When the Fedco store on Mount Vernon Avenue in San Bernardino was about to close in 1999, I went to check out the fantastic savings. I bought a black Members Only jacket for $10 and thought it was the deal of the century. I bragged about it to my friends, all of whom told me, gently, that Members Only jackets had gone totally out of style and that nobody with any fashion sense would be caught dead wearing one.

Not wanting to reveal publicly that I have no fashion sense, I forlornly put my brand-new Members Only jacket on a hanger in my entryway coat closet and left it there until this day. I never wore it. Ever.

You remember Members Only jackets, don’t you? They were all the rage for awhile. They had all sorts of unnecessary straps and buckles and grommets and buttons. Very Michael Jackson-ish. But then they stopped being the rage, evidently. I am very suspicious that it happened the very day before I bought one at big savings.

Fortunately, this very sad story has a wonderfully happy ending.  Recently I wandered through the Urban Outfitters store at the Victoria Gardens shopping mall in Rancho Cucamonga. This is a very hip, young, trendy shop, filled with hip, young, trendy clothes and accessories for hip, young, trendy people.

I admired all the cool stuff as I moved through the store in a counterclockwise circle that brought me back to the entrance. As it turned out, the very last thing I saw was a display case right near the front door. And there, in that case, featured in all its glory, I saw it … a Members Only jacket.

I’m not sure, but I think the store suddenly was bathed in a heavenly light. I heard music. Bluebirds may well have been flying in a circle above the display, carrying garlands and banners in their beaks.

Obviously, Members Only jackets are back! And, obviously, I am a genius for hanging on to my own Members Only jacket for more than a decade now … waiting … waiting …

Baby, that jacket is coming out of the closet!