Even Some USC Players Are Not Completely Sure Who Is On Staff

If you were unsure who new USC quarterbacks coach Bryan Ellis is, you are not alone. Two USC football players wondered who Ellis was, which is a little unusual considering he was an offensive administrative assistant this past season and served as quarterbacks coach during bowl practices and the Cotton Bowl.

38 thoughts on “Even Some USC Players Are Not Completely Sure Who Is On Staff

  1. Hey wolf!…Two random football players approached you wondering who Ellis was, I have doubts


  2. “Offensive Administrative Assistant” the past year gets a job as the new quarterbacks coach. Another bonehead idea of Helton’s. This is exactly why this knucklehead needs to be fired. As I’ve said before, the 2018 football season will become known as the “Year Of I Told You So” season.

  3. Yeah, well I talked to several people on the staff of the Los Angeles Daily News who have no idea who Scott Wolf is.

    • In big red letters on white background: “Hi! I’m Bryan Ellis!”‘

  4. I was under the impression that Ellis was waiting in the wings for this position. But I could be wrong. He played quarterback and is familure with the system So I assume the student athletes were not acquainted with the name.

  5. If you were unsure who these “Two USC football players” are, you are not alone. Two INSIDE USC comment-ers wondered who these two players were, which is not unusual considering the entire USC roster is available to the public online and should have been stated by above blogger Scott Wolf.

  6. Saban will visit Irvin Tuesday night prior to his announcement Wednesday…hmmm, can we hang on?

      • Funny thing is too, that when talking about Sewell, they don’t even mention SC as a possible destination…as usual.

    • That’s bad news if your announcing on Wednesday day, you think u would know Tuesday night. If that’s true then Bama must know he’s coming there way.

  7. LMFAO! This is Lynn Swann’s baby!

    Swann is allowing this mess, its all going to be attributed to Swann…I love it!

  8. USC hired no name second rate coaches and people are surprised players don’t know who they are either?


  9. As far as recruiting goes, USC recruits itself, but having a quality head coach with a proven track record of winning and being able to compete vs the elite…would be an added benefit.

  10. Who were these players? What side of the ball did they play on? If they were two walk-on dbs, then it doesn’t matter since he wouldn’t be their coach anyway. Wolf causing trouble again.

  11. On second thought, maybe we have a “staph” infection in the program.


  12. All you need to know is this coach, Bryan Ellis, comes from……………………… no surprise, Western Kentucky. It isn’t even a stretch anymore to know where Gomer will run to when he loses another assistant coach who is fed up being part of the Gomer circus. I wonder where these coaches are hiding their stills?

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