USC Sunday Buzz: Randy Johnson Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

RANDY.JOHNSONFormer USC pitcher Randy Johnson was officially inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. From a USC perspective, it is interesting to note that he has remained involve with the baseball program, attending last year’s ceremony for the statue of legendary manager Rod Dedeaux. And of course, he was a member of the Daily Trojan staff while a USC student. The below photo is of the Daily Trojan team that faced UCLA in the 1982 Blood Bowl.


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USC Follow-Up Question Of Day

KESSLER.COLORADOA reader suggests a different question for yesterday: Will Cody Kessler stay in games to pad the stats for an Heisman Trophy campaign or will Max Browne’s need for experience be more important? If you watched any USC-Colorado games since 2010, you know stat-padding is an art form for the football program. So it’s a legitimate question.

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Junior Seau’s Family Not Allowed To Speak At Hall Of Fame

The New York Times reports when former USC linebacker Junior Seau is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame next month, Seau’s family will not be allowed to speak on his behalf. This raises questions about whether the Hall of Fame (and NFL, it’s largest donor) do not want any discussion of Seau’s suicide,  findings he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy or his family’s lawsuit against the NFL.

“Our mission is to honor the heroes of the game and Junior is a hero of the game. We’re going to celebrate his life, not the death and other issues,”  David Baker, the executive director of the Hall of Fame, told the New York Times.

David Baker is the father of former USC All-American offensive tackle Sam Baker.

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AT&T-DirecTV Merger Approved

The FCC formally approved AT&T’s takeover of DirecTV. So how long until the Pac-12 Network gets added to DirecTV? It’s going to depend on how long it takes Larry Scott to reach some kind of deal with AT&T, which might want a lower rate to pay for the not-exactly-in-demand Pac-12 Network. But if Scott does that, he needs to give everyone else a break on the price too. Since this is TV related, “stay tuned.”

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My George Tirebiter Proposal

GEORGE.CARDSI mentioned the idea of naming the student section after George Tirebiter. The best part would be to have Tirebiter’s image in the section like the above card stunt. Many English soccer stadiums do this, such as Manchester United’s Old Trafford below, which embedded the Nike logo into a section. Now that’s an idea USC would certainly embrace.


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USC Morning Buzz: College Football Preview Time And Crosstown Rivalry Picks

KESSLER.UCLAHere’s one page where you can find out everything about USC and UCLA heading into the season from myself and UCLA beat writer Jack Wang. And here is my initial preseason Top 25 poll. Where do I rank USC and UCLA?

And for many of you, the most interesting part might be picking a winner of the USC-UCLA game in July. But that’s exactly what I and the rest of the college football preview staff did right here. Hint: I picked the winner by one point.

Here’s my list of critical USC performers.

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