Juilliard being #1 other than east coast bias. Based on composite/measureable quality attributes USC is, in fact, #1.


          • How could I have forgotten The Great Escape?!
            [I was going to mention the fact that Thornton is probably #1 if they have it ranked right behind Juilliard…..]

          • You and Jackie the trans should get a room, you could talk about old musicals


          • Still the homophobe? Why project? Embrace that which is within you…no need to put others down, even through your passive aggressive mentality.

          • I just got placed “on hold, waiting for approval” again. And, since “approval” never seems to follow being placed on hold, let me just say that Gomer’s of the opinion that everybody who doesn’t want Helton replaced the morning after signing day is “suspect.”

          • His opinion that some people are lesser somehow is offensive at its core, however he tries to justify it.

          • Almost everything he writes makes me really wonder if he’s ever worked in a city with a diverse population…..

          • Agreed. That claim doesn’t ring true. His attitudes aren’t the ones I saw on campus back in the day …or the ones that have prevailed ever since.

        • If Inside USC is Social Media —yes.
          [By the way, just so you know & don’t think I was trying to hurt your feelings, the guy that Chris describes as “not smart like us” —turns out to be the smartest guy in the magnificent seven, winds up being the hero and gets the girl]….

          • I honestly think you just discovered ‘the next Big Thing’……

    • There is another quote floating around about social media –

      “Facebook is for women and children. You’re either one or the other.”

  1. I love how the company spills the beans on all the follower-buying. Is there no honor among thieves?

  2. How about finding out if BKU was forced out by Clancy because they don’t get along ?

    • BKU is a rising star, Clancy Pendergast is just a guy, and will be a position coach after next season

      • Apparently Clancy and BKU do not get along.

        Tee and Tyson didn’t get along

        Gomer isn’t much of a manager of men is he ?

          • And judging from Stanford’s [particularly, QB Costello’s] Bowl game, Stanford may not be all we thought they were going to be in 2018]….

          • The ruins made him look like a Heisman trophy QB but we know that means nothing. So you are right there may be only two potential losses.

          • Yeah, that seems to be the way it goes when aggressive quarterbacks face the Bruins (i.e., they don’t seem to fight back).

          • Usually the first year after a coaching turn over the teams do worse as they transition to new offensive and defensive schemes and shuffle players. Stanford should be better with their star RB Love returning. UW and WSU will be breaking in new QBs.

  3. How did southern cal miss on Tate Martell??!! They are so perfect for each other!! If only Martell car jacked someone and sodomized a passed out drunk girl…


      • Or, like the bozo u’s most famous alum, the Super Star RB who decapitated his ex-wife and and killed her BF on her front doorstep.

        Where were you Goober during the “Slow speed chase.”?

  4. Someone please explain “purchased twitter followers”. I know the words, but the concept is a mystery to me. Is it good/bad behavior, commonplace, etc.? Thanks!

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