Here’s a list of actual inflatable yard decorations for the holidays that can be found online. If you don’t have any of these on your block, you can thank your good luck … and your good neighbors.

  • A blow-up nativity scene features Santa Claus in the role of Joseph. That’s right, Baby Jesus is in for a real surprise when he wakes up! Mary probably has a few questions, too.
  • It’s Trailer Trash Santa! Wave back as Father Christmas and a couple of reindeer greet you from the windows of their mobile home sweet home.
  • A snowman looks on in horror as he is eaten alive by a reindeer. It doesn’t look good for the continuing friendship between Frosty and Rudolph!
  • Are you among the millions who remember the burlesque leg lamp in the movie “A Christmas Story”?  Are you among the much smaller number of people who wish they could put a giant inflatable version in the yard? Good news!
  •  Elves ride bareback on a hippopotamus. Script check, please!
  • Santa drops his drawers and “moons” the neighborhood. So, when it’s Santa who is being naughty, who takes the report?
  • A reindeer drives a steamroller over Grandma. Is this one of those “reindeer games” we always hear about?
  • Santa looks back in alarm as he notices a squished elf on the back of his britches. You know what, these inflatable Christmas characters need to lighten up a little!
  • A snowman totes a rifle. You don’t like it? Go ahead, make his day!
  • A “soldier” Santa wears battle fatigues. Is there something going on in Christmas Land that the rest of us need to know about?
  • Santa and his reindeer play cards in a lively game of “North Pole Hold ‘Em.” Ah, a gambling Santa … that sends just the right message to kids.
  • Oh, no, the polar bear’s tongue is frozen to the North Pole. Tell Santa to stop playing cards and get out here and help!
  • Hey, that’s no sled! Santa is driving a dump truck! This does not bode well for the quality of toys this year.