Taj fourth foul

Leaves game 12:25 left USC up 57-45.

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3 Responses to Taj fourth foul

  1. Not My Hero says:

    Where are you Matthew…you were posting every half hour. What happened…oh yeah, UNC 74 SUC 64! SUC blew a 16 point lead, nice composure by coach Mary Floyd-weather. SUC ON! SUC ON! SUC ON!

  2. dbmitch says:

    Nice balls. Wait until UNC pulls ahead to post.

    Okay, I’ll make my prediction right now. Kansas is going to kick ucla’s butt. Enjoy your ride home, loser.

  3. Still Not My Hero says:

    Hey dmbitch….Loser, Loser,….look in the mirror! “L” SUC ON!!!!!!

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