Going home

Following an emotional farewell in his final game at Galen Center, senior Lodrick Stewart will get another sendoff this week in Washington.

Stewart went to high school at Rainier Beach in Seattle. His father, son, girlfriend Sherrill Simmons and many other family members still live in the area. He expects to have around fifty friends and family members at the Huskies game Thursday.

“Going home brings a different player out of me,” Stewart said. “I want to get a win in front of my hometown crowd, especially being my last time playing there.”

Stewart is 1-2 in Seattle with the Trojans. USC won there his freshman year but lost by 14 last season and 30 the year before.

It will be the first game this season for his son Jaylin, who turned two earlier this month.

“He watches all my games on TV,” Stewart said. “It’s funny, when he recognizes me on TV he runs and tries to grab the TV.”

Also at the game will be his younger twin brothers, Hadeem and Kadeem. They are basketball players just like Lodrick and his twin brother Rodrick, who started at USC before transferring to Kansas. Stewart said his younger brothers, who are nearly 14 and plan to start at Rainier Beach High next year, are more advanced at their age than he and Rodrick.

“If coach Floyd is still here, they’ll play for coach Floyd,” Stewart said. “That’s what my dad says, too.”

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