Floyd expects close game

“We’re smart enough to know that we’re not 45 points better than Oregon State, and we’re not going to beat them by 45, nor 35, nor 25, nor 15,” coach Floyd said of Thursday’s game against the Beavers, who USC beat 91-46 on the road at the beginning of the month. “… They’re not as bad as they played that night and we aren’t that good. We made every shot, 65 percent, where we know we’re not going to shoot 65 percent Thursday night. And I know that they’re going to come out here with a lot of pride after getting beaten the way they were beaten.”

Well, it’s certainly unreasonable to expect another 45-point victory. But to say USC won’t beat a team that it beat by 45 points on the road by 15 at home? Seems rather pessimistic. What do you guys think? Will USC beat Oregon State by more or less than 15?

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3 Responses to Floyd expects close game

  1. Jonathan says:

    I just think the is just coach-speak. He doesn’t want to give the other team any bulletin material, while he doesn’t want to inflate his team’s ego; he just wants his team to try hard.

  2. MT says:

    True, but I do believe he’s right that OSU isn’t that bad. However, I do think we are that good.

    We just needed a few wins here and there to really push us over the top. Losing to Stanford and UCLA was tough, but we’ll be stronger because of it.

    Not good at scoring B-Ball games, so I’ll just say that we’ll defeat OSU fairly easily.

    Fight On!

  3. TD4TROY says:

    This is one of those games we have had trouble with (aka.. the “ASU Syndrome”… until this season). In this case, the easier win precedes the tough game.. Not sure what to expect tonight… Much more confident with this team though and with Floyd’s leadership… Fight on…

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