Defensive focus

After allowing Cal to shoot 51.9 percent Saturday, the Trojans made defense the priority in Tuesday’s practice. Stanford also shot 48.1 percent against USC on Thursday. On the season, the Trojans are tied for second-best in the country in field-goal percentage allowed at 36.6 percent.

“That’s all we did today was guard,” Floyd said. “We got to get back to guarding people. Stanford got a lot of easy pick-ups on post defense, and (Cal) was perimiter. We didn’t locate the final 10 minutes.”

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2 Responses to Defensive focus

  1. GroovieTrojan says:

    Good coaches always find things that need improvement and Floyd is definitely a good coach!

  2. Phil Jacks says:

    And, as Lute is learning this year at Arizona, defense is the key to winning in the Pac 10.

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