My friend Steve Portias, a San Bernardino lifer, has started work on a list of old restaurants, bars, markets and other businesses that were the popular hangouts of San Bernardino and environs back in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. It’s a work in progress, and Steve welcomes suggestions. Contact him at buffaloportias@aol.com.

Here’s his list so far …

Price Club
B&G Market
Coffees Market
Dodsons Auto Parts
Wilson’s Gun World
Gene’s Trading Post
Peebles Coins
Lazar Cadillac
Millers War Surplus
Bobby McGees
Temple Theater
Gateway Auto Parts
Cullen’s TV & Appliances
Dick Gray’s Bar
Betty & Bert’s Market
George’s Home Center
McFarlane’s Boat and Marine
Georges Smorgasbord
Price Rambler
Rose Auto Parts
Bob’s Auto Upholstery
Canada Dry Bottling Company
Mother Goose Shoes
Braviroff’s Music
Bob Brown Muffler
Evans Seat Covers
Victoria Guernsey Dairy
Colton Dairy
House of Lords Men’s Wear
Christensen Ice Cream
Squires Lumber
Stembridge Hardware
Albright Chain Link Fences
Larson’s Drug Store
Tri-City Concrete
Richards Beauty College
Norton Battery’s
Bill Bader Chevy
Friendly Chevy
L.J. Show Ford
Casey’s Portable Toilet Service
Farrington Tires
Little Mountain Tire Service
Lazio’s Sporting Goods
Skinners Restaurant
Royal Tahitian Restaurant
Ole’s Home Repairs
Precision Dyno Tuning
Home Base
Legion Caf
Big M Drive In
Santa Fe Caf
Cadillac Motel
Ivy Motel
Norton Pet Shop
Cozy Corner Bar
Pirate’s Den
L&J Liquor
San Franciscan Restaurant
Little Kitchen
J&L Machine
Dale’s Modern Cycle
Zulch Auto Works
Pail O’Chicken
Maria’s Cafe
Uncle John’s Pancake House
Rose Auto Wrecking
Merrill Auto Wreaking
Becker’s Auto Wrecking
Midnight Auto Wrecking
Wilson Auto Parts
Burn’s Automotive
Ace Radiator
Green Onion
Hudson Gas Station
Astro Gas Station
Johnny’s Steak House
Penguins Frozen Yogurt
Home Lumber
Suverkrup Lumber
Tik Tok Restaurant
Harry’s Schwinn Bikes
Pup & Taco
Coop’s Coin Store
Payne’s Corner Coins
Al’s Coin Store
Papa Joe’s Bar
Lang’s Men Wear
Lopez Studio
Muntz Stereo
Naugle’s Drive In
Van Wyk’s Volkswagen
Food Bank
Mayfair Markets
Paul’s Markets
Market Spot
Boys Market
Viva Markets
Smith’s Super Markets
Shopping Bag
Highland Farms Market
Norton Air Base Commissary
Boulevard Market
Cunningham Drugs
ABC Flowers
Currie’s Flowers
Eastside Maple Shop
Bill Logue Hi-Fi Stereophonic
Mercy Ambulance Service
Courtesy Medical Service
Arden Ice Cream
Foster Freeze
Dill Lumber
Engleman’s Men’s Wear
D&M Office Equipment
San Bernardino Camera
Western Surgical
Phillips Truck Rentals
Wrights Tire Service
House of Plastics
Arrowhead Blind Company
San Bernardino Wrestling Arena
Arrowhead Tire & Battery
Sierra Equipment Rentals
E&E Tux Rentals
Stuart Auto Parts
Jerry Berman Auto Sales
Home Lumber
Swiss Dairy
Harris’ Department Store
Ellis Ford
White Front Department Store
A.B.C. Department Stores
F.O.R.E. Department Stores
Kinney’s Shoes
Robert Halls Men’s Store
Black’s for Men
Lerner’s Woman’s Clothing
Janet’s Dress Shop
 Sammy’s Bar
Aquarius Night Club
Eros & Bogarts
Monkey’s Hide Out
The Market Night Club
Swing Auditorium
C.C. Cinnamon Cinder Night Club
Municipal Auditorium
Kaiser Dome
Ski-Land, Colton
Indigo Room
Players Night Club
Cowboy Saloon
Cop Out Night Club
Candy Legs Night Club
Ken’s Corner
Mt.Way Club
Pit Stop
Booby Trap Night Club
Torrid Zone Night Club
California Hotel
Ritz Theater
West Coast Theater
Studio Theater
Pussy Cat Theater
Baseline Drive In
Mt. Vernon Drive In, San Bernardino
Bing’s Cathay Inn
Golden Bull
Hot Dog In A Box
Queen’s Grinders
Traders Island Restaurant
Gourmet Restaurant
Heywood’s Ice Cream
La Paloma Mexican Food
Foxy’s Restaurant
Angels Home Supplies
Builders Emporium
Standard Brands Paint & Supplies
Blair’s Toy Store
Pratt Brothers Sporting Goods
Lyle’s Record City
San Bernardino Racing Equipment
Mt.Vernon Speed Shop
J&M Speed Center
Brent’s Dyno Tuning
Denvers Choppers
San-Hi Bowling Alley
Barbara Ann Bakery
Recap Cheater Slicks (Tires)
Jack Coyle Chevy
Mission Pontiac
Center Chevy
Brown Cadillac
Garner Ford
DeRoque Buick
Bob Wickett Chrysler
Bill Ellis Ford
L.J. Snow Ford
Roger Harmon Mercury
Floyd Brown Rambler
Winston Head Sales
Downtown Auto Parts
Strout’s Automotive
M&M Garage
Gene’s Brakes
Sure-Fit Auto Upholstery
Reliable Auto Wrecking
American Auto Wreaking
Richard’s Beauty College
Citrus Belt Bowling
National Dry Ice
Lindsey Blocks and Bricks
B&B Equipment Rental
McOmie Pharmacy
Royal Chrysler
Holiday Olds
American Rambler
Dales’ T.V. Repair
ARA Car Air Conditioning

  • Penny Warren

    Spic’n Span Market
    Market Basket
    Ranch Market
    Carnation Ice Cream Parlor
    Stept’s Apparel
    Rexall Drug Store
    Ruben’s Cafeteria
    Baker’s Drive-thru
    Markell’s Apparel
    Harry’s Roller RinK
    J’s Restaurant
    Barker Bros.
    Robert Hall Menswear
    Goodman’s Jewelers
    Duke’s Appliance Center
    Fooshee Furniture
    McMahan’s Furniture
    Standard Brands Paint Co.

  • Karen Boyd

    Fosdick’s Ice Cream and Sandwiches
    Clothes Time
    Wyatt’s Cafeteria

  • Stephanie Loving

    The Highlander Shop (dress shop on E. Highland)
    Sawyers Barn (great chicken) … I think Riverside County