Pac-12 Media Notes


Another strange Pac-12 media day in that it is taking place somewhere unsuited for this type of function, but Larry Scott wants glitz so it’s at Paramount Studios. Steve Sarkisian said wide receiver George Farmer is the fastest player on the team. I’m skeptical but Farmer is out of his knee brace, which is good news for him.

Leonard Williams said his injured shoulder should be “about 100 percent” for the start of training camp.

USC Picked To Finish Second In Pac-12 South

The Pac-12 media poll has USC finishing second behind UCLA in the Pac-12 South. Oregon is picked to win the Pac-12 North and Pac-12 title game.

North Division South Division
School Points School Points
1. Oregon (37) 232 1. UCLA (37) 231
2. Stanford (2) 192 2. USC (1) 181
3. Washington 142 3. Arizona State (1) 163
4. Oregon State 125 4. Arizona 119
5. Washington State 87 5. Utah 82
6. California 41 6. Colorado 43

PAC-12 TITLE GAME CHAMPION: Oregon (24 votes)Others receiving votes:  UCLA (13), Stanford (1), USC (1)

Where Will USC End Up In Pac-12 Poll?

Tomorrow is Pac-12 media day, which means the preseason poll will be released in the morning. Is there any chance USC will be projected higher than finishing second to UCLA in the Pac-12 South? Probably not because these polls are usually predictable. But we’ll find out tomorrow.

Will Hayes Brown Be At Media Day?


USC’s football media guide is out and the depth chart contains a surprise. If you click on the picture, check out middle linebacker where “Hayes Brown” is poised to start for the Trojans. He must be Hayes Pullard.incognito.

Player Spotlight: Bob Klein

KLEINUSC tight end Bob Klein, shown blocking for O.J. Simpson in the 1968 Rose Bowl against Indiana, was a key member of that national championship team. Some of you might remember him more as the Los Angeles Rams tight end (1969-76) after being a first-round draft pick.

Picture Of The Day


I posted this picture last week spotlighting running back Ben Wilson. But it’s worth running again to appreciate the fact USC and Notre Dame are both wearing their home jerseys while the Irish are also wearing shamrock helmets in this 1962 contest.

Stanford Tickets Sky High Cont.

Here’s Stanford’s official explanation on why it will gouge you for making sure you have a ticket at the USC game Sept. 6 with “Predictable Dynamic Pricing.”

USC July 22-25*    July 25-29*    July 29-Aug. 1*    Aug. 1-4*   Aug. 4-Sept. 6   
East/SunnyGoal $160  $145  $130  $115  Market Price 
Corner/Endzone $145  $130  $115  $100  Market Price 


1) It provides customers full visibility into the pricing schedule for the first two weeks of sales. Customers may choose to wait for a lower price, but risk these highly anticipated games selling out.

2) It rewards customers who are willing to pay more with first access to a limited supply of tickets and to the best seats available, as opposed to creating a frenzy to purchase the best available seats the moment they go on sale.