In my column of Dec. 30, 2009, which was headlined “Put these Colts out to pasture,” I raged against football’s Indianapolis Colts, who threw away their virtually assured chance of a rare perfect season by “resting” their starters in the next-to-last game of the regular season. They suffered a well-earned upset loss in that game, then went on to also lose the next game against an even worse underdog. So, instead of entering the post-season triumphantly with a perfect record, they enter red-faced and shamed, with two straight embarrassing losses behind them. Hope they enjoyed that little “rest.”

I’m taking it personally, because I live an hour from Los Angeles and therefore don’t have a football team to call my own. I’m forced to “adopt” other teams that catch my interest. I had allowed myself in recent years to become a Colts fan, and this year I was following their sure shot at a perfect season with great excitement.

They let me down. I brooded about it for days. And then I let them have it. I called them quitters. I said they were symbols of what’s wrong with America these days.

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But that wasn’t and isn’t the whole column. The column didn’t run in its entirety. Due to limitations of space, a portion was cut. It’s my favorite part. It’s the part at the end, where I put a curse on the Colts.

Here it is. I’m restoring it, for the sake of posterity:

“As a nation, we can change. We must change. We must use the Colts as a cautionary example and choose a different course for ourselves. We must shake the ashes of their ruin from our shoes and march in a new and better direction. We must snatch the victory they forfeited from the defeat they embraced.

“For the Colts, alas, it is too late. What they did on Sunday is in the record books forever. Filed under infamy.

“A hex now has been laid upon them. I predict it. Covered in ignominy, branded with shame, suffering the well-earned scorn of the whole world, they will stumble badly in the playoffs, and next season, and in all the years to come, so long as they are together in their present form.

“The coach is a disgrace. The superstar quarterback and the other starters are broken and belittled men. The backup players are laughingstocks. This team never again will perform well as a unit, or have lasting success.

“The Colts are cursed.”