USC Name In News

Former USC quarterback Pat O’Hara has been hired as quarterbacks coach for the Tennessee Titans.

10 thoughts on “USC Name In News

  1. Is this way Scott’s way of saying USC should have hired Pat O’Hara instead of Bryan Ellis?

  2. Had Pat O’Hara not blown out his knee one week prior to 1989 season , Trojans may had won the national title and Toddy Weedovich could had grown up a few years instead we got the 1990 Sun Bowl disaster and 1991 no qb debacle
    That was a program changing injury for the worse at USC

  3. USC loses Troy Helton picks up Bryan Ellis and the USC play calling in the Cotton Bowl stinks to high heaven. It has to be Ellis’s fault. Son, Coach Helton, will you both let Tee Martin call every play ? No more nonsense.

  4. But at least Traveler VII’s hoofprints were memorialized in concrete in 2012 to be displayed on campus so we will always have that.

  5. O’Hara Pat, O’There-a Pat, everywhere a Pat Pat! One of the most kind and decent souls I have ever known. When he was 12 years-old he cooly sank two free throws with time expired to send the game into OT in finals of the Santa Monica Boys Club Biddy Basketball Tournament. We should’ve known right then that he had what it takes to be a great athlete!

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