USC Recruiting Matters

Wide receiver Chris Olave of San Marcos committed to Ohio State tonight. USC offered him late in the recruiting process as insurance in case wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown went elsewhere. St. Brown, of course, committed to USC.

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    • It’s time to see if we’re for real. The next 3 games will be crucial for any long- term successes. Saturday 02/03 at Ugly & following week at Arizona schools. We’ll need a healthy Boatwright to ensure playing at our Maximum level. My concerns were correctly forecasted earlier this season when we lost to Texas A&M/ SMU/ Oklahoma consecutively. However, I’m feeling optimistic this time.

      • UA is the only team that’s any good, the scum devils have come back to reality and the thieves across town blow

          • Right Sammy, how’s the Federal Investigation working out.

            BTW, where might Andyain’twinning’s 2018 BB class be rated……say about 91st?

            Seems more recruits have bailed on the program than Andrew can keep. Will Andrew get canned after the tournament?

          • Not sure where it ranks, but SC’s class has two ESPN top 100’s. That’s not bad for SC. UGLY has 3 in the top 100. But check out Duke, they has the top 3 in the country, wow. But college basketball recruiting is so irrelevant of the rankings, because so many kids go 1 and done, or 2 and done.

          • That’s the problem with College BB. Those recruits that wish to bypass CBB and go Pro should be allowed.

            BB should adopt the CBB formula. That formula gives a recruit a choice of going Pro or attending college out of HS. Should he or she choose college they must play thru their Junior year. After that, a player has the option to enter the NBA draft or complete their senior season.

          • There have been quite a few that went straight to the pro’s. Is there a special requirement they need to meet? Didn’t LeBron go straight to the pros?

          • Yes, but that was before the NBA and NCAA got together an instituted the age 19 rule which forces a player into a 1 and done situation. That rule, restricts the HS grad the right to seek gainful employment, and marginalizes the College BB game.

            It seems odd a HS grad has the right to fight and die for his country, but can’t play in the NBA until he’s 19.

          • CBB is such a crapshoot anymore with kids not listening to anyone on how to play all-around BB. Just don’t see this sport going anywhere but downhill when high school kids just go straight to where the money is. They can’ read or write, especially when you have a legislature that has now eliminated the exit exam to hold kids accountable in high school. So what does it matter? Just hire babysitters for away games in the pros. Sonny Vacarro has got to be laughing his head off somewhere.

          • The UA coach said the players aren’t listening to him. They are all thinking of the NBA riches so they hot dog for the ESPN highlights and don’t play team ball.

          • Taeshon Cherry has academic issues so USC stopped recruiting him. He subsecuently committed to ASU. Do your research.

          • ,,,and the illegal meds Socal med school and the sticky fingers ex-A.D. and the crotch shot SoCal Basketball players, etc, etc.

          • Scooter the Chihuahua does Gomer video is in heavy rotation. The crowd goes nuts, they clap and cheer loudly when you scream and ball once scooter gets banging. Seems you’re a huge hit with the canine crowd.

            It’s ok with me Gomer, everybody needs employment. I just don’t understand how dogs can stand you.

          • Squatter, your ucla education is showing. Improper sentence and spelling suck, just like ugly and you.

    • He’s not setting the world on fire, he really doesn’t like recruiting to begin with, but he got into the recruiting battle late, we’ll see what he does next year

  1. He had too many stars for Chip I guess.

    I’d rather play for UCSD than settle for fat chicks and freezing winters in Ohio.

  2. I’ll be honest and say I’ve never heard of this kid and that it all worked out with St. Brown.

  3. I take that as a win for ‘SC… Ohio State got the “safety school” and SC got it’s first choice school.

    • Not needed by USC. We’ve got others we can’t afford to loser though. Assuming we actually offered him late, it makes you wonder who we were willing to cut loose if he accepted or if we wanted him to greyshirt.

        • True. But WRs run into USC like chickens with their heads cut off. How many WR’s does USC have in the NFL right now and how many in the last 20 years? We are a phenomenal WR/QB school. Pretty good RBs, DLs, LBs, even DBs. But at the OL spot, USC hasn’t dominated since a few of the Carroll years.

          The OL is simply much harder to piece together, with the 5 spots, plus a TE who can actually block. That’s what killed us last season, or it would have been ALA vs USC for the NC. But we couldn’t run against elite teams and we couldn’t protect Darnold either. He did amazing in view of the sloths he had playing in front of him.

        • That would mean that he only had a conditional offer that wouldn’t even be acceptable until Williams (or someone else) was lost, right?

          That’s why I said the real loser here for Olave was ucla. Their offer was straight-up and immediately committable.

          • True. Biggest loser is chocolate chip..hard to believe only 3 star athletes fit his system, haha

          • Kelly recruits to his system and will always defer to the quick player whether he is 2-star or 4-star. You are going to see the “little gutties” again in a spread-out offense. Kelly is trusting his old CFB offense still works.

          • We’ll see this fall, but still 4-5 star athletes are generally better and quicker and faster than their 2 star counterparts..just saying. And his offense isn’t nearly as novel as it was 10 yrs ago..

          • How many 4-5 stars did he have at Oregon when they went to the NC game and lost to Auburn?

      • Perhaps that is why he locked down with OSU, maybe SC was going to offer him the greyshirt. Who knows, no news coming out of USC since Cotton Bowl.

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