Pruitt isn’t announcing Tuesday

Nick Young’s announcement that he will enter the NBA draft will happen Tuesday at 3 p.m. at Heritage Hall. Gabe Pruitt is not scheduled to make his announcement at that time. Pruitt has told the Daily News he is leaning toward declaring for the NBA draft to test the waters but not hiring an agent so that he can have the option of returning for his senior year. Young is planning to hire an agent.

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3 Responses to Pruitt isn’t announcing Tuesday

  1. GaryD says:

    Pruitt should go, OJ will probably take away his playing time.

    MK edit: This may be a softer draft for point guards, giving him reason to go. But I don’t think OJ’s presence would have much of an impact on his playing time.

  2. Matt says:

    Hey Matt, you have any insight on Master P’s kid, Romeo? I know he and his teammate from his AAU team committed a couple of days ago.

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