My Feb. 17 column on Cajon Pass earned a friendly note from Lea Bush at the Deer Park Nudist Resort located there:

“As a 3-year resident of Devore, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your column on our historical area. I bought and am reading the book you mentioned, ‘Devore: A Scrapbook,’ which is most informative & entertaining. My husband and I live in Deer Park Nudist Resort (formerly known as Tree House, Oakdale and other names, having gone through many owners since its inception in the 1930s).

“The author mentioned us, i.e. Deer Park, several times in her book, as well as including photos. We are the editors of the park’s newsletter The Breeze. Please see Deer Park’s website,, for past issues and lots of general info. I hope you also take the time to peruse the website for AANR, the American Association of Nude Recreation.

“As members of the park’s council, we are always exploring ways to let people know: 1) we’re here, and 2) we don’t bite. We’re people just like everyone else, from all professions and walks of life, all ages, races & sizes, not perverts or swingers or any of the other stereotypes the general public assumes to be the truth. Members and visitors are scrupulously screened and behavior is always monitored. People who speak or act inappropriately are ejected, with no second chances.

“Nudism is not about sex, it is about freedom, and only in the nudist community do I feel totally accepted for who I am, as well as always safe. Factors that are often viewed as judgments, such as the clothes you wear, the car you drive, how much money you make, how you look, etc., are irrelevant here. My husband likes to call it ‘nekkid Mayberry,’ that’s how friendly and caring we have found this community to be.

“Technically speaking, Deer Park is not a ‘nudist resort.’ Rather we are a ‘clothing optional resort.’ There is a difference. The only place nudity is required is in the pools or the jacuzzis (we have 2 of each). Everywhere else you can be as bundled up as you desire.”