Shouldn’t USC Have Always Been Winning Pac-12 South Division?

USC.PAC-12.POLLIt might seem weird now that USC was a clear favorite to win the Pac-12 but today Clay Helton talked about when he felt the team had a chance to win the division . . . and it was during a loss.

“It’s a weird moment but when the start of fourth quarter happened at Notre Dame and I looked up and it’s 31-24 and we were in lead and we had come back from being down 24-10, I said right there we’ve got something special. I really felt we could make a run.

“We put ourselves in a position to be a Pac-12 South champion.”

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USC’s Chris Hawkins Not Friends With UCLA’s Jordan Payton

USC safety Chris Hawkins said today he and UCLA wide receiver Jordan Payton worked this summer at a Southern California real-estate company. So did the pair become friends?

“No. No. I’m not friends,” Hawkins said. “We just, `What’s up?’ I don’t really like UCLA. I’m sure they don’t like us.”

Hawkins said USC linebacker Su’a Cravens also worked at the company, which was through a summer business course.

“He knew who we were and we knew who he was,” Hawkins said.

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Adoree Jackson And UCLA

Adoree Jackson said he does not hate UCLA, his second choice out of high school.

“I’m not really into rivalries,” he said.

Jackson said he wants to make big plays every game so this is just another game in that sense.

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USC-UCLA Breakdown, Part III


The USC secondary is coming off a poor showing against Oregon. But here’s the truth: I’ve heard complaints for two seasons about the defense/secondary/coaching. So I asked a Pac-12 coach who faced USC this season for his opinion: “(Adoree Jackson) has a lot of ability but it doesn’t look like he’s been taught a lot of technique. (Iman Marshall) doesn’t seem to run well. Either he doesn’t know where to run or where his help is. He looks like a big-time safety.”

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