Pruitt in limbo

Gabe Pruitt said there is no reason for him not to test the waters and declare for the NBA draft, leaving the possibility to return to USC by not hiring an agent, but that he still wants to think it over and talk with his family more before making that announcement. That he is putting that much thought into a reversible decision seems like good news for USC. Pruitt said he’s in no hurry to make an announcement before the April 29 deadline. He said Nick Young going pro has no impact on his decision. Though he would like to provide for his family, he said there isn’t a pressing need to do so right away. He has noticed that there seems to be fewer point guards in this draft than there will be next year, and that is weighing on his thinking. Pruitt separately had long one-on-one talks with assistant coaches Phil Johnson and Bob Cantu after Young’s press conference.

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