Draft day

Here’s the teams Nick Young worked out for, and their pick in the first round: Memphis (4), Boston (5), Charlotte (8), Philadelphia (12), New Orleans (13), Clippers (14), Detroit (15), Washington (16), New Jersey (17), Golden State (18), Lakers (19), Miami (20). I think his most likely destination is New Orleans. That would be an interesting spot. He could help Reggie Bush in efforts to rebuild the city, and he would be near Paulette Francis. The best story, and probably his second-most-likely destination, would be to the Clippers. That would keep him close to home and perhaps set up a third cross-town rivalry with Jordan Farmar, from Cleveland-Taft to USC-UCLA to Clippers-Lakers. The Clippers are the only team to work Nick out twice. Nick would love to stay in L.A.

Gabe Pruitt worked out for Washington (16), Golden State (18), Phoenix (24, 29), Utah (25), Houston (26), Detroit (27), San Antonio (28), Philadelphia (30) and Seattle (2). Obviously, the Sonics would be considering him for the second round. This is the moment of truth for Pruitt. He needs to go in the first round, or his leaving USC early for the draft was likely a mistake.

Lodrick Stewart has some hope of going in the second round. He worked out with Sacramento, Seattle and Phoenix.

The draft will be televised on ESPN beginning at 4 p.m.

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44 Responses to Draft day

  1. Floyd is Not My Hero says:

    New Orleans…wrong! Clippers…wrong! Does anyone really care where he goes. Nice try with the Bush connection…what a sentimental story that would be….let’s rebuild NO…SUC ON!!!

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