Como se dice …

Mayo and Simmons said the trip to Mexico would be their first time outside the country. Asked if he knew how to say anything in Spanish, Mayo said only “como estas.”

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  1. td4troy says:

    Thanks Matthew for all the great updates during this first day of practice. As a lifelong fan, it is great to be able to keep track of all the goings on this early as the boys prepare for Mexico. I’m sure the answer is no… However, I will ask. Is there any method by which to view highlights of the games in Mexico ? Will you be attending ? Fight On and thanks Matthew !

    MK answer: No, I don’t expect you will be able to view highlights from Los Angeles. Perhaps a Mexican station will carry it and it we can find highlights on the Internet, but who knows. I won’t be making the trip to Mexico. I read that Sleuth who runs will be there so I will divert to him for coverage on this one. I’ll be reading his updates as well.

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