Young feeling at home

Gilbert Arenas is passing out more than advice to new Washington Wizards teammate Nick Young.

Young, the former USC and Cleveland High of Reseda standout, said Sunday before participating in the L.A. Stars All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game at Galen Center that Arenas sold him his six-bedroom home in Northern Virginia.

“Gil passed it down to me, Young said. “Its pretty big, more than I expected. I expected to rent at first, but Gil wouldnt have any of that. Its nice to own my first house.

Youngs parents are still looking for the right place in the Los Angeles area before moving out of the small apartment they have lived in for 27 years.

Arenas, another San Fernando Valley product who went to Grant High in Van Nuys, has taken Young under his wings.

“Having someone like Gil to show me around is helping me out a lot, Young said. “Weve practiced together for the past couple of weeks and hes already shown me like one or two moves that Im going to steal from him, but I cant give them out yet.

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50 Responses to Young feeling at home

  1. trojan_fan says:

    Good to have you back Matthew. Having Davon make it in school is going to be huge for USC this coming basketball seaon. Looking forward to come visit your blog on a daily basis.

  2. wizdom says:

    umm.. does this mean that gil plans to leave dc?

    MK answer: No, he got a bigger place. Six bedrooms just isn’t enough for an NBA player once he has been in the league a few years.

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