Will Hayes Brown Be At Media Day?


USC’s football media guide is out and the depth chart contains a surprise. If you click on the picture, check out middle linebacker where “Hayes Brown” is poised to start for the Trojans. He must be Hayes Pullard.incognito.

Player Spotlight: Bob Klein

KLEINUSC tight end Bob Klein, shown blocking for O.J. Simpson in the 1968 Rose Bowl against Indiana, was a key member of that national championship team. Some of you might remember him more as the Los Angeles Rams tight end (1969-76) after being a first-round draft pick.

Picture Of The Day


I posted this picture last week spotlighting running back Ben Wilson. But it’s worth running again to appreciate the fact USC and Notre Dame are both wearing their home jerseys while the Irish are also wearing shamrock helmets in this 1962 contest.

Stanford Tickets Sky High Cont.

Here’s Stanford’s official explanation on why it will gouge you for making sure you have a ticket at the USC game Sept. 6 with “Predictable Dynamic Pricing.”

USC July 22-25*    July 25-29*    July 29-Aug. 1*    Aug. 1-4*   Aug. 4-Sept. 6   
East/SunnyGoal $160  $145  $130  $115  Market Price 
Corner/Endzone $145  $130  $115  $100  Market Price 


1) It provides customers full visibility into the pricing schedule for the first two weeks of sales. Customers may choose to wait for a lower price, but risk these highly anticipated games selling out.

2) It rewards customers who are willing to pay more with first access to a limited supply of tickets and to the best seats available, as opposed to creating a frenzy to purchase the best available seats the moment they go on sale.


USC Morning Buzz: A Playboy All-American Team To Never Forget

1976.PLAYBOYThis might be the most poignant Playboy All-American team ever: 1976. It features USC tailback Ricky Bell (42), who led the nation in rushing in 1975 (1,875 yards) and gained 347 yards in a game against Washington State in 1976. His life ended tragically in 1984 at the age of 29 from heart failure caused by of dermatomyositis.

Cal quarterback Joe Roth (12) is right behind Bell and probably the most iconic player in Bears’ history. Roth entered the 1976 season as a Heisman Trophy favorite but during the season suffered a recurrence of melanoma. He died shortly after the season at the age of 21 in 1977.

The other Trojan in the photo is offensive tackle Marvin Powell (76), the only player to make the College Football Hall of Fame but not the USC Hall of Fame. The defense below features USC defensive lineman Gary Jeter (79).


Pictures and complete lineups after the jump:

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Stanford Tickets Sky High


USC wrote the book on making money off fans but Stanford’s got a creative term (Predictable Dynamic Pricing) to explain how tickets for the USC game on Sept. 6 cost a whopping $160 this week. The price goes down with time but it’s quite a chart that shows how the Cardinal are charging way more for the USC game than any others. Link here

Last Add Baby QB

When David Sills committed to West Virginia, he said, “We (he and Steve Sarkisian) just didn’t really mesh that well.”

Is that a nice way of saying USC did not want him anymore. And if so, USC turned down the “perfect quarterback” according to Steve Clarkson. Full article here

USC Offers To Let QB Walk-On

Don’t blame scholarship limitations for this one. Last week, USC offered Righetti quarterback Conor Regan a spot as a preferred walk-on. What is unusual is that Regan still has his senior season ahead of him.

“This is pretty crazy, not many kids get preferred walk-on spots to a big school like USC,” Regan told the Santa Maria Times.

Regan still has plenty of time to draw scholarship offers from other schools so it is too soon to consider him a USC player.