Washington game unimportant to Pac

A loss to Washington on Thursday would have no impact on USC’s bid for second place in the Pacific-10 Conference. The Trojans will get second if Washington State loses to UCLA on Thursday and USC beats the Cougars on Saturday. Then, even with a Washington loss, the teams would be tied at 12-6 in conference play and would have split their series. The tiebreaker would be better record against the conference’s top teams, and USC would win based on being 2-0 against Oregon.

However, a loss to the Huskies likely would impact USC’s NCAA Tournament seeding, so the Trojans do have reason to play their hardest.

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2 Responses to Washington game unimportant to Pac

  1. Floyd is my hero says:

    Okay, what if:
    1) USC beats Washington
    2) WSU beats UCLA
    3) USC beats WSU?

    The teams would again be tied at 12-6 with a split series. Does WSU get the tiebreaker somehow by beating UCLA? Otherwise, the Washington game would be important (if WSU beats UCLA).

    MK edit: Yes, the second tiebreaker after head-to-head is record against top conference team. If WSU beats UCLA, it holds that tiebreaker.

  2. Devin says:

    Looks like being ranked in the polls just doesn’t sit well for sc. Reserve your flights to Buffalo or Winston-Salem come Tourney Time.

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