Coliseum Suite Update

SUN.DECKI’m told USC’s sold six of the 10 end-zone suites that are designed to bring fans closer to the field (for a price). The unresolved questions are how high the Sun Deck is going to be elevated behind the suites and how it affects the band. “There will be some growing pains,” one source said. End-zone photographers will be required to kneel for photos so they don’t block of the view of the high rollers in the suites.

Steve Sarkisian On Roster Size, Freshmen

USC will start training camp with 67 healthy scholarship players, according to Steve Sarkisian. This might be one reason he did not want to commit today about where Adoree Jackson or Juju Smith.

Sarkisian said that will be determined by depth at wide receiver and the secondary. If Steven Mitchell and George Farmer are healthy, it means Jackson is likely headed to cornerback. Sarkisian said USC currently has only three cornerbacks and three safeties not counting incoming freshmen, which raises depth questions.

“The question is where do we need them,” Sarkisian said.

A White USC Helmet

WHITE.HELMETHere’s a white USC helmet at Pac-12 media day. Hideous. By the way, USC confirmed that it will wear the Christmas bulb shiny helmets this season but with a chrome grey face mask.

One Vote For USC?

Did you expect USC to get only one vote in the Pac-12 media poll? It seems a bit odd that UCLA received 37 of 38 first-place votes in the Pac-12 South when both teams are considered to be top 15. Maybe the media is remembering Steve Sarkisian’s Washington record in big games.

Pac-12 Media Notes


Another strange Pac-12 media day in that it is taking place somewhere unsuited for this type of function, but Larry Scott wants glitz so it’s at Paramount Studios. Steve Sarkisian said wide receiver George Farmer is the fastest player on the team. I’m skeptical but Farmer is out of his knee brace, which is good news for him.

Leonard Williams said his injured shoulder should be “about 100 percent” for the start of training camp.

USC Picked To Finish Second In Pac-12 South

The Pac-12 media poll has USC finishing second behind UCLA in the Pac-12 South. Oregon is picked to win the Pac-12 North and Pac-12 title game.

North Division South Division
School Points School Points
1. Oregon (37) 232 1. UCLA (37) 231
2. Stanford (2) 192 2. USC (1) 181
3. Washington 142 3. Arizona State (1) 163
4. Oregon State 125 4. Arizona 119
5. Washington State 87 5. Utah 82
6. California 41 6. Colorado 43

PAC-12 TITLE GAME CHAMPION: Oregon (24 votes)Others receiving votes:  UCLA (13), Stanford (1), USC (1)