USC Needs To Do This

CAL.UNITEDSince when does Cal, which often acts as if it hates sports, get Manchester United to play at its stadium instead of, oh, USC? I suspect if the Coliseum were renovated, United would prefer to play here.

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USC Morning Buzz: A Los Angeles Sports Arena Appreciation

SPORTS.ARENA.1961-62Here is a pristine view of the L.A. Sports Arena in 1962, three years after it opened. Now that a soccer stadium will be built here, let’s remember some things that took place there: Wilt Chamberlain played his first NBA game, scoring 28 points in an exhibition between the Philadelphia Warriors and St. Louis Hawks on Sept. 30, 1959. There were also two Final Fours in 1968 and 1972. The 1960 Democratic Convention also took place in the Sports Arena. Not to mention, USC and UCLA basketball, the Lakers and Clippers along with boxing for the 1984 Olympics. And memorable Bruce Springsteen and U2 concerts.

Yes, the building declined over the years but the view from the seats was better than most modern arenas and it’s worth appreciating its history. Here are some of the best moments from Daily News columnist Tom Hoffarth.

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