A Streak No One Wants To Copy

USC’s football media guide tracks “significant” upsets involving the Trojans, both wins and losses. The defeat at the hands of Boston College clearly qualifies as a significant upset loss, and depending on the final point spread, a loss to Oregon State might fall within the same category.
Within the same season, the Trojans have suffered back-to-back major upset losses only once: back at the end of the 1959, when they were defeated by first UCLA, and then Notre Dame.  Those were the last two games coached by Don Clark (center).
Clark was replaced by John McKay (second from right). McKay’s first game was also a major upset loss, at home to Oregon State on Friday night, Sept. 16, 1960.  That, by the way, was the last time Oregon State beat the Trojans at the Coliseum.

Rumor Of The Day

One story going around is that wide receiver Victor Blackwell’s been sick and that’s whay he was away from the program for nearly two weeks. But that does not explain how Steve Sarkisian and the coaches would not know if he was returning to the team.

It really seems more related to playing time . . . at perhaps the deepest position on the team.

Lamar Dawson Update


We hear the reason redshirting is becoming an issue with linebacker Lamar Dawson is because Dawson wants to redshirt. The senior prefers to sit out this season and come back for a full year in 2015.

USC Morning Buzz: Helmet Update


You might have forgotten about the new Christmas bulb helmets that were scheduled to make their debut for the Oregon State game. While, several players said this week the helmets are going to actually be unveiled next week against Arizona State.

The difference from the above picture is the face masks will be silver chrome instead of red.

Daelin Hayes Moving Back To Michigan

Linebacker Daelin Hayes, a highly regarded Class of 2016 linebacker who committed to USC in the summer, is reportedly moving back to Michigan because of custody issues. Hayes joined his friend, quarterback Ricky Town at St. Bonaventure in Ventura last month. His departure will be a big blow to St. Bonaventure.