Nick Young documentary

“Second Chance Season,” a documentary on Nick Young, will premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 22. That’s six days before Young is expected to go in the first round of the NBA draft.

I first knew of the documentary when I covered Young’s final game in high school. After Cleveland fell to Fairfax in the City semifinals, I interviewed Young outside the locker room and noticed someone with a camera filming the interview. That was Dan Forer, a former producer for CBS Sports. Most of the filming was done in Young’s years at Cleveland. Forer showed me a few clips of the film a year ago, and it will be moving for all USC fans who know and care about Nick. It tells the story of everything Young has overcome to be on the cusp of his NBA dream, and how playing basketball pulled his family out of the depression from his oldest brother’s murder. It’s similar to the feature I wrote on Young before the first UCLA game of the year, but more in depth and capturing on film the recovery process.

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6 Responses to Nick Young documentary

  1. Anonymous says:

    Young wont be anything in the NBA, not worth the time to see this film, I would rather see something on Mayo.

  2. harry says:

    wow, what a mean, petty comment! nick young should be celebrated for everything he’s done for his family and USC. i can’t believe any usc fan would write something like that.

  3. elana says:

    I think Nick Young is a fantastic player and I am looking forward to watching him in the NBA. I will try to check out the movie.

  4. johnny jones says:

    hey’ are you f…..g mayo

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