1,074 thoughts on “USC coverage moving from blog to SCNG websites

    • The positive aspect of this is all the garbage and BS associated with agenda-driven comments and replies will be gone as well. I will miss chatting with real SC alums and fans, though. I hope to see you somewhere down the road, GT. And don’t worry, my friend. A mere death of a blog doesn’t mean the demise of the Trojan Spirit. No, not even close! FIGHT ON!!!

        • This won’t be the end of it, GT. There will be other blogs we could hang out in. I’m just hoping all the garbage wouldn’t follow us, though. LOL!

          • Hey! I’m hoping you’re not talking about me, RT!
            Seriously, I’ll miss ya, buddy. Take care!

          • LMAO…MG, my Trojan bro! No, I’m not going anywhere as long as you’re around! I’m sure there will be a new Trojan playground for us in the near future, if not right away. Trust me, MG. I’ll find you somehow, some way.

      • You always had good posts and great insights and great throw back to the old days references! I will miss your wisdom and optimism.

        • It was always refreshing to speak with an intelligent antagonist, and you were one of the best…it’s not about always agreeing, rather in the discourse through which we found many commonalities…will look for you down the line.

  1. Wow, this is a surprise. I don’t think that commenting on each article will be the same as this blog. Despite the negative attitude towards certain people and issues, I’ll miss having all the comments in one place. This after over 400 comments on the previous post!

    • Like him or hate him, what Scott pulled off here will be remembered for a long time. He baited people into joining the fray —and by so doing, brought in hundreds of interesting voices and viewpoints. I think we’ll all miss that for a long time.

      • Save Wolf now! This was a one stop shop to find out everything that wrong with USC. Granted most of it was slanted worse the 200 year old floor it was still fun to read. Plus it was a great place to see how desperate UCLA fans are.

  2. Oh well — see y’all over there, I guess. We won’t have ol’ Scotty Wolf to kick around any longer.

  3. It’s been a fun ride through all the craziness. Bye y’all. Bye Wolf, try to be positive.

    • Yes this treatment by the robber barons who bought the Daily News will boost his outlook.

      • I’m actually getting blocked for saying the same thing, gt.

  4. I’ll miss everyone on here. Even the trolls. Let me know where you’ll be taking your commenting talents…

  5. It was a pleasure chatting and getting to know all of you.. Sad this is the end .. Hopefully someone like SAS or 76 can recreate the page for us to enjoy..

    Fight On and all the best ✌

    USCDMH1986 ‘Dan’

  6. What? Get rid of the white guy who’s blog creates interest, but keep the boring UCLA minority chick who’s blog has ZERO interest? More politically correct nonsense. And I won’t apologize.

  7. Gosh, it was a fun ride nearly 10 years. Thanks to all.
    Does it appear OC register might pick up format ?
    Aloha until we meet again

  8. The other site won’t be there long either, the whole shathouse is going up in flames

  9. To all my friends past and present; Albarado, Tfail, Rey, Sas, Helen, Nobs, gotroy, Fred, Arturo, Pasadena TrOJan, SC12grad among others…good night!


  10. It was fun while it lasted. Something new will get started and USC’s enormous fan base can get out the Trojan info that’s fun to banter about.

    • Didn’t even read all the comments yet and ran across yours. Just posted almost the same thing! Ha!

    • Jack, adios my friend. It was fun while it lasted. Do you or anyone know if SW’s position at the paper has changed? I may disagree with him ,but I won’t take any pleasure if he has been laid off.

      • Adios to you too partner, until we meet again. I don’t know anything about the demise of this blog.

        Papers are a dying breed and people are getting laid off all over.

        Fight On! Trojans. USC owns L.A.

    • I’m getting blocked —so hopefully this one gets through to you, Jack. Best to you —you’re a hell of a nice guy and lots of fun to joust with.
      Take care!

      • We’re all tied together. Thanks for all your opinions, perspective and info MG. I hope we find a common path to another on-line arena!

          • This one —-all by itself —may reach 1000 if they leave it up.

          • Then the stooge that decided to can us will have to explain why they drove off all these customers.

          • Ending this site doesn’t even make business sense. Something else was going on.

          • Like the geniuses who managed the infamous Haggen grocery store bankruptcy 2 years ago!

          • While we’re on the subject (of seriously messed up women folk), did you see the YouTube of Rose McGowan flipping out (over and over and over again) at her little ‘book chat’ get together? That is a woman who is very, very close to taking her own life….and, therefore, probably not the greatest role model for women who are in need of one.

          • I could see where she might get a teeny bit upset when a trans heckler yells that she hasn’t done anything for trans women who are victims of sexual assault.

          • Ha! Very funny, gt. [Not too many people would characterize McGowan’s performance as “a teeny bit upset”]…….

          • I enjoy watching gray stool, Porta Potty, Moron Owns and Kissy 86er’s preachy lib Hollyweirdo heroes Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino being exposed as frauds.

          • I’m left wondering why Uma didn’t just sue for damages a long time ago [and get the ‘long hidden film of the accident’ as part of the discovery owed to her]?

          • Hey Bonehead you must have missed the Media Matter Talking Point memo to be sure to stop pushing that gossip because it is no longer operative since your role model Jimmy Kimmel fell flat on his face when she refuted that rumor. I hear from Gennifer Flowers
            that BJ Clinton’s Peronie Disease bends his peeper to the left. Can you confirm this infor from when you service him, you knee pad wearing intern?

          • That’s 750 more hits than she’s had in her life. The foundation is paying that dude to shack up with her UGLAss.

          • Okay. I get it. Perceived stability helps attract recruits and assistants —— but Helton through ’23? I’m not saying it’s a bad idea….. but…….

          • Unfortunately, yes—it is too early for April Fools. Like I said 2018 will tell us everything we need to know about Clay [but I fear this wasn’t about Clay —it was Swann panicking over losing 2018 recruits]…

          • Now we are set up for a Mora-esque buyout of a mediocre coach….You are right this smacks of desperation to stem the recruit bleeding…yet even with Helton on the hot seat we are getting a great class anyways.


          • May I answer your question by stating the obvious, gt? Swann is less of an innovator than Helton. He’s proven himself to be just exactly —-and I mean, exactly—-what Max wanted: a status quo manager.

          • I just don’t get it. Before the Daily News collapsed we were innundated with stories of SC striking it rich with recruits. This seems like such a dumb move. If Helton thrives next year then you give him the deal, not now when we have no idea how he will do breaking in a new QB. Swann gave away his ability to motivate Helton, now next year we are stuck with Helton even if the team implodes.

          • Ex-fricking-actly!
            In effect, Swann has decided he & Helton will sink or swim TOGETHER.

          • I’ve already decided, gt (I’ll officially announce my decision at a formal ceremony at the end of November).

          • Yeah. Yeah. I know, gt.

          • What IS Udeze’s current status, gt? Do we even know if he’ll be around for spring camp, let alone 2019?

          • We’ve all heard the rumors about tension between Clancy and Udeze —-but who knows if they’re true, gt. I just hope Helton can hold on to him. We will suffer —-big time—if he leaves. There is no way Helton can attract somebody with this talent to take over the d-line—-and without a great d-line, USC gets ripped up by Stanford, Texas and Notre Dame next year.

          • Ha! [You and me don’t care about ESPN rankings, gt—–but the new Helton contract could come back to bite us, old friend]……

          • gotroy, Helton and the Trojans are LOADED ON BOTH OFFENSE AND DEFENSE FOR THE 2018 SEASON. Sit back. Relax.There is more than enough Exceptional Trojan Depth in hand for the TROJAN DYNASTY to Rule and Reign in the foreseeable future.

          • Hey Jellyhead, Helton got a 3 year extension running thru 2023…..LOL.

            Andyaintwinning + Helton = Losertum!!!

          • Hey Bonehead we have been talking about it for hours. You must have been distracted trying to come up for explanations for the newly revealed text messages between lthe adulterous corrupt FBI paramours Peter Strzok and Lisa Page include an exchange about preparing talking points for then-FBI Director James Comey to give to President Obama, who wanted “to know everything we’re doing.”

            Just think you wasted years of your meaningless life supporting that crook!

          • Hey,gt! One great thing about the defunct Inside USC —as opposed to the defunct Inside UCLA—-is that we don’t have to look at a sweetie pie animated brown bear whose only moving part is his cute, wittle waving paw…..

          • And why the big announcement last week when the blog is still open today? This is as equally baffling as the Helton contract extension.

          • I think they’re doing an experiment —can gt22, ANDYISWINNING and Michael G. provide enough hits to retain advertisers while freeing up Scott’s salary.

          • That contract probably has a buyout clause, that favors the university, because Clay Helton had no leverage. And I’m sure it was announced today, to keep the recruits from flipping before letter of intent day tomorrow

          • Yeah, maybe Sewell ….but I’m sure more than one parent asked if Helton’s gonna be around for a while before letting their kid sign on the dotted line…..

          • Great to see you, Fred!
            [By the way, I completely agree—-the timing proves it]!

          • Say what, bozo u is worried about there lock recruits flipping, so they give Helton a 3 yr extension…….hilarious!

            I thought bozo u recruited itself!!!!

          • Hey Bonehead we have been talking about it for hours. You must have been distracted trying to come up for explanations for the newly revealed text messages between lthe adulterous corrupt FBI paramours Peter Strzok and Lisa Page include an exchange about preparing talking points for then-FBI Director James Comey to give to President Obama, who wanted “to know everything we’re doing.”

            Just think you wasted years of your meaningless life supporting that crook!

          • gt22 —surely this reply is meant for Owns, not me…

          • That’s weird I wrote that to owns and now it to you…I think the blog is deteriorating!

          • What will that loser say about Obama having US spies pay the Russians $100,000 for dirt on Trump?

          • I think that —however the press release reads —-this year and next are the make it or break it years for Clay. So, in effect, the new deal guarantees him one year beyond this year. And that’s nothing to sneeze at. It gives him breathing room, it helps him with recruits and it’ll help us keep our roving coaches (or attract new ones).

          • I’d have to talk to Steve Lopes to get any info. Tell you in private and not on this blog!

          • The gist I was getting from most fans before the site was ended was that next year was make or break…now that Helton gets this extension the extreme rah rahs have won!

          • I wonder if the double-secret contractual terms say anything about “all conferred benefits disappear upon the midnight following any 30 point loss to UCLA or Notre Dame”???

          • Although I’m sure it wasn’t intended as one, it’s possible it might as well be, gt…..

          • Now, THAT would be the kinda situation where having our Scott around would come in real handy….

          • Yes it will be smoothed over on rah rah sites like the way CNN tried today to smooth over
            Clinton crony Cody Shearer making up his own Trump dossier for the FBI.

          • Wouldn’t it be lovely for Scott to look into the backdrop of the warrant on Carter Page —-get the FISA court transcripts, see the actual applications submitted for the original warrant and each of it’s extensions, see Andrew McCabe’s testimony to congress, etc, etc…..

        • Hey JB, despite the fact that you and I didn’t have common friends in this blog, I did enjoy and appreciate your unshakable Trojan spirit and dedication. And yes, I have no doubt that you’ll live on as the most prolific participant in any Trojan football blogs no matter which one we’ll find ourselves in again. I will always look for your most distinctive avatar in the future. Stay healthy, my good Trojan brother. FIGHT ON!!!

          • Did you know my wife picked my avatar? Great sense of humor, that gal. Got a lot of people all riled up. Lot of laughs, kind of like the subject matter of this blog sometimes.

            SW was a terrific, highly unusual lightning rod. He’ll be missed, at least part of the time.

          • Your wife did well to make your ID one of the more distinctive ones around, JB. And yes, it’s been quite a wild ride for me, too, sharing thoughts and ideas with you and others through the years on Trojan football. Honestly, things have become sort of strenuous recently because of the emergence of some unusual “fans” who were trying to defend Helton and him only in this blog. Hopefully, the new Trojan football blog in the future will be devoid of them. But it just might be my wish.

          • Too bad they shut down the blog right before Hitlery and Obama were exposed as traitors to America today. I would have loved to read the excuses of the libt*rds like gray stool, Morons Owns, Kissy86er, Portapotty, Jethro and arturo.

          • Totally agreed, GT. But unfortunately, shutting down this blog won’t get rid of all the undesirables completely. And that’s why I’m kind of reluctant to move my effort to Reign Of Troy. Sometimes it’s better to say adios altogether and move on.

          • Hey GT, don’t look now, but the joker might be The Hat Boy in disguise. Or Brent Oil. Or Helen The Trojan Horse.

          • JellyHead, that Ratipublican/Nunes/Moron joke memo has all the legal standing of the BirdChite that covers the cardboard lean-to hovel you call home.

          • Owns, you still pushing that Fake News Clinton News Network/PMSNBC Talking Point now that national security wasn’t actually threatened by publication of the memo like Schiff predicted? How sad to be you.

            The Congress isn’t a court of law, you stupid ruin lib. They perform oversight on the Executive Branch and make referrals to the Justice Department and the IG for prosecutions, of which there will be many for the Obama/Hitlery operatives in the FBI and DOJ knowingly presenting false info to a court to get a FISA warrant. But the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments aren’t your long suit.

            BTW good win for the ruins. Bonespur Bill Walton says they have the talent to make the Final Four but lack consistency. With the Dookies, KY and KU struggling this could be the year for the ruins and Trojans to make a big run in March for the Final Four.

          • 2. Here is my new free blog site: http://www.trojandailyblogdotcom. Allen Wallace and I have partnered to start this blog. Allen was the National Recruiting Editor for 10 years at Scout/SuperPrepdotcom and has also covered recruiting for USA Today, CNN and Sports Illustrated. Prior to this, he turned the college football recruiting world on its head as the founder of SuperPrep magazine in 1985, later adding the groundbreaking SuperPrepdotcom when the commercial Internet was in its inception.

          • But Jellyhead, Nunes stated for the record, he never bothered to read the FBI warrants submitted for FISA approval

            So basically JH, Nunes claims are based on Ratpublican fiction. So as I said JH, the Nunes/Moron Memo is worthless.

            Hey JH, How about that DJ, 1100 point nose dive. How come I don’t hear the Moron claiming responsibility.

          • Hey Moron Owns, how about that Democrat-Mediacrat-FBI-DOJ-State Department Russian Collusion Coup attempt? That wouldn’t have anything to do with investors losing faith in the country. Give your heroine Hitlery credit for that one.

          • On vacation, laughing his head off at the Moron’s Napoleon act.

            I’m still waiting for the Deuce Gowdy report on the 2 year Hillary email investigation. That useless Gowdy investigation can be described by a 2 letter abbreviation – BS.

            All the people you describe as reading the FISA approval documents didn’t, I repeat JellyHead, didn’t write the Ratpublican, Nunes, Moron Memo.

            Lastly JH, Gowdy has stated for the record, the Ratpublican memo has nothing to do with the Mueller investigation.

          • Wow – This is Huge – A text message reportedly from corrupt FBI lovers and former Mueller investigators implicates former President Barack Obama as being involved in the Obamagate scandal!

            Newly revealed text messages between lusty adulterous FBI paramours Peter Strzok and Lisa Page include an exchange about preparing talking points for then-FBI Director James Comey to give to President Obama, who wanted “to know everything we’re doing.”

            Now we know why Obama refused to prosecute the felonious Hitlery! He’s as big a crook as the Clinton Crime Family.

            But then, we always knew nothing good comes from corrupt DemoRat One Party
            Ruled Chicago expect the Cubs and deep dish pizza comes from Chicago.

          • Many people from this site are moving to:
            trojandailyblog dotcom and they are posting now about recruiting with our nationally recognized expert.

          • When the basis for the Mueller investigation was a Fake Russian Dossier bought and paid for by Hillary it does.

          • A scuzzy alt-left illegal alien named Porta Potty is lecturing us about shat? Go back to Mexico where your values have destroyed that sh*thole.

          • 3. Here is my new free blog site: http://www.trojandailyblogdotcom. Allen Wallace and I have partnered to start this blog. Allen was the National Recruiting Editor for 10 years at Scout/SuperPrepdotcom and has also covered recruiting for USA Today, CNN and Sports Illustrated. Prior to this, he turned the college football recruiting world on its head as the founder of SuperPrep magazine in 1985, later adding the groundbreaking SuperPrepdotcom when the commercial Internet was in its inception.

          • Top 10 classes at 2 p.m.


            Ohio State


            Penn State




            Notre Dame


            Florida State

            Where’s SC?

          • gotroy, Number 6 on Rivals. Still climbing ? Landed our two CB’s !!! Check that. Rivals still has CB Taylor-Stuart undecided.

          • Could be top 3! Just read it online!

            On another note, Nancy has been talking over 6 hrs!! I wonder who as left the building!

          • OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder ESPN has us stuck on #10. What a depressing day.

            Did Owns tell Nancy yet that there is no filibuster in the House?

          • TrojanDailyBlog dot com
            Jack B, Gabby, Regal, GoldenTrojan, AtlDDS have already signed up and are posting.
            This is a free blog site and I am hoping to get a lot of the same group together.

          • You going to try and go over to dailytrojsnblog? Hoping to find a place to land with some familiar commenters.

          • I received a message from Johnny Numbers telling me to go. I’ll register. Try it out. I’ll see who else shows up! I’m sure the bruin trolls will be there!

          • Mission accomplished!

            Wouldn’t it be something that all of these comments are actually a Wolf experiment to show his boss that his blog will never die and he is still employed.
            I say this because they haven’t pulled the plug yet!
            Wouldn’t that be something!

          • I’m worried now we might not even make the March Maddess after this weekend. We have no opportunity to get revenge on the Arizona school until the Pac 12 tournament thanks to the unbalanced Pac 12 scheduling.

          • We’ll be alright. Just have to close out the season and kill Btech. Do some damage in the tourney! Revenge on AZ is waiting!!!

          • I’ve never seen this many posts on a sports blog, gt. I hope the folks responsible for taking it down are capable of re-thinking things.

          • GoiTroy wants to talk politics, not SC football. He needs to crawl back to his trailer-trash park in Spud, Idaho and get off the opiods.

          • Porta Potty is still hurt that his political moralizing was shot down like a dirigible. You’ve never talked football or any other SC sports here. You only know about chicken fighting and importing meth, Porta-Potty.

          • The homicide rate in LA County has been falling for 30 years now. Don’t believe all the turd-scare-tactics you here on the radio in your trailer in Spud, Idaho.

          • Same here, Arturo! We had some great dialogue in this blog. Hope to see your great comments somewhere in the future. Take good care, and FIGHT ON!!!

          • The Daily News isn’t the only leftist rag going under:

            DEAD SITE WALKING: Newsweek Guts Its Top Edit Staff Amid Legal Turmoil.

          • LOL…The nasty virus is spread deeper than on just a few rags, GT. And it ain’t going away anytime soon. Hope everything is well with you, my Trojan bro!

          • Shocker! The World Champion LA Times was just sold to some biotech billionaire! We may have no newspaper coverage for USC when the dust is settled!

          • Know what, GT? It’s the trend. It’s obvious the powers-that-be don’t want to hear any thinking people’s criticisms and negativity against their agendas, much like these “mystery” figures in this blog who were trying to spin things to protect the status quo in SC’s coaching situation. In fact, I see the similar patterns everywhere I look these days.

          • Here is my new free blog site: http://www.trojandailyblogdotcom. Allen Wallace and I have partnered to start this blog. Allen was the National Recruiting Editor for 10 years at Scout/SuperPrepdotcom and has also covered recruiting for USA Today, CNN and Sports Illustrated. Prior to this, he turned the college football recruiting world on its head as the founder of SuperPrep magazine in 1985, later adding the groundbreaking SuperPrepdotcom when the commercial Internet was in its inception.

        • Sam —where would we be without you?! I hope I see you there —-you are always ahead of the curve, my friend!

          • Mike you’re a great pal and came here for the great personalities like you and many others. I need my own Bat signal now.

          • Once they found out “we” were planning to head over to Inside UCLA, Sam, that site’s number was up, too!
            See you out there somewhere, old pal!

        • I’ll be around! Take care! I’ll be on Reign of Troy! Maybe Owns will show up!

        • Thuc’s blog is now gone. Go take a look. It’s now just a ucla page on the main la daily news website. Looks like Owns will be going through withdrawals!

          • Dude they couldn’t wait until after the SC/UCLA game this week before giving these blogs the hook?
            This sucks for the loyal Trojan and Bruin fans.
            Our BBall team is waking up now but I won’t be convinced until I see Saturday’s game. F***! I just realized my son’s baseball tournament is Saturday! It’s a one day tournament so I hope we’re still playing but on a break at 3:15 or we lose two straight and call it a day LOL. But we have to win this game. There’s a Pizza place a block away with good food, cold beer, and sports playing on the big screens so I hope we smash on the Bruins and some Bruin fans I know end up being there like usual so they can kiss my converse!

          • I agree 100%! They couldn’t wait until after the game! Looks like they want to get rid of us! Dumped! We need to start our own blog! Read GT’s message further below!

          • Good luck to your son and his team, Sam! Win that game and get back in the thick of things!

          • Po’ Sammy, somethings don’t change……UCLA 82 – bozos 79…..Meta had a huge dunk though zzzzzzzz.

          • See SAS’s reply to me. Agree 100%! They couldn’t wait! Looks like they want to get rid of us! My perception!

          • ANDYISWINNING!!!! —Unless they take this site down completely, THIS IS OUR USC/UCLA BASKETBALL SITE. Just our little way of giving them the finger.

          • I’m sure it’s in the works! This site will disappear, but for now—we will continue to use it! Hopefully, SAS will get the new blog up!

          • Love it if Sam pulls if off!
            And I hope this page is here on Saturday! It could represent a real fun way of going out on top!

          • Let’s hope Thuc’s page is also up! Bombard both! I don’t have a reply from Sam as of now.

          • Oh, my brother, that is the plan! As they say in England, “give their mothers something to cry about.”

          • Defense? We play it real well when we feel like it. And Saturday would be a great time to feel like it.

          • It’s inevitable….what do you think of the memo!! KILL SHOT! Devin Nunes said more is coming soon! I want to see heads roll!

          • gray stool, Moron Owns , Kissy 86er and the other libs stupidly trusted the Mediacrats who are working for Hitlery and Obama!

        • sas contact this guy and your blog will come true!

          Johnnynumbers Jack B • 20 hours ago
          Email me: johnweld@wgn.net. As I say, I am willing to pay for an ad free blog so we (and I) can continue to get our (my) daily fix of SC sports. I just would need advice or help running blog.

          • Damn is he Steve Alford?


            Helton has at least FINISHED in the top 5……”#3 in the Nation” (says Heltons attorney)

            Andy, this make any kind sense to to you?

            Are Anthony Munoz and Tony Boselli both going to coach the OL for free?
            Have Ronnie Lott and Troy Polamalu offered take over as CO-Defensive Coordinator’s AND GO GET THE PLAYERS THAT HE WANTS ON HIS SQUAD DURING THE RECRUITING TIMES THAT NORMAL PROGRAMS ASSIGN A “TOP DC”???

          • We (Michael G, GT22) believe it’s a recruiting stunt. Shows stability since the big day is tomorrow! We all need to know of the buyout clause!

      • Farewell M G. Looked forward to seeing your posts. Some days you, Jack, and Fred were the only posts I would see. I got tired of some of the yahoos and just started blocking people. Anyone with Gomer or Kiffin in there name was gone. I am not going to lie–I will miss the sunny optimism that Fred brought everyday. My wish for the 2018 season is that USC will have at least one beast of an O Lineman so Fred can get some degree of enjoyment when he watches the Trojans.

        • You’re making me, sad, my buddy. The bad thing about a blog like this one is you get to really care for some of the folks —and the whole thing can be taken away from you overnight. I’ll really miss you and the guys…a lot. And, yeah, I hope we get one complete stud o-lineman so Fred is happy, too!
          Take care, Trojan5!

      • MG, the primary barrister, enjoy Paradise, and enjoy the Trojans with 3 more hours of daylight on the telecasts! It was a true pleasure!

        • I was really hoping to hear from you, trojan_1972! We had a bunch of fun exchanges and, man, am I gonna miss that! I hope our paths cross again, my friend!

        • Wow, Arturo! I’m feeling like I’m saying goodbye to all my companions at the end of the Wizard of Oz (before the balloon takes me back to sterile Kansas). This is pretty sad all around. I came to really love the back and forth with you —-you have such a strong sense of justice. And, yeah, my friend—you’re right about the donkey.
          God bless!

          • May I pay you a compliment, Arturo? I’ve been involved in a lot of courtroom fights over my lifetime. A huge part of preparation is spending time with the witnesses—listening to them tell their stories, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. Invariably, the ones with the designer suits and phony accents were the ones that came apart in the heat of battle. The witnesses I loved were the ones who valued truth and courage. I could tell who they were in ten seconds. You’re the kind of person I would want on my side in a knock down, drag out courtroom fight. You’re way more than a peer, Arturo —-you’re a noble person.
            Have a great life, my friend. And don’t let bad forces ever get you down —- no matter how tough it gets, you have what it takes to come out on top.

      • MG, I guess sometimes they get what they wish for. All these anti-Scott participants in this blog certainly have something to celebrate tonight because their most dreaded nemesis is gone. I actually like to call them out for the demise of this blog by attacking and deriding SW for being a straight talker on the state of SC football as he personally observed and saying it sucked when it did and who did. I, for one, am going to miss this blog run by SW because it was one of the last few politically incorrect forums where some truths were spoken, instead of what sounded good or what certain group of participants wanted to hear.

        • Totally on the money, RT! No USC site is ever gonna be more of a fun ‘free for all’ than this one…. or as wildly visited. It was dumb and short sighted to take it down. And a lot of the people who treated Scott the most poorly will miss it the most.

          • MG, you know what? It wouldn’t shock me a bit if the firing of SW was come about by the constant blackmailing and complaints filed by all these so called “Die Hard Helton Defenders” who were attacking any negative opinions against him. Ironically, I don’t see most of them in this thread today barking the same old tune as before. Leaving this blog does have me feeling sad, but I’m not going to miss these agenda-driven idiots like the Hat Boy, Brent Oil, the fake lawyer, and etc..

          • Very interesting, RT! And, you’re right, none of those people are here tonight. Every other night. But not tonight. Sorta suspicious, huh?

          • Oh, man. That is an image I wish you hadn’t conjured up, RT! We loyal Scottists have a duty to avenge him.

          • Isn’t it magical, GT? Those tenacious Helton defenders are gone with the wind. And there’s got to be a reason, right?

          • GT, can anybody or anything explain the abrupt disappearance of “steveg” from this blog as it became inactive? We’re talking about one of the most active ones on here even until a few days ago.

          • Thanks for thinking of me my friend. I am also on wearesc as steveo. We had our differences but when it came down to it I did appreciate all the years we commented together. Anyone can contact me at honestfisherman09 at hotmail dot com.

          • Hey, I do appreciate your positive way of looking back on our journey in this blog. Yes, you and I go back a few years jousting each other mainly on Helton as our football HC. But like you, I’ve learned quite a bit on how diverse one’s views on the same guy could be even as a true self-claimed and passionate SC football fan. You might have labelled me simply a downer, who looked at things as negatively as possible on everything about SC football under Helton, but the bottom-line is we all want our team to win and return to our former glory recently reached under PC as you rightly pointed out. With that said, I think it’s time for us to acknowledge the fact that we both share the common passion for our team and hope for the best in our future as I predict the 2018 season to be less than red-carpeted and brightly lit. Wish you and yours the best until we meet again, friend. FIGHT ON!!!

          • Gollly Noiiid and his various sock puppets will be celebrating tonight. His 13 year stalking quest is over. Now he can devote himself fully to Star Wars Convention Costume Contests.

          • What will Gollly Noiidd and his various sock puppets like Rosebowlbound, Fight On, Wisdom, The One The Only, John Wooden and johnholmes do now?

          • I have a good idea, gt —-but I don’t want to go into a lot of detail since this site is available to minors.
            I wonder how long the complete yahoos who ended Scott’s glorious tenure will allow THIS page to go on? Surely, the sheer # of replies must be embarrassing to them. Scott’s last two articles are heading toward a thousand hits.

          • Agreed, gt. That’s my prediction too.

        • I was only here for about a year as a poster, maybe a year before just reading posts, nothing like some who’ve been here so long. He (regal) accused me often of being other people, many other people, men and women? Sorry to disappoint him, there was just me. Good luck Chris. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

          • At one point I got accused of being Scott….and, later, Owns himself. But it was all fun. And, now that it’s over, I realize I love all you guys. No matter how crazy we all are.
            Take care, Pudly! See ya on Inside UCLA on Saturday.

          • I will always be proud to vouch for you being the one and only Arturo.
            Hope to see ya at Inside UCLA Saturday night, Arturo!

          • It’s unfortunate if you had been mistaken for someone you were not. And it was never my intention to falsely accuse anyone of anything. But if you had paid any attention to this blog in recent months, a certain degree of witch-hunting was inevitable because there were so many handles that sang the same old tune over and over again taking sides with Helton no matter what the situations were. And trust me, it wasn’t the most pleasant experience for me to be confrontational with anyone claiming to be a Trojan fan. However, I respect honesty and integrity in individuals, not the crafty skills to twist and package the obvious truths for their own self-interests and benefits. Hope you understand my point of view. And I’m sure we’ll cross our paths again somewhere in the future with clearer idea on who we really are. I hope you take good care of yourself until then. FIGHT ON!!!

          • Pudley, thanks for all you have contributed, for having my back, and being an all around really good guy.

          • No sweat amigo, wish we had another log as easy to follow as this, oh well…see you down the road…

        • SW was let go because he made more money than the ucla blogger, he worked many more years, probably got offered a buyout. It won’t be long before these blogs are gone, this newsgroup isn’t long for the business world. The sheer stupidity of canning him, a writer who actually got views and keep some dope who gets zero views should tells you everything you need to know about the people running this newsgroup

          • Your points are well taken, but who knows? There might have been some external pressure on him to quit what he was doing. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised at all even if it took place considering how many passionate adversaries he had in this blog alone.

          • This coprorate raider will destroy the Daily News. Saw the same thing with a corporate raider that destoyed a grocery store chain in the Southland.

      • See ya guys.

        I had many many ID’s here, mostly because the moderator would boot me for saying anything against SW, the board moderator and I had some interesting back and forth e-mails

        Gonna miss Gotroy, Tebow, Timmay, Fred and all the rest of the realists here.

        I still believe that Gomer is not head coach material and this season will prove that in spades, I’m just afraid that SC will do another lazy HC search and wind up with more of the same.

        For anyone that feels I hurt them in any way, I’m sorry, none of it was ever done with malice, I don’t dislike anyone here, we all have our opinions.

        This was the best blog, I’ll never post on any other site, all of them are too controlled by rah rah SC goofs.

        Good luck to the Wolfman, hope you finally write that book about the PC years and all the other years you covered SC, I would imagine that some of the stories would surprise many, maybe he’ll get his dream gig of covering the EPL or European soccer.

        Fight On to all the SC fans here

        • Great post!

          Even though you were my favorite punching bag, you stuck to guns, I respect that

          FIGHT ON!

        • Real nice post, Gomer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you were a hell of a lotta fun & I’m gonna miss ya.

        • Imagine the shenanighans he saw when young Kiffin and Sark were PC’s assistants? That book will be a must read!

          • Or when Kiffin was HC, Sark, I really hope he writes a book.

            I do know this, SW doesn’t think Gomer is head coaching material anymore than you or I do.

            Funny thing is, SW is still tweeting under the insidesocal id, weird

      • 1. Here is my new free blog site: http://www.trojandailyblogdotcom. Allen Wallace and I have partnered to start this blog. Allen was the National Recruiting Editor for 10 years at Scout/SuperPrepdotcom and has also covered recruiting for USA Today, CNN and Sports Illustrated. Prior to this, he turned the college football recruiting world on its head as the founder of SuperPrep magazine in 1985, later adding the groundbreaking SuperPrepdotcom when the commercial Internet was in its inception.

    • Jack,
      This almost feels like graduation or something. But you are one of the cool cats around this blog and I’ve enjoyed the conversations over the years.
      I guess I’ll comment at ROT.

      • Sas – I’m gonna miss you’re recruiting updates. You’re on it! So one last question. Who are we gonna sign in one week? Any surprises?

        • I don’t think we’ll see any surprises. But here’s something worth mentioning, but Scott Schrader’s recruiting staff member picked Penei Sewell to USC. And SS was askedif he still believes Sewell will sign with SC and he said “I think that’s what will happen”

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor-Stuart had a last minute change of heart and signed with Nick Saban.

          • That would be too bad. But if he’d go all the way to freakin’ Alabama when he could just drive up to L.A. to be a part of one of the greatest football powers of all-time with massive Calif degree influence, then I would say it turned out that Bradford was a huge liability, especially after losing Julius Irvin to UW today.

          • I think Taylor-Stuart will be a Trojan. But Saban has really made it a point to show this kid he wants him. He actually goes on the road unlike Clancy. He has more rings than Mr. T and that might flatter the kid. But Griffin and Taylor-Stuart should be TROJANS giving us the two best CB duo this class.

          • Hey,

            Saban’s the best IMO and I think he always pulls out all the stops. Isn’t that’s why he’s the best? He’s a killer. But USC knows this, like everyone else, and there’s really no excuse for allowing ALA to come all the way across the U.S. to San Diego and take a backyard CB prospect we need desperately.

            I’d hate to see Helton start losing these battles, especially since he’s already in a shaky spot and we have such a need at CB. Recruiting’s a brutal business. Hope it doesn’t get more brutal next Wed!

            Keep the faith! Thanks for the info.

          • I agree. I’m expecting him to head to USC to become the 2nd best player from Helix HS next to Reggie Bush but to become the next great CB at USC.

          • Pure addiction. Xmas Day for recruitniks.

            I’m hearing conflict between BKU and Clancy may put a wrench in some of our DL signee plans. Something to watch out for.

          • An addiction is probably the right way to put it.
            Clancy needs to recognize and pump the breaks before he loses a big ingredient to our defense that he can’t afford to lose.

          • He needs to but I don’t think he will. I’m preparing to lose BKU and maybe a DL recruit or even two. I’m not saying that’s gonna happen, but we’ll know pretty soon here just how serious a problem Helton has on his hands. It obviously hasn’t been fixed yet, at least to the benefit of USC.

      • That is a good way of putting it. Your passion for USC was always evident. You follow recruiting more closely than anyone I’ve ever come across.

        • Thanks buddy. I remember reading in the Los Angeles Times about Shaun Cody being the #1 Defensive Player in the Nation and Pete Carroll signed him to get things roling. After that i had to know more about recruiting and as we all know Pete was called a “legendary recruiter” and he made it a lot more easier on SC fans then because got who we wanted when we wanted. But when i checked rivals to see we stole Reggie Bush from Notre Dame (Reggie was a recruit that was on his own planet) and we landed Jeff Schweiger who was a big deal at the time I had to get a subscription LOL! But my older brother and my best friend were always keeping up with it too so I was in the know about SC recruiting.
          Jethro G. Sabbath you always stayed close to the site while also keeping a low profile at times, I liked your Bruin trash talk for sure!
          Also….Did you go to Ozzfest this year? I wish I had gone, Deftones were on the bill. Damn it!

    • Jack, will miss much from your posts, including the lambasting of the Bruin trolls! See you around the bend!

      • Hah hah! The whole Troll thing was crazy.

        I hope we all find each other somewhere because there was a lot to be learned here, especially from the clash of differing viewpoints, sometimes seriously, other times all in fun.

        Hoping for a big time Feb 7. Later…

        • Jack, I always enjoyed your comments and opinions…….Truly a great Trojan. See ya on the next stop

          • Same goes for you, Gabby! I don’t know for sure where that next stop is gonna be —but it won’t feel right without you there (telling somebody to clean up the mess at some # toilet)! I’ll miss your clever and insightful remarks a hell of a lot, my friend! [Hope not for long, though].

          • You’re the best Michael!….the gift that keeps on giving. ROT looks like a possible place to check out.

            PS…I gave the toilet crew the night off in memory of Scott Wolf

          • I did notice, Gabby! It was the right thing to do tonight. They can do double duty tomorrow and catch up.
            Buds always, Gabby!

      • Po’ po’ Jackie B, I’m still waiting for him to name the 1st former bozo QB who started a Super Bowl game.

        • no hard feelings Jack—I had fun, most of the time. BTW, I’m really not a fan of the bruins, just like to stir it up. I love college football and I will really miss this blog.

          • Good luck to your favorite team, whatever it is, FF. Sincerely.

            All in good anonymous fun.

            I do have a couple of good sources by the way. Can’t live without those.

            Here comes a watered down LOI Day. All CFB fans love the first Wed in Feb.

            Fight On!

        • Unfortunately, I’ve been worried since the announcement of restructuring earlier this month, then the nature of Scott’s post changed to real content on recruiting and staff and it seemed as though there was a different blogger..
          I’m over at WeAreSC right now..I can’t seem to find the blog at reignoftroy…

          We didn’t always agree Jack, but you always added more than you took..for that I’m thankful..

          Hope alls well with Scott.

          • Nobody always agrees if they’re honest. You have some great takes and brought out the best in many of us.

            I learned a lot more than I ever expected on this blog. Gonna miss the Wolfster too. This was like some strange bar you would show up to where everybody had a role and took on the events of the day.

            I hadn’t even heard of the restructuring. Blows me away this thing was just dumped in the toilet like this.

          • Almost makes me want to start a blog of my own, but who really has the time..at the end of the day though, your description of a weird bar is perfect…even on his last day posting RegalTrojan still espoused his conspiracy theories…it was the “Helton lovers” who brought down the blog…FUNNY.
            Where else could we come up with that kind of entertainment? The thing that’s hardest on me is the format of the other sites..just not as easy.

          • I’m certain regal would say I fall into that category and I am certain that I did not want it to go away. Ive only been postng for this season and it took a few months to really understand the blogger did this just for the hits. He is still a snarky, cranky, negative guy, but this was always a “go to” just to see what negative thing he found to post and the reactions to it. The other sites will have a different format and unfortunately it will not be as much fun. This is a strange and contentious community, but a community none the less. Who would have thunk? Possibly Scott? I am sure if he goes rogue and starts another blog, we will find our way there. If he is reading this, do it you cranky ol’ negative jerk. I’ll even pay for a subscription. Fight on!

          • Yea, Chris! I’d pay to see Scott again, too!
            Thanks for your comments. Hope to see you again!

          • Yup, all so hidden, so far I like WeareSC best, but it’s a far cry from the open view this site had

          • “A strange bar you would show up to where everybody had a role and took on the events of the day.” I don’t know how many beautiful, sentimental words will be typed today—-probably thousands—-but that sentence will stay with me for a very long time, Jack. Thanks for putting my feelings into words, old buddy. Actually, thanks for everything.
            [I hope they leave this last post up for a long time & it winds up with a thousand hits—-as a kind of belated thank you to Scott]…..

    • “Goodbye everybody. Thanks for the use of the Hall.”

      Oh Magoo!!!

      And Remember…

      “Some people think football is a matter of life and death.
      I am very disappointed with that attitude.
      I can assure you it’s much more important than that…”
      – Shankly / Sanders …

    • Thank you Jack. I have truly enjoyed your comments and points of view. Hope we meet again my friend.

    • What are you up to?

      There are some people at reign of troy, and others at the OCR..come join in if you like, and bring Michael G.. there are people looking for you and asking after you.

      • Hey Pud, I’ve looked around. Didn’t like the Register set-up.

        I’m gonna try out the new TrojanDailyBlogdotcom that just started up today with Allen Wallace. I used to subscribe to his mag SuperPrep when I followed recruiting really closely.

        Let’s get the old gang sparring again! It’s worth a shot I say. It was always us posters who brought the best info anyway, by a mile.

        • Sure enough.. I’ll try it later today. Signing class looking good so far..Sewell seems to be a hard sell..we’ll see..

    • Well this sucks. For all the times I wanted to quit thid blog I never bothered to look for anything else . Now I’m going through SW withdrawal and all of the papers are the same. I have the Riverside PE it is so bland. I wonder when they will post some news with a little story to it.
      700 posts later this blog is still holding its own where do go?

  11. I wondered when I saw the new posts frequency significantly drop in a mere 36 hours – a real shame. I too will miss the give and take – I can say this this was a pretty real ‘free fire zone’ compared to what the ‘monitors’ permit elsewhere. Sorry to see this come to an end I shall miss Scott’s sarcasm in most cases well deserved – best to all.

    Class of 1972 – 20th Cent. Eur. History

    • The ‘free fire zone’ aspect was the draw that created a lot of interest. I hope somebody has some free time to recreate it, Just Owns comes to mind.

      • Nah – if you go over and peek through their comments sections it’s ‘controlled’ far more than any one cares to think. It reminds one of the Wst 28th Street ‘brothers’ – sweater sleeves tied around their necks and smoking pipes while chuckling over the dreams they have over at the Tri-delt house.

    • Hey, Alv! I will really miss your unique take on things! There is only ONE Alv!
      Isn’t this a crappy state of affairs?

  12. Wow. Didn’t see that coming. Bad idea. This could have been monetized better but it drove traffic. I guess Wolf left too because the only articles up are from weeks ago. Ha. He should start a blog. Reign of Troy isn’t very good with the layout and the way it posts. Free Market: fix this problem.

  13. PS Two strong points of this blog believe it or not were:

    1) Scott being a gadfly. Sunshine pumping by a blogger is not only boring and causes rot, it kills interesting convo. The sunshine pumpers will always show up in the comments but not the other way around.

    2) The UGLY fans being here. SC is not just about SC but about its rivalries and everything related to the schools. The back and forth helps make it work no matter how ridiculous Westwood High and its alum are. Some of the most active sites and groups are $hit-talking sites between rivals and within conferences.

    Other sites might want to take a cue.

  14. Goodbye forever, my one and only, Charlie Bucket…

    To all the USC alums and fans on here, thanks for the banter. Was fun while it lasted.

    • What ever happened to Mr. Bucket since I don’t always keep up with the comments? Sad day but I’ve got to admit, I didn’t always follow the connection of some of his blogs to USC football. Maybe his understudy will take over?

    • back at you, pal.

      this certainly was a bolt from the blue.

      perhaps the wolfman will re-emerge or at least write that tell-all book he admitted he gave thought to….

      of course i would pay a premium fee if necessary to get wolfman content on a new site….so long as he ran it.


  15. I will have to find another daily source of negativity and snark. See you all on another board. Fight on!!!!

  16. I’ll never understand why all the Scott Wolf haters continue to follow him, if you don’t like his posts, then don’t follow him…smh

    • Hey Fred, did you notice the suspicious lack of “Gomer Defenders” in this thread today? Perhaps, they’re the ones that blackmailed SW.

    • Yeah, Scottie would wind me up, but I respected what he did. Sucks that he’s done. Good mixing it up with you, Fred!

    • Later Fred. I always enjoyed your contributions, even as you got worked into a lather about the softness of the Trojans and the PAC 12. Hopefully 2018 will be the year the Trojans find their big ugly.

    • I said this a few weeks back.
      When i first came around here i once disagreed with you about Bob Stoops being a threat to our program since Kiffin flopped in 2012 and Jack B jumped on me about only being here for a few months and he definitely had your back. That was my first memory and a good one. I’ve always respected you for being honest and wanting SC to be Great!

  17. Hey all – Thuc Nhi posted today. Maybe that blog will still be active? C’mon over, you’re not going to step on any ongoing conversations there.

  18. Well Trojan dude 207 and Old Trojans Never Die hate to see a good thing go….wait I say it was a good thing?
    Anyway I doubt either of us will pay to comment but it was fun while it lasted.

  19. I’m good, he’s blog sucked. Somebody will pick it up. God bless to those who believe in SC. God bless in those who believe in Fight On!

  20. What a crappy final post. Whoever owns this blog is crappy as hell and has no sense of grace. Say something kind about Scottie who has been running this thing for what, 15 years?

    • Saying something kind about Scott wouldn’t keep up with the running theme of this blog… Negativity 24/7

      • Yeah, he held SC’s feet to the fire – but that’s what journalists do. I often disagreed with the guy, but he was fun to read.

        • Lamont you’ve always had a reasonable common sense attitude to your blog comments regardless of your point.

          So if this is your last comment Mr Ray, I’m happy to say I agree 100%.

    • Obviously, that’s not how they roll. That piece of emotionless crap they put up tells you everything you want to know about them.

  21. Peace out Wolf!! Now you won’t be able to rip off all the info you get from your Scout/247 subscription and you might have to actually work instead of troll. Don’t let the door hit ya!

  22. This is a bummer.

    Between the trolls and the debbie-downer reporting and the misinformation, it was still a fun blog. People here loved or hated USC, but they really didn’t take themselves that seriously. I laughed out loud numerous times, usually at work.

    Gonna miss it. The hyper-serious, OPs over at 247 and Rivals, they just aren’t as fun. They had better information, but it was not as fun.

  23. This was a crazy place I’ll admit it will be missed. I do hope Scotty finds another outlet where he can do his thing.
    Having said that, it’s time for everyone to come clean and admit to any other screen names they may have used here.
    I merely added the middle initial after somebody created a clone account.
    Chuck, I know you’re reading…

    • I was Uncle Rico until I get kicked off. By the way I’m a registered independent and have voted Republican and Democrat in past elections. Hard to believe but I have very liberal and conservative views.

    • For a couple of months last year, I was “owns jr.”
      After a couple of months, they finally blocked me from writing under that name.

    • i’ll play along, but no surprises here i suspect. Yoda, of course, Count Smackula, the series of “son of” return of” “ghost of” buckets (in response to my handle getting cloned by desperate trOXans)

      Brutus of course was my intermittent handle during by sabatical, however Bucket was scheduled to return in 2018….who knew.


    • Ha! Like the “truth scene” in the supposedly crashing airplane in “Almost Famous”!!

      • Great movie. Hard to believe Crowe made it 18 years. So many well-developed characters, perfect music, and Kate Hudson’s first and only great part.

        • Yep. Agree w/you, Jack!
          See ya on Inside UCLA on Saturday. Hope our guys flood the place for a last hurrah.

    • Not sure how to tell when you first signed up for an account, but I wanna say I started
      reading Flow’s blog 7-8 years ago, along with skimming the comments, and
      signed up and started posting 6-7 years ago. So I was familiar with some of the comments banter before I felt I could contribute – especially Chaz Bucket. Anyway, for me personally, I’ve always proudly been “04Trojan.” A 2004 USC grad from the Bay Area.

      Fight On Flow commenters.

    • I think you already know the screen names I was using, but I always thought you were pretty good-humored about all that nonsense. You were one of the saner ones around here. What sad news this is.

  24. This was the best blog and sw made it what it was. I hate to see it go. I heard on Petros all the cuts that were being done. I hope sw finds something work out there.

    This blog with USC diehards, trolls, and bruin fans made this blog great to read. Thanks for all the posts everyone participated in. I received great inside info from many of you and loved reading the political comedy also.

    Fight On!
    Til we meet again.

  25. It’s been fun while it lasted. I’m going to miss the great insight from this blog. Fight On my Trojan Family!!!

  26. to my knowledge, and i’ve been on this blog 15-20 yrs, wolfman never missed a single day creating at least one post. even on x-mas he sent whatever young lady he was shacked up with out of the room so he could post the Greta Garbo pic.

    wolfman seemed to be the only journalist who understood that a blog run by a homer(s) stinks. the fact that he was brilliant enough to turn the Blogger into an antagonist will be studied in journalism classes henceforth. reminds me of the brilliant marketing in wresting in LA in the 70’s when Black Gordman would whip the Hispanics into a frenzy and turn the Olympic Auditorium into a madhouse.

    wolfman, if this is the end of the line, you were the best, and the best by so far a piece, there is no second place!!


    • As a kid, Black Gorman was one of my favorite wrestlers.

      Fight On Charlie. I enjoyed reading your posts. They were very funny. You were the King of hashtags!

      • Dodgers gonna do it this time Owns? I’m sick of hearing about how we just came up short.
        Urias has to pitch like a #1 Starter now for us if we don’t get another Ace.

        • Been hearing that line since 1989. Still not comfortable with our starting pitching.

          Houston upgraded their starting staff while the Dodgers seem to favor standing pat w/o Darvish for the time being.

          Sammy, the Dodgers had a miraculous 2017 winning streak that will be hard to match in 2018. Even so, I’m still the ultimate forever Dodgers fan and eternal this is the year optimist. .

          • Urias has to grow up fast and become that “star” now. Almost immediately, but realistically he has to pitch like that in October. He’s young but champions get it done on the big stage and he should be a big time arm this year.
            Puig has to continue to walking a straight line in the clubhouse while staying patient at the plate. I hope he can take his game up to another level and do some real damage.

            I think Toles will play Left and lead off, after that it’s a hitters lineup…..

            This lineup should be dangerous each night. They’re all gonna see a lot more good pitches to hit from opposing team’s because the next guy will be a tough out and the guy after him, and so on. Pederson might even have his best year statistically being protected by all these hitters.
            Chris Taylor
            Corey Seager
            Justin Turner
            Joc Pederson
            Cody Bellinger
            Yasiel Puig

            Tasmania has stop swinging for the fences and look to be a contact hitter early on in my opinion.

            I still think we need one more big arm. Not a “really good” 2nd or 3rd in the rotation guy. But a legitimate “Ace” to back Kershaw. Look at all the WS Champs lately. They all had two aces because the days of your #1 being enough are gone.

            Kershaw can’t have all the weight on him for 162 games and then a Postseason. He needs help.

          • I was reading that the Dodgers dont want to keep him though. And that they also want to get rid of Matt Kemp. He wasn’t invited to Dodgers Fanfest because they didn’t want him and the organization to feel awkward answering the tough questions.

    • Charlie, you were always one of my favorite punching bags. I’ll never forget you……Long live the Cadre

      (aka TrojanFan)

    • You said it, Charlie. Scott was getting hits in the 100’s BETWEEN seasons. I don’t know how long people will be blogging —something new always comes along—but for as long as we do (say, the next 25 years), nobody will top what Scott was pulling off year in and year out. The guy was a master.
      And he’ll be missed…big time. By tomorrow it’s gonna begin dawning on people what they’re missing.

        • Every school has brainless rah rahs like Kurt Waldheim Jr. Luckily for you the Realists won out and dumped Mora. He went the Leonard Tose Route.

    • This is the first time I’ve ever “liked” a Charlie Bucket post. Well said and Fight On!!!

    • For me, the wacky hey day of this blog ended several years ago, but I still can’t believe it’s going away. I think I’ve been coming here daily for over a decade now, and it seems like you were here pretty much the whole time, in one guise or another.

      I already missed the zany times we used to have, when people were posting under multiple handles, posting as characters, etc. Even though they have been “retired” for a long time, it feels like Westwood Rob, Ralph Von Albertson, and the others are vanishing along with this blog. And even though everyone hated it, I enjoyed the “Nigel Tottenham” story-telling experiment as well. I had some pretty awful jobs during some of my years reading this blog, and coming here brightened my day so many times.

      Wolfman, you are a strange character, but I can’t imagine the last 10 years of USC football without this blog making sardonic comments about the whole crazy saga.

      Best of luck to you, Bucket/Smackula/Yoda/et al. This blog has gone to visit that great soft-serve ice cream machine in the sky.

      • i think the array of people “in Character” may have been a unique era in the blog-o-sphere.

        glad you dropped by, i don’t know if i ever stated it outright, but the Nigel Tottenham novelas were one of the very high points of the blog….the narrative style reminded me of Swift/Mary Shelley and published in periodical manner just like he olden days…mini-masterpieces. and what made them even better were the confused and angry comments from trOXans who could not understand what was going on!!

        during the same time i was working crazy long hrs and the busier i was, the more Bucket posted, took the edge off.

        as ive stated above, since Bruins never give up, i’m looking forward to the wolfman’s tell all book or reemergence on a new blog….


        • I hardly posted here during the past year or so, but I still visited the blog frequently, even though all the serious, on-topic discussions made me a bit sad. I missed the irreverent, off-topic malarkey of the old days. So many fond memories of nonsensical debates…

          The guy who triumphantly announced that he had checked the California Bar website, and there was no such attorney as “Ralph Von Albertson” is one of my favorites. And I always enjoyed your commitment to keeping up the idea that “the Cadre” was actually a group that had meetings at a strip club to plan its trolling.

          Thanks for the kind words about Nigel. I’m actually trying to write something in the spirit of those stories now, off the blog, but it was a unique opportunity to try to tell those stories and interact with the haters at the same time.

          And interacting with haters is what this blog was all about.

      • Didn’t you once say you considered creating a Muslim character to throw into the mix but ultimately decided against it because of how some people might have responded?
        You may well have made the correct decision but it sure would have fun to observe.

        • That’s true, I did say that once. The prospect of the sheer nastiness that would be posted by some people on this blog was enough for me to stay away from that idea. I guess that’s part of why I stopped goofing off in these threads. Baiting old coots into saying something offensive just got old after a while.

          I never knew who was writing them, but I did enjoy Ed Garrett’s posts this past year or so. It was good to see somebody still doing the Lord’s work around here.

          • I have someone quite angry with me and I never even tried to upset him. One dumb one liner on my part set him off. It’s one of the layers of craziness that made this place what it is.

    • Also, I can’t remember who did it, but the time that guy outed NOBS’s true identity was one of the all-time great moments on here. I do miss those days.

      • arrrgh….can’t think of his name it now. but that was a day! he “dissapeared” NOBA totally (except for a brief return, but his anti-Semitic comments outed him for the final time). ‘ol pig-eyed Nubsie.

        • Allow me to help. His name was betomas.
          It’s a bit strange how that person didn’t want any credit.

          • nice work, jezro. of course since we are all dishing out credit, your Wallin Conjecture was one of the most dazzling piece of

            detective work….although ultimately, incorrect.

            i used to chuckle to think minor radio personality Fred w. had to get the Daily News to put a block on his name because of your inspired theory!!

          • I’ll admit I was young and over zealous. I believe I was poking around the right places with the sports radio thing but ultimately was too quick to jump to a conclusion.

          • troy, troy, troy,
            What a colossally poor decision you have made! The blog is winding down and everyone is saying their fond farewells. Most everyone has dropped their grudges. You could have left well enough alone and honored our agreement to leave each other be but no, you couldn’t do it and had to resort to your ridiculous projection that I am a bigot.
            Why are you not a man of your word? I am.
            Too bad you had to pick the almost healed scab off of this sore. You leave me no choice but to reveal another of your very bigoted comments courtesy of the internet.
            Here’s a real gem from The DrudgeReport from 2013 copied and pasted directly, no editing whatsoever:

            gotroy22 Mark Talmont • 4 years ago

            Hispanic and black thugs tend to attack Asians because they are high achieving like whites.

            You really said that!

            I’m not making this up, here’s the link that anyone with a brain can make work:

            Anyone who doesn’t believe me can check the comments there.

            Now go ahead and explain to everyone here how I am the bigot but you are the one who made that comment. Please, expand on the thoughts you had in 2013…

            You could do a reversal and edit your stupid comment to me and this one might go away too, or you could keep trying to play this game you can’t win. You have 35K+ comments and it’s all too easy to find some highly objectionable things you have said. Do you want to keep playing?
            Do you want everyone here’s lasting impression of you to be that comment or perhaps something even worse?
            Your choice

          • LOL nobody cares now you cowardly moron preachy antisemitic lib! The blog is over and you are the last one to get the memo! You are as stupid as your Mediacrats still defending the corrupt Hillary loving FBI/DOJ crooks.

          • Don’t try to change the subject. Explain this:

            “Hispanic and black thugs tend to attack Asians because they are high achieving like whites.” – gotroy22, 2013

          • It’s self evident to anyone except a preachy lib like you who lived a protected life. You apparently side with thugs who are envious of high achieving Asians. They also attack high achieving Hispanic and black kids who “act white” as they put it. Let’s go survey Asian students who survived inner city schools and ask them their experiences with the gang bangers. Your limp wristed Dumbocrat world view loses again, Kurt Waldheimn Jr.

          • That’s”ery”….It’s self-evident to anyone except a preachy lib like you who lived a protected life. You apparently side with thugs who are envious of high achieving Asians. They also attack high achieving Hispanic and black kids who “act white” as they put it. Let’s go survey Asian students who survived inner city schools and ask them their experiences with the gang bangers. Your limp wristed Dumbocrat world view loses again, Kurt Waldheim Jr.

            Now explain to the board while you held the coats of the bigots on the board who made antisemitic remarks about the ruin quarterback…

          • Now you’re flat out lying.

            Why do you think all Hispanics and blacks are thugs and all whites and Asians are high achieving?

          • No, YOU are the flat out liar, and your own words convict you. I’m sure Charlie Bucket and Owns can confirm your shameful antisemitic comments.

            Don’t try to change the subject. Explain it.

          • “Hispanic and black thugs tend to attack Asians because they are high achieving like whites.” – gotroy22, 2013

          • That’s “ery”….It’s self-evident to anyone except a preachy lib like you who lived a protected life. You apparently side with thugs who are envious of high achieving Asians. They also attack high achieving Hispanic and black kids who “act white” as they put it. Let’s go survey Asian students who survived inner city schools and ask them their experiences with the gang bangers. Your limp wristed Dumbocrat world view loses again, Kurt Waldheim Jr.

            Now explain to the board while you held the coats of the bigots on the board who made antisemitic remarks about the ruin quarterback and actually made a bigotted comment…

            “gotroy22 Jethro G Sabbath • 2 years ago
            You admitted you made an antisemtic comment about Rosen’s nose only a month ago…
            “Jethro G Sabbath gotroy22 • a month ago
            I have a question for you. You’ve made it abundantly clear that my making a comment about Josh Rosen’s nose unquestionably makes me a Nazi in your mind.”

            Don’t try to change the subject. Explain it.

          • Not only can’t you keep your word, now you’re making things up. I haven’t replied to you in years per our agreement.

            Why do you think Hispanics and blacks are thugs? Are you in the KKK?

          • I kept my word. The blog is over, so our agreement is over.

            And even now you can’t be honest. You libs are pathetic lying antisemitic pieces of dung.

            AMF Kurt Waldheim Jr!

          • You must have missed the announcement. Or you are just being your dishonest National Socialist self. After all Hitler did violate the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact.

          • Now you’re admitting you and Hitler have things in common. Neither of you can honor an agreement

          • Nope you are the Nazi, Kurt Waldheim Jr. You really have trouble with analogies and thinking and stuff. No wonder you hate those smart Jews and love the Democrats.

            “gotroy22 Jethro G Sabbath • 2 years ago
            You admitted you made an antisemtic comment about Rosen’s nose only a month ago…
            “Jethro G Sabbath gotroy22 • a month ago
            I have a question for you. You’ve made it abundantly clear that my making a comment about Josh Rosen’s nose unquestionably makes me a Nazi in your mind.”

            AMF Kurt Waldheim Jr!

          • “Hispanic and black thugs tend to attack Asians because they are high achieving like whites.” – gotroy22, 2013

            You think this way but are suddenly afraid to admit it. Why?

          • Why are you afraid now to admit you hate Jews and want them exterrminated? Many in your Democrat Party agree with you.

            “gotroy22 Jethro G Sabbath • 2 years ago
            You admitted you made an antisemtic comment about Rosen’s nose only a month ago…
            “Jethro G Sabbath gotroy22 • a month ago
            I have a question for you. You’ve made it abundantly clear that my making a comment about Josh Rosen’s nose unquestionably makes me a Nazi in your mind.”

            AMF Kurt Waldheim Jr!

          • Why do you think making antisemitic comments is okay? You gleefully joined the antisemites. We know what you would have done in WWII in Occupied Europe.

            “gotroy22 Jethro G Sabbath • 2 years ago
            You admitted you made an antisemtic comment about Rosen’s nose only a month ago…
            “Jethro G Sabbath gotroy22 • a month ago
            I have a question for you. You’ve made it abundantly clear that my making a comment about Josh Rosen’s nose unquestionably makes me a Nazi in your mind.”

            AMF Kurt Waldheim Jr!

          • “Hispanic and black thugs tend to attack Asians because they are high achieving like whites.” – gotroy22, 2013

            Do you regret opening this can of worms yet?

          • Do you regret making antisemitic comments?

            “gotroy22 Jethro G Sabbath • 2 years ago
            You admitted you made an antisemtic comment about Rosen’s nose only a month ago…
            “Jethro G Sabbath gotroy22 • a month ago
            I have a question for you. You’ve made it abundantly clear that my making a comment about Josh Rosen’s nose unquestionably makes me a Nazi in your mind.”

            AMF Kurt Waldheim Jr!

          • Actually you are, Nazi Boy. You fell into my trap just as I planned. Now your site has hundreds more hits. Thanks!

            “gotroy22 Jethro G Sabbath • 2 years ago
            You admitted you made an antisemtic comment about Rosen’s nose only a month ago…
            “Jethro G Sabbath gotroy22 • a month ago
            I have a question for you. You’ve made it abundantly clear that my making a comment about Josh Rosen’s nose unquestionably makes me a Nazi in your mind.”

            AMF Kurt Waldheim Jr!

          • If you consider having your bigoted ideas being exposed for everyone here to see winning, you’re having a great day.

            “Hispanic and black thugs tend to attack Asians because they are high achieving like whites.” – gotroy22, 2013

          • “gotroy22 Jethro G Sabbath • 2 years ago
            You admitted you made an antisemtic comment about Rosen’s nose only a month ago…
            “Jethro G Sabbath gotroy22 • a month ago
            I have a question for you. You’ve made it abundantly clear that my making a comment about Josh Rosen’s nose unquestionably makes me a Nazi in your mind.”

            You think this way but suddelyt are afraid to admit it. Why?
            AMF Kurt Waldheim Jr!

          • “Hispanic and black thugs tend to attack Asians because they are high achieving like whites.” – gotroy22, 2013

          • Why do you think making antisemitic comments is okay? Are you brain damaged?

            “gotroy22 Jethro G Sabbath • 2 years ago
            You admitted you made an antisemtic comment about Rosen’s nose only a month ago…
            “Jethro G Sabbath gotroy22 • a month ago
            I have a question for you. You’ve made it abundantly clear that my making a comment about Josh Rosen’s nose unquestionably makes me a Nazi in your mind.”

            AMF Kurt Waldheim Jr!

          • I made a joke about Josh Rosen. You declared Hispanics and blacks are all thugs, Asians and whites high achievers.
            I’ll let the folks here decide for themselves which is more offensive.

            “Hispanic and black thugs tend to attack Asians because they are high achieving like whites.” – gotroy22, 2013

          • All you do is lie, Nazi breath. Everyone with half a brain can decide you are a cowardly lib liar.

            “gotroy22 Jethro G Sabbath • 2 years ago
            You admitted you made an antisemtic comment about Rosen’s nose only a month ago…
            “Jethro G Sabbath gotroy22 • a month ago
            I have a question for you. You’ve made it abundantly clear that my making a comment about Josh Rosen’s nose unquestionably makes me a Nazi in your mind.”

            AMF Kurt Waldheim Jr!

          • You are as honest as Joseph Goebbels.

            “gotroy22 Jethro G Sabbath • 2 years ago
            You admitted you made an antisemtic comment about Rosen’s nose only a month ago…
            “Jethro G Sabbath gotroy22 • a month ago
            I have a question for you. You’ve made it abundantly clear that my making a comment about Josh Rosen’s nose unquestionably makes me a Nazi in your mind.”

            AMF Kurt Waldheim Jr!

          • What is it with you and nazis? You seem obsessed.
            Did you ever hear the story about the boy who cried wolf?
            There’s a valuable lesson there you might want to consider.

          • What is with you and being a kissup, control freak cowardly weirdo lib? You actually think you are clever and can control people. You are a dolt and you are denied.

          • Ha, I’d forgotten about that code name as well. I went to high school in Fort Wayne before moving to LA to go to USC; that’s where that joke came from.

          • The Fort Wayne subject is still very sensitive around here. I tried three times to respond to your other comment and each time it was held for moderation for reasons I can’t understand.
            My main point was remembering how a certain reverend once admitted to being one of Bucket’s characters after I clumsily made that accusation. It had me thoroughly confused for quite a while.

          • I did get irritated when Bucket took credit (or blame, I suppose) for my characters, but I forgave him.

            Last night, I was trying to explain to my wife how very sad I am about this blog coming to an end, but it was impossible to convey without sounding like a nut.

            I was remembering just this morning about the time NOBS (in his “Joe Blow” period) got a letter published in the LA Times sports section as “Joseph B. Lowe”, and of course he had to come here to brag about it because we were the only people who could appreciate his prank. It’s too bad he hasn’t dropped by to post a final comment (as far as I can tell).

          • That’s right. I had it the wrong way around. It was such a rotten but effective trick that I later did basically the same thing and threw someone here into a state of confusion that probably still exists today.

            I also agree about trying to explain this place to someone. It’s pretty much impossible to describe it accurately and make it sound like it has any redeeming value.

          • I always wondered about the redeeming value as I read through it. Laughs for sure. I did gain insight and good info (usually) on here though.

          • Somehow the mix of commenters was not too big, not too small; some had a sense of humor, some did not; political opinions were all over the place; the median age was probably surprisingly high, given how many people behaved like adolescents. Most days, you could check Scott’s posts and then scroll through all the comments if you wanted to, without taking too much time. This seemed to mean that everyone saw everyone else’s posts (until they allowed the block option). So you could post some crazy remark and people would actually read it; your comment wouldn’t just disappear in an avalanche of other comments, like they do on websites with national audiences. And the discussion was usually VERY freewheeling for a blog hosted by a mainstream publication.

            Of course, Wolfman’s dour attitude was the secret sauce.

          • It’s amazing how one deceptive reply can set your mind. Are you always that easy to influence?

          • I love how you obsessed in others about the things you did yourself. I will miss your childish antics thinking you were some kind of sophisticate.

        • Chucker Bucker and WEB_Dupree. that commenter’s name was none other than Betomas…let’s just say that I am 100% behind his outing of Joe Blow/Nobs/AKA USC booster Mark Larson (and any other racist bigots for that matter…unfortunately, there are several that made this blog page their home).

          Legend has it that Betomas now lives an ascetic lifestyle in remote German mountains, teaching tai chi to many disciples.

          Others say that he’s just an average bloke who got lucky on the hack that exposed Larson.

      • WEB, I hadn’t seen you comment in ages. Charlie Bucket and you had some of the wittiest comments on this blog. Cheers!

  27. Scott , thanks for the great site – it was the best. Hoping that your next endeavor will be just as successful this one. Bad move by corporate – you deserved much better than this.

    Trojans, thanks for making this the place to be for SC sports – it was a great ride.

    Bruin trolls – this site might be gone, but Trojan domination will continue.

  28. Hugs and kisses to all my fellow Trojan Brothers. It’s been a pleasure to get to know some of you guys over the years.

    Hopefully we all come back together on another site.

    PS…Michael, I can’t miss your great voice of reason, let me know where you’re moving to…..thanks

    • Gabby, will never forget your “clean the fryers and the latrines” – those will live on. Where will you go?

      • You’re a good man Arturo!….Always courteous and respectful, and it was a pleasure reading your insightful comments and opinions. I’ll catch up with you on one of the other USC sites

        FIGHT ON!

    • I’m going where you go, Gabby. I’m gonna find you and plant myself down. Thanks for the kind words and being such a great bud!

  29. Been reading this blog for over 10 years and now for my 1st post: Reading this blog was part of my daily entertainment and I will miss it terribly so I would be willing to pay the fees to get a dedicated USC blog on WordPress but I would need to have a few people help be monitors and I would need a few more people to agree to take turns posting a daily topic to get us started each day. Message me if you can help and I will get this up and running and have website by Friday. Btw: I graduated in 81 and spent my years watching John Robinson, Paul Mc Donald, Charles White and Marcus White at the Coliseum and Bob Boyd, Cliff Robinson and Purvis Miller at the Sports Arena.

    • Why did you stay hidden all that time when you would obviously have so much to contribute it appears?

      How would I get a message to you? I’m interested.

      • Email me: johnweld@wgn.net. As I say, I am willing to pay for an ad free blog so we (and I) can continue to get our (my) daily fix of SC sports. I just would need advice or help running blog.

          • Same old stuff…not a word about his blog..this whole thing reeks of too much drama…that many years and some people have been with this almost the whole time and not even a nod or a wink.

          • I would imagine he is pretty depressed. Hard to be happy when you have to pay the rent and no way to do it. Been there, done that.

          • We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, hopefully he had his ducks in order. Just hope the arrogance he wrote with didn’t control the rest of his life and leave him unprepared for what has become a very unstable future for journalists..I found it telling that no other journalists posted anything on Scott losing his position, didn’t show much respect or affection towards him.

          • Sometimes it is about the dog who bites the hand that feeds it..no one cares when they’re run off, least of all those it bit.

          • Yep. This is one fricking weird experience, Gabby. Hope to see ya on Saturday at Inside UCLA!
            (Don’t worry, my bud, we’ll figure this thing out—-and be back stronger than ever)!

    • For everyone interested, once I get the blog up and running, I will post on ROT and other USC spots.

    • Any suggestions for the name of the new blog? Any preference for using “Trojan”, “USC” or “SoCal”?

        • Hi Pudley76:

          I have been trying to get the word out on the new blogsite but Scott’s people keep taking down my messages.
          Jack B, Gabby, Regal, GoldenTrojan, AtlDDS have already signed up and are posting.
          This is a free blog site and I am hoping to get a lot of the same group together.
          Please feel free to spread the word on Scott’s blog. It will make it harder for them to take everything down.
          Also if you post be sure to give the address as TrojanDailyBlog dot com

          • The feature I miss on your board is the up vote or down vote, I always enjoyed using the feature as a way of saying hello without having to post, don’t know if you plan to include it in the future, but I enjoyed it..

  30. This blog being shut down, just as well, with the clowns running things at USC, there won’t be much worth talking about…it’s what happens when USC goes second rate and sells itself out to the highest bidder.

    The Max Nikias era…Pffft!

  31. To all the great bloggers Michael G, Regal, Steveg, sas, Jack,Gabby, Andyiswinnng, Alv, Peter, Pasadena, and all the great Troy Alumni, wish you guys nothing but the best. Thanks to EncinitasBruin, 88 Straight and Owns for keeping lively, real, and classy.

  32. Wolfman, you are and will always be The Man.
    Fun to see that some of your biggest detractors here have owned up to that fact they appreciated you as Ringmaster for this circus of abuse. It was certainly not for lack of hits this site is going away. When political correctness kills a forum like this, we are all in trouble.
    Say what you will about other conferences and their “superior” appreciation for sport, there is no rivalry like UCLA v USC. Sure we live in the undisputed best region in the land and have other things to do but no other rivals can put together their Championships and come close to ours. It’s a great rivalry and has been fun berating, mocking, abusing and cajoling you dumb arse, self-absorbed, cheating bunch of dirt bags (and I say that with love in my heart) on this site.
    Long Live The Wolfman !
    Beat SC!

    • Even for a Trojan, pretty hard not to “like” you post, j. You have range, my friend.

    • I didn’t know you had it in ya. Hah! It was always fun beating your brains in, even if it was only for the sake of entertainment.

      Good luck to Show Cause Choc Chip and hopefully, he’ll get his hand caught in the cookie jar again.

      Until then, USC football rules all CFB west of the Mississippi. Always has, always will.

      • You mean except for the occasional 8 year string of beat downs we dish out.
        Tell you what, you keep Helton and we’ll keep Kelly and your only chance to beat him will be if he does get caught doing something wrong.

        • One of my favorite things about you is how you hold onto that 8-game streak like it was the Holy Grail of Accomplishment. Of course, ever since, USC has nailed you little gutties into the coffin like no other. Only 4 baby bruin wins since ’98. I’ll take that over 8-straight any day of the week.

          Can’t wait to face Kelly. USC is so much more than Helton, obviously. Kelly’s idea of a rival was ORE ST and UW in their down years. Surprise, Chip. Meet the King of L.A.

  33. adeeose freinds!

    me and my imajinary freinds loved this plaice, no rools and plenty of charackturs,

    smdh (fir the final thyme),,,

  34. Honestly one of the worse days in memory. Since everyone is coming clean… I still hate the trOJans!! haha. But that’s what made the banter here fun. I will miss what Scott Wolf had to say when one of the trOJans messed up.
    To all of you who I traded banter with…never anything personal…just in good fun. All of you will be missed!

    To the man the myth the legend Scott Wolf and undisputed leader of the Cadre Charlie Bucket, thanks for everything. It was a blast while it lasted.

  35. Hey Scott, you called it as you saw it although too critical most of the time. Look for you in the Daily News. Contact Coach Hyde to be on his radio show in Pasadena one Thursday evening.

  36. Adios, everyone. It’s been fun having some real discussions most of the time. I enjoy this rivalry and know a lot if great Trojans and hope you all have a great year and wish the best for Wolf. The newspaper business is just brutal.

    Jack B, I enjoyed our discussions about the classic games in the McKay/Prothro era. To me, those were the best battles of all time.

    SAS, stay positive. SteveG is always a diehard, no matter what. Arturo and Guarino, stay classy.

    8 clap and fight on!

    • Hi there 88,

      You and Encinitas were always the best and most enlightened of the Trolls and valuable additions to Inside USC.

      The McKay/Prothro rivalry was really one for the ages. Just insane games and both coaches had a serene command of their fates.

      Be good buddy.

    • Whatever happens from here, it’s been a pleasure knowing you, 88! No matter what, you always remained the diplomat. I so admired that. Take care, my buddy!

      • Ucla site just went out, ladn will still carry thuc and she’s trying to keep people there, but it’s the same setup as the OCR.. there goes Saturday..

        • Ha! I wonder if we wonderful, conspiratorial Inside USC people helped expedite the inevitable fade out…?
          Well, dear Pudly, until our paths meet again…
          I remain,
          Your Pal Always

    • It really is guys like you that show the world that a World class institution exists out in Westwood. You represent your school and yourself exceptionally well. Always the diplomat and the intellect. God Bless.

    • The classic games in the McKay/Prothro era were the last times ruin football mattered Kissy86er. You’ve sucked ever since, mainly because your administration always went cheap with the hires. IF Chip can’t save ruin football your SJW administrators should shut it down like UCSB.

  37. Well, all things come to end. While in large part, Wolf provided the stimulus for conversation, it was the blog commenters that provided 95% of the meaningful content. To all of you, thanks. I never followed the recruiting scene so I came here for breaking news on that. I have viewed this blog for 10+ years so I need to find another place to go. I had various handles, got kicked off twice I think due to excessive moderation by the moderator. Believe me, Wolf read this blog. I am sure it was him who kicked me off once. Hard to believe the USC blog goes away and the UCLA blog continues? That place is a morgue. Who is in charge with the paper? What a mistake. Good times, bad times it was a worthwhile contribution to USC athletics. For that I am grateful. The Trojan spirit lives on I’m me 47+ years after graduation. God bless all and to all a good night! Fight on…

    • Um, he’s sick. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows the guy who’s going with the girl who saw Wolfman pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

  38. Was always educational here – watching reality and fantasy, hubrus and narcissism, battle each another in a winner-take-all therapy session.

  39. I gotta say I’m going to miss all of the random arguments on this blog. Made my work day pass so much faster…

  40. Just when this Blog was finally getting good it closes? Scott is the only Daily News writer that kept the SC blog for life, while the Bruins blog rotated staffers every 6 months. I guess when Scott finally moved out of his parents house the Daily News decided to just shutter this place out of respect. Congrats on your new studio apartment Scott, Sunland really is an awesome town and don’t let anyone tell you different. You will be missed, and as desperate as I am for USC talk, I won’t be going to the Orange County Register.

  41. Had a routine of checking the site first thing in the morning, even before reading the sports page, and throughout the day, for information, entertainment, and aggravation. I want to thank each and every one of you , and of course scott, for being A welcomed diversion from everyday life. It will be a hard habit to break and I will miss it more than I know. Best of luck to all of you

  42. A lot of you people, all you ever did was criticize Scott Wolf, right up to the end and now you’re going to miss him and or his blog? Mr. Wolf gave you all a forum to express your opinions and it was a place he could express his. Scott Wolf told it like it was when it came to USC football, he wasn’t a “Yes Man” who was going to fall in line with those running the Trojans football program. And this blog was pretty much the only USC forum where posters could could question and be critical of USC personnel, whether it were coaches, players, athletic director or senior administrators and not have to worry about being banned for stating your opinion. Any other USC forum/blog you either pump sunshine and go along with posters and moderators and their love of Clay Helton or they ban you.

    Good Luck finding another forum like Scott Wolf’s, ain’t going to happen, you’re all going to have to learn the words to Kumbaya if you want to post on those other USC sites, as you’re made to kiss Lynn Swann, Clay Helton and Max Nikias arse.

    • great points. imho, the worst blog on the web is “BruinsNation” what a bunch of homer nuts! once i criticized one wacky commentary on there and i received hate mail from the Editor!! ugh nothing worse then blind fanatics.

      • #KingofthehashtagsCharlieBucket

      • “Bruinsnation” are just a bunch of cry babies that complain Bi**h about everything. If you disagree with they’re agenda, you get banned!
        Also they are so hateful that they purchase “fire coach so and so” URL as soon as a coach is hired.

        I love scott wolf! I’m already getting withdraw…. I’m visiting a blog that I know is no longer active!

        Damn you Daily News!

        #Thu NhiNguyenDosen’tDoItForMe

    • You’re right and that’s why I am hoping the blog Johnnynumbers wants to start gains traction. And yes, people did take shots at Wolf but the number of active participants spoke volumes about the blog. It was the controversy and humor (lots of that) along with the sports that brought them back. Though criticized Scott was very successful and I hope he does an encore.

    • I came to this blog for the comment discussions, not Scott Wolf’s posts… I think most feel that way. And no, “Mr. Wolf” did not give us a forum, it was his employer. Nice try.

  43. Wow! I’m off the site for a couple of days and all he*l breaks loose! No thanks to the blogger, but I have enjoyed reading and replying to the regular folks in the commenting crowd. I am glad that I have been able to contribute occasionally–hopefully for the positive enjoyment of all.

    This group allowed me to feel connected to USC better than in any other way since I moved to Atlanta in 1991. Thank you for that, ya’ll.

    I will miss reading the comments of Jack B, Gabby, Fred S, Mr. Guarino, Arturo, Pudly 76, Gabby and Paul M. I know I am missing some other names that are deserving of my recollection.
    Except for Encinitas Bruin and occasionally J. Metaphor, the bruin trolls will not be missed, but I assume that they will return like the insects they are–Ha, Ha!

    I hope we all gather somewhere else in the Land of Intranet to talk of things USC. I just hope I hear about it where the meeting is going to be held!

    Fight On, everybody!

  44. Just one last thing! Does anyone know what happened to NOBS? I feel partly responsible for driving him away from this blog… Hope he is alive and kicking and sitting in his “suite” in the coliseum jabbering on about how important he is. Hope he is not in a ditch somewhere.


  45. I’m very sad. I have enjoyed all the regulars prospectives. Being on the east coast this was my daily fix for USC info and discussions.

    It seems impossible for me to believe in a town this divided that a inside UCLA will happen while an Inside USC will die. Look for the Dauly News to find someone to work on the cheap and for this site to be back up sooner than expected. Hang in there guys.

  46. And the other boot just fell across the road. Goodbye everyone. It’s been fun. Y’all have been pretty fun over the years. I’d drink a beer with just about all you keyboard warriors.

  47. Changing your profiles to allow your posting history to show would help keep communication open until some decide where to land..either way good luck all.

  48. I can only say this feels like kids in the middle of a divorce. Kind of heartbreaking. I have just finished reading all the comments on here. There is so much more here than just a blog. We somehow became family like, arguing but still there, agreeing with each other, encouraging each other, and most of all learning from each other. What a ride we have had together. Bless all of you, may we meet again. Anyone on here can contact me at honestfisherman09 at hotmail dot com. I will look forward to a new blog and hopefully we will have as much fun as we have had on here.

  49. Scott Wolf should create a blog of his own, he has the following to do it. I know he won’t be posting on any of the USC football forum sites because those sites don’t allow anyone to question what’s going on with USC football.

    Scott Wolf wouldn’t last 2 minutes posting on the USC football forum sites. You have to be all in on Clay Helton and the way he runs the team, if you were to mention there might be a coaching dilemma at USC the thread gets locked and you’ll be banned. It’s a circle jerk of Sunshine Pumpers all holding hands singing Kumbaya about how great they think things are going with USC football.

  50. Can’t believe there has been almost 600 posts so far. You guys trying to set a record of sorts. An even 1 K would be tremendous.
    How many regular USC posters are from the San Fernando Valley.?
    Interesting to meet at a restaurant one day to see who is who.

  51. Scott, been away a few days and see that now you’re gone and some guy by the name of tom moore is taking over. wtf? Nowhere else to go for anything but rah-rah coverage of our team. The war room and an occasional post on wearesc will sometimes lend themselves to a critical approach but nothing like scotty. Though your apparent distaste for the program would pop up now and then (voting usc 9th? was it in the final 2017 AP poll after their rose bowl victory was a bit much) I always read your blog and articles first. Wish you good luck a happy life.

  52. Mr. Jenkins observes the last few days on the blog to be eerily similar to … last call at the neighborhood pub. The house lights have come up, the music has stopped playing, the people who were arguing all night have made new friends, and the barkeeps can’t get anybody to leave (in my short bartender career, Mr. Jenkins found playing ABBA helped clear the room).
    Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

  53. Okay. Good start, Sam—-you’ve got a virtual home field advantage. Hope your son makes at least two stand out defensive plays and hits three home runs before this tournament is over.
    Tell us how it turns out, okay?

    • Hey buddy,few of us have been using the OCR site above ,of course just changing topic .Pudly and few others sharing recruiting, coaching rumors and such.For now it works ok. Just have to look at articles with most comments to find others.

        • I always hold my judgement on college basketball until March Madness ever since I watched 5th place Arizona win the NC in 1997. If Andy can get this team to the Final Four then we should give him a real contract extension.

  54. I mentioned a couple of things that made this blog work. Here’s another: Having a blogger has been around enough to know USC, not just the sports teams, but the culture and history of ‘SC and ‘SC alum and fans. It also helps when the person knows a little about football. (Reign of Troy has a nice young lady who unfortunately doesn’t fit any of the bill.)

    I’m tempted to just put up a simple blog or forum, and post SC and related sports news, and having random people post daily. It’s all about the comments anyway.

  55. 41 to 40 at the half. Trojans on top of the bRuins. I’m not sure Scott would have posted even if he was still on. Anyone know why the blog is being shutdown?

  56. More things change more things stay the same! Friday, UCLA Women abuses the trOJan girls and Saturday UCLA men gives the trOJan boys hope and then stomp out all hope!

    #BruinsRule #CryOn #AndyAin’tWinnnnnning

  57. With no crowd factor pretty much all game SC went cold at the end to blow this one against (IMO) one of the weaker Bruin Teams based on their lack of a big inside game. Aaron was slowly having a solid game early and comes in late and takes warm up shots the second the ball hits his fingers.
    Holiday is a baller. Next time we may be playing to get into the tournament which blows.

    • Sam my friend, making excuses??!! It’s unbecoming of you? At least you blamed the “crowd factor” your brethren rah rahs would have blamed it on the sanctions! How about just admit the truth? Bruins kicked your boys ARRESSS!


      • Ted. I admit that we blew it. We locked down the Bruin offense in the paint. We blew that game. The worst coach in my high school’s history (Banning High) is 0-15 and he could tell us that USC gave this up.

    • Face it Sas. USC totally blew it. We had ’em right where we wanted them with 25 secs to go, the ball and all we need is a 2-pointer. We throw up some half-cocked hairball with no chance to go in and ucla skates away with the win. USC basketball. It’ll never let you down.

      • When Enfield put Shaquan Aaron back he was cold as ice like he hadn’t played in a couple games. He’s the poster boy of streaky shooting.

  58. Crap, Sam! I’m sorry, man. I was actually sending good thoughts your son’s way —-apparently, that didn’t work. This week has not been a great one for the Inside USC crew.
    Hope you still stopped by the pizza place!

    • Mike✌
      You misread my emojis because those were staring at my infielders who love to make noise while holding on a runner at third, who don’t know how to creep before the pitch is delivered to get into defensive mode, and most of the other ingredients they forgot while playing for other teams that dropped them at tryouts which they thought was practice. No heart today up and down the roster. I was disappointed because they talk big in the dugout like kids do and I did I’m sure, but they don’t flex any kind of emotion to want the infield. SS should run it, 2nd base should feel the same, and 1st and 3rd should be mentally up to speed with any pickoff scenarios. I really want bring the……. “my way is not my, but the baseball gold glove hooves vacuum nothing gets hit past me way”
      No Mike, you were the first person I was gonna comment to earlier and I thought this is a long post, but I know you are only being the supporting buddy ☺ I’m a little annoyed that we took two San Berrdo kids who weren’t at least upgrades or worth a Uniform and Hat. I’m only being serious. This is my cousins want to win now mindset instead of the first year is the core group and tough times look at things.
      These kids are not thinking about the possibilities of them showing too early that they may not be cut out to play serious ball at this point as a kid.

      • I’m sure gonna miss YOUR heart, Sam. I never met a guy with more of it! [Maybe you can figure out a way of giving out little pieces to people who need more of it—- since you have “heart-plus”, my comrade]!

    • Mike let me throw the last card that is really on the mind, but the truth is the Banning kids were punching out to early while on they still had a a few hours on the clock. Not my proudest afternoon.

      • Things are going to look brighter tomorrow, my pal, Sam! That I can promise you! You learned stuff today that will help you down the road —–at least that’s what I always tell myself, good buddy!

        • Mike you are right. I think I expect too much, but I have met some great parents who are awesome about allowing their kids to be coached by the coaches and aren’t calling over the kid and controlling them from the bleachers. Yucaipa “area” is really my leader in that category. Big baseball town, but they have big time control issues, also they fear Banning Little League more now than ever that it’s not even flattering because we don’t beat them at all age levels. The ones that do lose constantly find ways to move around our team roster requirements on AS Weekend. They were the biggest MLB achieving town from District 58 for sure but also hold a lot of weight in general. There’s too many youth angles.

          • I love ya, my brother! You really CARE! This screwed up world will never get you down for long. Sam will always find a way to victory in the end!

  59. Sam, I’ve been a coach for many years, starting in the late 70’s, coaching my youngest brother, until my daughters graduated high school…and it’s been my opinion that the age group of kids 11-13 were always the toughest.. they are young enough to be easily distracted by childish things and old enough to show they can play from time to time. Frustrating would be an understatement.. Keep the faith, my friend..

    Good things come to those that wait…teach the love of the game, at the end of the day that’s what the kids will carry with them.

    • That’s a great take on it and it rings true. Spot on. You are truly wise to these topica and always kind enough to let have another one’s pov