Adoree Jackson’s Speed Games

Adoree Jackson said he wasn’t even going full speed during his 80-yard touchdown play against Arizona State.

“I try to make sure I don’t use my speed as much so I can lull you to sleep. When you think you got it, then I turn it on and get gone. That’s how I use it.”

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USC Recruiting Math

USC currently has only three scholarships left for the 2016 recruiting class. Five blueshirts are already on the team. Four players just signed scholarship agreements. And there are 13 committed players. That leaves three scholarships.

Does anyone seriously believe USC will merely add three more players? Someone will probably get dropped. Someone might decommitment. If USC only adds one more wide receiver, Theo Howard of Westlake, that means six of the 20 players who are not blue shirts will be wide receivers.

And if you include blueshirts, seven of the 25 are wide receivers. If USC adds Howard and say, Freddie Swain, eight of the 25 are wide receivers. What is this a 7-on-7 sport?

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Steve Sarkisian Compares Adoree Jackson To . . .

Steve Sarkisian on Adoree Jackson today: “There’s about one guy I can compare him to, and I’m not allowed to say his name around here.”

Earlier in the year, however, Sarkisian made a Reggie Bush reference when talking about freshman tailback Dominic Davis. And then there was the famous Lane Kiffin comparison of Dillon Baxter to Reggie Bush. Perhaps it would be better, though, if Bush’s name were not mentioned.

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