Another Soccer Stadium Question

Besides parking, another question I had is USC’s control over the property or soccer stadium. Here is general counsel Todd Dickey’s response:

“USC will be subleasing the land to LAFC and we will maintain control of the land only as the landlord to ensure that the terms of our lease with the Coliseum Commission are followed.”

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USC Morning Buzz: Soccer Stadium Parking Situation


I asked USC general counsel Todd Dickey how football parking would be affected when the new LAFC soccer stadium is built.

“Over the long term there should be little to no impact on parking for football games, there should be close to the same number of spaces when the soccer stadium is completed.”

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UCLA Wins Crosstown Cup

See what happens when you complain? UCLA just put out an announcement that it clinched the Crosstown Cup, 95-85. If USC were to beat UCLA in baseball one more time, then the score would be 90-90. UCLA wins the tiebreaker with a 16-12 record in head-to-head meetings. Not that I care but the cup website says a team must score 100 points to clinch the award.

Scoring Breakdown

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Difference Of Opinion

At least one preseason football magazine projected USC to win 11 games this season. That is quite different than the 8 wins set as the over/under here. Why such a difference of opinion? The 8 number is fascinating because it means USC only needs to win six games after its opening cupcakes (Arkansas State, Idaho).

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Did Anyone Win The Gauntlet?


UCLA leads USC, 95-85, but no winner’s been declared for the Gauntlet (Crosstown Cup, whatever). The teams could conceivably meet again in baseball (unlikely but possible) and there seems to be some issue with sand volleyball according to some people who track the competition. So we will just have to wait and see when a winner is announced.

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