USC Morning Buzz: Did Trojans Taunt Boston College?

On top of everything else that happened at Boston College, there are also accusations USC taunted the Eagles before they came out of the tunnel for the kickoff. The referees clearly were forced to come over and keep the Trojans away from the tunnel before the game.

Initially, I thought this was to keep USC from going into the end zone to pray because it was directly where Boston College emerged between two towers of fire in a big production. But this account mentions “the Trojan stood by the torch towers, dancing and taunting the large, gold BC banner behind which the Eagles stood.”

Identity Problems

"0830_NWS_LDN-L-USC-FRESNO-JM"Steve Sarkisian mentioned the offense having identity problems. Perhaps a good place to start fixing that is to get more touches for Juju Smith and Adoree Jackson. Smith caught six passes last night but most were short and did not put him in a good position. Jackson disappeared after catching a short pass behind the line for a loss.

Sunday Night With Sarkisian

USC coach Steve Sarkisian was in a reflective mood tonight as he analyzed the Boston College debacle.

“Tonight doesn’t feel any better than last night,” Sarkisian said. “We did not play very good football last night & that is a direct reflection on me as a football coach to get that fixed.”

Sarkisian said he will consider passing more as he tries to evaluate the playcalling following Boston College game.

`We need to get in a rhythm. We were choppy,” he said. “(The loss is) hard to swallow. Quite honestly I’m glad we have a bye week.’

USC Morning Buzz: Are Pac-12 Hopes Alive And Well?


Steve Sarkisian told the team and then the media that the season was far from over. “The goal, obviously, of being Pac-12 champs is very alive for us,” he said last night.

Do you agree? What changes need to be made? At the game, I heard comments critical of USC’s defense and halftime adjustments. That figures to be a relevant topic in Pac-12 games as the Trojans face spread teams. Thoughts?

Quick USC-Boston College Thought

HUTCHINGS.BOSTON.COLLEGEIt is always easy to find fault after a loss but the troubling aspect of last night’s setback was the way the Trojans wilted in the trenches. Especially when so much has been said this offseason about the strength and conditioning program.

“They wore us out,” Steve Sarkisian said.

That’s something USC is supposed to do to other teams.