USC On The Road

The USC coaches are out recruiting today. But wouldn’t it be better to focus on what’s wrong with the current season and maybe sacrifice a couple spots in the recruiting rankings?

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Friday Lunchtime With Sarkisian

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Who Remembers This Play?

USC gets to the 3-yard line in the first quarter and then inexplicably gets an illegal substitution penalty. That puts the ball at the 8-yard line. Cody Kessler gets a sack and the Trojans settled for a field goal. Those are the type of plays that change games.

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Colin Cowherd Doesn’t Own His Own Comments, Naturally

For the first time ever, I actually listened to Colin Cowherd this morning. He actually started off defending Steve Sarkisian: “Steve Sarkisian isn’t an A and he’s not a D. He’s not dumb today nor is he terrible.”

Cowherd then said USC lacks an identity: “Sark’s problem isn’t the loss. They don’t have an identity What are they? It’s not just about the wins. Their identity is you never what the hell you’re getting.”

Conveniently, Cowherd never brought up coaching decisions like going for a field goal or passing the ball three straight times while the running game worked, etc. And he never said he was wrong yesterday when he said USC was rolling.

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USC Morning Buzz: What Is The State Of Troy This Morning?

Here is my analysis of last night’s stunning loss at the Coliseum.

Excerpt: “In USC athletic director Pat Haden’s “State of Troy” interview this week, he said, “We also found out that Stanford is a pretty good football team.” Is Washington also a “pretty good football team?”

And don’t forget to see if Colin Cowherd eats crow on his show this morning. He previously embarrassed himself with his blind support for Lane Kiffin and went on that strange rant yesterday defending Steve Sarkisian.

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Just One Strange Decision

SARK.WASHI’m still trying to figure out why USC tried to kick a field goal with less than four minutes remaining and trailing 17-12? It was fourth-and-9 at the 28-yard line. And USC had only one timeout!

“If we kick it, we make it and we’re down 2 and we get a stop, it was a natural decision, especially after the sack (on the previous play),” Steve Sarkisian said.

Or how about you just go for it because you don’t have enough timeouts and Justin Wilcox can’t be trusted in the cluch?

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