USC Sunday Buzz: Traveler VII Passes Away

Traveler VII, who was USC’s horse mascot from 2003 to the 2017 Rose Bowl, passed away at age 23. Traveler VII retired after the Rose Bowl. Traveler IX took over for the 2017 season.

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  1. So, this is the most important thing to post about USC ? The horse died 2 days ago, meanwhile we have all sorts of sports going on as well as others that will be starting shortly and you post this ?
    You’ve posted like 7-8 items in 3 days, makes me feel that you’re on your way out

    • Scott isn’t on his way out [& you —of all people —shouldn’t hope otherwise].

  2. Depending on breed, management and environment, the modern domestic horse has a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years.

    We thank you for your service, noble steed!

      • Jellyhead slips in a little Bobby Lee trivia.

        How about some Moron trivia: Mar A Lago is a SH.

        • Moron Owns slips into an alcoholic coma .

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            W/O FFN, you post pejorative, political fantasy tirades worthy of base Nazis’.

            I can’t help it that Mar A Lago is a SH!

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  3. And where is Traveler VIII? Don’t even-numbered Traveler’s get a shot? Or was Traveler VIII like that pope (John- Paul I (JP1)) who passed away after just one month? Questions abound.

  4. Don’t worry fans, the athletic department will have commemorative glue on sale for only $100 soon enough. I’m sure they’ll market it with “Be sure to own a piece of Trojan athletic history.”

      • Any you bozo’s keep racking up those magnificent, humiliating defeats….52 – 6, 49 -14, 24 – 7 with all that talent the Rah-Rah’s claim the bozo FB team processes.

        • You’re right, JustBlows! It’s almost like USC was playing Kansas State out there 🙂

          • Gosh Poi boy, UCLA is hardly running around spinning on our thumbs claiming elite FB status after the bozo’s lose to every elite team they face.

          • When will your ruins go the full SJW route and drop patriarchal sexist misogynist football? You won’t be missed. We can add San Jose State to the Pac 12 and it will be an upgrade.

          • They’ll drop it once the alums stop writing big checks. This gravy train will run out before long, since westwood football has largely been irrelevant for a quarter century., The only alums that even care are getting long in the tooth. Down to 20,000 season ticket sales. Irrelevant. Going, going, gone…

          • See that’s the problem- Alumni doesn’t write checks at U Commit Larceny Again- It’s the Under armour $ 280 million for their merchandising agreement. I wonder how proud Under Armour must be: to be affiliated with Ugly.

          • What does ucla claim for its football team?

            “Almost made it to .500 this season!”

            “Won the first half against K-State!”

            “Now have a regulation-sized practice field!”

        • Your jealousy of the most Prominent University in America is so prevalent in your myopic posts. My diagnosis is to join a Self-Help group. In the last 10 years name a significant football game that UCLA has won. Your idiotic comments are perfectly stated for Dan Guerrero- Thank You Mr. President for rescuing our university & another so- called coach. The bottom line is that in Men’s collegiate sports- USC has the most national championships Period!

          • 13 – 9 in the crumbling mausoleum. That humiliating toejam loss knocked the bozo’s out of a lock BCS Championship game invitation.

          • You’ll see it here first -1995 last NCAA basketball championship 1998 last RoseBowl appearance & oh Yeah this year will be the second in the last three years no NCAA tournament. Chip Kelly is hilarious as he starts cashing his paychecks because he has no pressure to win that he’d have at Florida. It blows me away that people perceive Ugly as a basketball school- when everyone in the “know” realizes it’s college football & the reputation of USC that gives credence/ credibility to PAC 12 conference.

          • Haven’t won PAC 12 conference since 1998 – when it was referred as the PAC 10. If you really want to laugh- review the talented rosters the last 20 years and in conclusion go to Ugly where talent becomes stalwart until departure from westw—-

    • bozo Rah-Rah’s, Traveler’s glue and musk is on sale in Toejam book stores. All proceeds go to refurbish the crumbing mausoleum.

      • Again- displaying the need for attention-your a sad & twisted individual, DONT WAIT ANY LONGER- get professional help- You need it!

          • My patients & clients have afforded me a lifestyle that you dream of. It’s Bobby for a reason that somehow a deprived male such as yourself wouldn’t understand. 13-9 is your “rally-cry “own it forever that’s the closest thread of UGLY/ football championship in my lifetime. The rally-cry I’ll enjoy forever is having 3 UGLY STUDENT/ATHLETES committed Larceny in China. My only question is that on Tuesday 1/30 will the President of the United States of America identify & verbalize this miraculous feat in his State of the Union speech as an achievement in his first year in office?

      • Again- displaying the need for attention-your a sad & twisted individual, DONT WAIT ANY LONGER- get professional help- You need it!

    • I’ve seen some ignorant comments before, but absolutely nothing to this moronic depravity. Thank G-D I’m a Trojan for life & Not associated with a university that needs the President of the United States of America to bail out three highly recruited individuals-Oh wait comments like yours demonstrates the point perfectly about Bruins.

  5. Not many people know that before the home games fans can see and interact with the horse. I will remember this one as particularly at ease with strangers I have seen all of the Travelers over the years and some were quite skittish. This horse was special.

    • Didn’t see the opportunity last year. Prior years the horse was at Gate 12 and I always took my “Annual Horse Picture” with one of the boys I took to the game.

    • Fight on to all of the Travelers! This probably falls under the Wolf “NBA-level coaching” reporting, but is there a reason (outside of terrible Roman numeral skills) that they are jumping from Traveler Seven to Traveler Nine? Did Eight meet an untimely end or wasn’t cool with a stadium full of screaming people?

    • Slowly die?
      Dude, he has over 125 hits on a post about a dead horse!
      Slowly die?
      You and Jacquie keep this site paying off like a slot machine.

  6. St. Pat has already contacted Swanny to give him the number for his famous National Search Firm for a replacement.
    They’re giving him a 2 for 1 deal, replacements for Traveller and Helton, same low price.

      • Show Cause Choc Chip likes to bring in the lower ranked recruits. He thinks it makes him look smart. Really has no choice though because he’s losing all the higher ranked guys to other schools.

          • ucla’s gonna be better under Mr. Show Cause than they were under Mora. The question is how much?

            The first steps of improvement are always relatively easy as a new change jumpstart. Mora started off fine and improved over Skippy a lot. The question is, where does SCK level off now that everyone knows his old news offense to a T?

      • westwood will be on the edge of their seats to see if they make it to the “New Era Pinstripe Bowl” or the “Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl”.

  7. USC (56%) favored to beat ND (25%) by 247 for Servite’s S Julius Irvin (6-2, 182).

    Green Board poster says Irvin has committed privately to USC for whatever that’s worth,

          • Ya, if we somehow strike out on Sewell, we’ll still have a very high-ranked class because of other signees. The recruiting sites always ignore a team’s real needs which is so strange. You’d think that would be the most important thing in evaluating a class.

          • Truth be told. If we miss on Sewell it will mean that we missed on all out OT targets but will have finished with a top 4-5 class.

          • Maybe according to the ranking services, who also misevaluate prospects constantly. And many think Sewell is an OG, not an OT.

            Regardless, class recruiting rankings that don’t address the filling of a team’s major weakness, like USC’s OL. are obviously marginalized and not well thought out – at least according to some of us. That’s my whole point. No way is USC’s class top 5 if we strike out on Sewell, whom is more important than any of these skill guys we are already loaded to the gills with. The numbers will still look great, but the make-up is weaker.

            But people will still jump all over recruiting rankings, regardless of their validity or justification, because they are still worth brownie points, bragging rights and count as victories, to a limited extent.

            And when you look at USC’s underachieving 2017 USC team, you can easily see how those old recruiting rankings never told the whole accurate story. Guys like OT Roy Hemsley was a 2014 Rivals 4-star player and he’s never been able to cut it at USC even though we have OCs/OGs playing OT because we’re so weak there.

            So beware those high ranking USC classes that lack the beef. We’ve seen what happens when USC can’t target and sign the correct OLs.

    • He’ll be choosing between Alabama, Washington, and USC. N.D. is out of the running, according to his twitter post.

      • Hopefully, 2nd place doesn’t matter. USC usually does extremely well on local kids we really want. I think we’ve got him and the real question is, is he strictly a S, or can he play CB too, where we need so much more help?

  8. On another note, USC men’s basketball blew out Cal 77-59 at Galen Center.
    Chimezie needs to lay off the Ts so as to not get one that will cost the team dearly. Good job guys.

  9. Julius Irvin to announce his commitment this Wednesday.
    Washington, Alabama, and USC are his final three teams.

  10. Man Scott must have found something of interest to have this the sole post since before 11:00 am today.

  11. I am proud of our traditional mascot & I’m reminded of Ara P interview after thee comeback ( I’m paraphrasing now) I got so Damn tired of seeing that white horse. RIP

  12. I believe in God, and in his son Jesus Christ, and because I do, I can say this: Traveler VII is dead and that’s a tragedy. But he’s dead because he had no code. He’s dead because he had no honor. And God was watching.


    • Ted, as a Christian as well, you have your thoughts on God wrong when dealing with your comment above. Yes, God is watching, you are wrong about Traveler not having any code or honor. Code nor honor did not kill him. It is called old age. Traveler did have doe and honor especially when USC scored big against ugly. That horse would rev up and just charge around the track and the field. Yes, Teddy, there was a track up to the late 1990’s

  13. Brilliant as usual, Wolfman.
    127 hits on a post about a dead horse!
    You are the king…..

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