I recently picked up a book at an antiques store in Ontario. It was a first-edition novel, in good condition, and inexpensive, so I bought it. There was art work on the title page that suggested it would be a tale of the American Southwest, which provided additional incentive.

It turns out that “Crazy Weather” by Charles L. McNichols, published by Macmillan Co. in 1944, is set in San Bernardino County. I’m delighted by this discovery.

I’ve only just begun reading it, but I can tell you it is the story of a white boy drawn to Indian ways. He lives near Needles, on the California side of the Colorado River. It’s the late 19th century, and the region is populated by a lively mixture of Mojave Indians, Mexicans and white settlers. Our young hero is charmed by Indian songs that tell of the mighty San Bernardino Mountains to the west, and the great sea beyond.

I’ll let you know how the story turns out.

Or, you can buy the book for yourself, and take the journey with me. I just checked on Amazon.com, and learned that the book is still in print! It’s available in paperback for $12.95.

How did I not know about this little treasure?