USC-ASU Stat Of The Day

Kody Kohl

This picture about sums up Arizona State’s performance against USC. By the way, lost amid the lopsided nature of the game was Arizona State rushing for 182 yards. Even Arkansas State rushed for 208. Idaho is the only team to rush for less than 182 against USC.

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USC Morning Buzz: Adoree Jackson Makes Football Simple

ADOREE.SWORDWould USC be undefeated today if Adoree Jackson touched the ball against Stanford? He only had a few touches against Arizona State but made three electrifying plays including a swing pass that went 80 yards for a career-long TD to open the game’s scoring and a 45-yard reception on third-and-six that helped produce a second-quarter touchdown drive.

It is going to be a season-long mystery why he did not get the ball against Stanford? He went four snaps against ASU. He couldn’t do that against the Cardinal?

“The hardest thing about dealing with Adoree is when and how and how many times; it’s a challenge because he’s so good in all three phases,” Steve Sarkisian said.

Is it that hard? Sometimes people overthink. Like when Reggie Bush was not on the field for fourth down against Texas.

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Adoree Jackson Handles Heckler


A young Arizona State heckler was no match for Adoree Jackson’s good-natured demeanor after the game, as you can see above. When the heckler said, “You going to party with your coach tonight?” Jackson responded, “You never know, we might have a sleepover.”

And when the heckler said, “Does USC pay you too like Reggie Bush?” Jackson said, “This W is all I need.”

Jackson then asked the hecker if he wanted to hold the drum major’s sword after Jackson directed the band. Jackson then went over and faced the heckler and the pair laughed together and everything ended well.

“That’s always been me,” Jackson said. “Keep a smile on your face.”

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