In my entertainment column for the Feb. 8 Go! magazine, I complained that TVs are popping up in unexpected places, such as supermarket checkout lines, and on top of gas pumps at service stations. I stated my sincere hope that TVs never will be installed in certain, sacrosanct places, such as public restrooms. I don’t want distractions when I am in the restroom. It’s where I do my best thinking. In fact, I said, if TVs are installed in restrooms, I no longer can be counted upon to solve the world’s problems.

I received the following horrifying (and entertaining) note from reader Colleen McGurn:

I am in total agreement that there are far too many televisions out in the world. I refuse to dine in a restaurant that places TVs in the main dining room (BJ’s and CPK for example). If I wanted to eat in front of a TV I would do so at home.

Although I don’t know you, I feel terrible that I am the one to break this news to you. There already are TVs in restrooms. Where, you ask? Where else! Vegas! The land of sensory overload. ESPN Zone has TVs in the men’s room, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this phenomenon is spreading to other sports bars. God forbid you were to miss 45 seconds of a game.

It’s with you, John, in the john. Your plans for world peace are doomed.