Why Josh Shaw Story Happened

2014 USC Football Team Photo Day. #Fighton

So what led to USC’s current predicament regarding the saga of Josh Shaw?

What created this is the bloated aspect of the program that bludgeons fans into submission with clutter. Football is secondary to a mindset that always rewards self-promotion. This is the curse of the Pete Carroll Ripsit blog. Especially without Carroll.

Instead of worrying about winning the football game, it’s the slickest video or craziest stunt that gets more attention. Who cares about beating Fresno State, Will Ferrell was at practice. Don’t worry about the graduation rates, fans can pay $1,500 to run on to the field with the team. And watch it all from their ground-level suite.

This is the attitude that quickly produces the Josh Shaw article on a web site. How did he get to Palmdale so quickly from Salute to Troy on Saturday night? Who cares? We can get national media coverage with this heroic tale. And maybe sell movie rights too!

Steve Sarkisian Refutes Anthony Brown Statements

USC coach Steve Sarkisian said Anthony Brown’s comments are “ridiculous” and encouraged reporters to speak to everyone in the athletic dept. about it.

“Any of you guys that know me, and if you ask anybody in our building, any of our players, feel free to. That’s about the furthest thing from the truth.”

Double Standard?

A Seattle radio host asked if Steve Sarkisian could punish Josh Shaw for lying if Sarkisian went on the radio and said he was staying at Washington the day he left for USC.

USC Morning Buzz: Josh Shaw Suspended Until When?


Is this the end of the Josh Shaw story or is there more to come? The police still want to speak to him. He now has a big-time lawyer. The longer-term issue is how he gets his reputation back. And when he gets reinstated to the team. Some time around the week his ankles are healed, most likely, especially the way Pac-12 teams pass.

Here’s a recap of Shaw’s admission he lied about rescuing his nephew.

Matt Leinart On Josh Shaw

Matt Leinart, who now works for Fox Sports 1, gave his opinion on Josh Shaw’s situation: “It is embarrassing because USC just came off a really, really bad few years with the sanctions. They kind of cleared their name, [athletic director] Pat Haden has run a tight ship and has done a great job. They’ve flown under the radar this year and now this happens a week before the first game and it’s embarrassing.”