Josh Shaw’s History


Before today, Josh Shaw’s reputation was impressive. Last weekend, he was elected a team captain at USC. He delivered a commencement address to his fellow athletes last May when he graduated. During the summer, he completed an internship at the large real-estate firm CBRE by winning a group project with two other interns.

“It was more gratifying than any accolade I ever received, sports included,” Shaw said during training camp. “It showed that I’m more than an athletes. It’s a Fortune 500 company and there were some pretty big dogs listening to our presentation.”

Steve Sarkisian Still Looking Into Josh Shaw Case

Steve Sarkisian said Tuesday night that USC was still investigating the Josh Shaw story.

“We don’t know all the facts yet,” Sarkisian said.

Meanwhile, someone who spoke to Shaw before the controversy said they were surprised when he discussed the story involving his nephew: “There wasn’t much feeling behind what he said. It seemed strange.”

LAPD Statement On Josh Shaw

From Cmdr. Andrew Smith, LAPD spokesman on Josh Shaw:
The department has been checking its reports.

“We’ve got no record of us having a run in with him,” Smith said. “That’s not to say something didn’t happen with him. We have no record of anything happening.”

The State Of Josh Shaw Story

OK, here’s some of what I know at the moment. USC has received multiple calls this morning that are drastically different than the version given by Josh Shaw yesterday.

Sources said USC was told the incident never involved his nephew and was not at a family gathering. There is also question of whether the incident actually occurred in Palmdale or in Los Angeles.

Shaw told USC he actually jumped off a third-story balcony instead of a second story. It should also be pointed out that some within the USC program doubted Shaw’s story even last night, which is when I first heard about it.

A witness who saw Shaw said he is walking gingerly right now but able to walk on his sprained ankles.