Pruitt will test waters

Gabe Pruitt has made it official that he will declare for the NBA draft but not hire an agent, leaving it open for him to pull out by June 18, 10 days before the draft, and return for his senior year at USC. Pruitt will not be giving a press conference the way Nick Young did, but I should have more from him shortly.

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2 Responses to Pruitt will test waters

  1. GaryD says:

    Is there a realistic shot that Pruitt could be guarnteed a 1st round pick like Farmar did last year?

    MK edit: Yes, but I think it would take him improving his stock over the next month and a half in workouts — and especially at the NBA camp in Orlando.

  2. rocksteadysc says:

    Gabe may be a late 1st round pick at best. Yes, it is a PG-shy draft but Gabe is not the only player recognizing this fact of late. In addition to graduated Duck Aaron Brooks, 3 other recent-declaree PGs will likely be drafted ahead of GP (OSU pg Mike Conley, GT pg Javarris Crittendon, Marquette pg Domininc James…though James is a toss-up).

    I think GP serves his own best interests (and the program’s, of course!) if he stays one more year. He could end up in the top 10 if he continues to improve his game, which he will should he stay healthy and on-track academically.

    regardless of his decision, i wish him only the best.

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