USC Midseason Report

Rich Rodriguez, Steve Sarkisian

Here’s a position-by-position and coaching analysis of USC as the Trojans start the second half of the season. Excerpt: “(Steve) Sarkisian puts a human face on the program, a welcome change from the Kiffin era. But sometimes the coaching staff looks all too human. The defense was confused and amateurish against Boston College and the play signals got crossed before the Hail Mary play by Arizona State.

“That puts defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox under scrutiny, especially after last year’s consistency under the dry Clancy Pendergast.”

Full story here

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Why Are Alternate Helmets, Uniforms Considered An Advantage?

Here is Steve Sarkisian on the shiny new helmets: “It was a way to update our look in a sense but yet hold on to our tradtion. You look around the country  and there are so many alternate uniforms and different things going on, this is a way to freshen things up. (People in favor of the shiny helmets) see what’s going on in our conference. Two of our biggest rivals are doing it.”

Would that be Oregon and UCLA? I’m not sure I can point to UCLA winning any games because of an alternate uniform. They lost to USC 50-0 in an alternate uniform.

And Oregon? How many recruits has USC lost to the Ducks because of a uniform? Oh yes, Juju Smith now plays there. Right?

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Steve Sarkisian Apologizes To Officials

USC coach Steve Sarkisian said he apologized to the officiating crew before the Arizona game because it was the same crew that worked the Stanford game.

“I apologized to every one of those guys,” Sarkisian said. “The way I handled myself and conducted myself was not right. We’ve moved on.”

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Leonard Williams Becomes No. 1 Prospect


ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay lists USC defensive end Leonard Williams the No. 1 prospect for the NFL draft.

“Williams moves up to the No. 1 spot in this week’s rankings, as we’ve had more of an opportunity to watch his performance; this adjustment is mostly just an acknowledgement of what a complete game he has and how he has been playing up to that level so far this season,” McShay writes.

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