First Blog

Let the Blogs begin.

Starting today, we will run a prep blog that enables Whittier Daily
News readers and anyone else who follows the preps to express opinions,
ask questions, make suggestions, pretty much anything that comes to mind
concerning their favorite high sports subjects.

Readers are encouraged to participate, but we’re asking them to use a
degree of social decorum in their remarks.

The upcoming football season likely will stimulate most of the early
reactions, but remember this forum is open to followers of all prep

To open the discussions, the preseason the top five football teams
among Daily News area schools might be (listed in alphabetically order)
California, La Habra, La Mirada, Santa Fe and St. Paul. La Serna and
Schurr could warrant consideration.

Agree, or disagree. What changes would you make?

The official Daily News Top-5 will be released in the annual Football
Preview which will be out Thursday, Aug. 31.

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  • backintheday

    1-La Habra will be good like always.
    2-St.Paul Has a lot of talent plus Grisby is back.
    3/4/5- Dont know much about La Mirada, Santa Fe could be good if returners step up, La Serna has a solid line but unstable skill, Schurr has lots of returners and should be really good this year.
    0- Cal Hi will be down and be trying to get a third place playoff spot.

  • elrancho

    Im glad this blog for the Whittier area is finally up, cant wait for the season to start.

  • scj

    La Habra and Santa Fe should again be the cream of the crop. St. Paul might be a bit young this year but if Grisby did come back then that is huge. CalHi might surprise people this year

  • J

    Till somebody knocks Santa fe off in league. They will be champions again, so will be Cantwell,La habra,schurr, Elgible players and injurys always are a factor, but good coaches seem to find a way to win and the number one goal is to see these players in college.

  • rmurray

    Good stuff. St. Paul’s question mark is at quarterback. La Mirada’s stock went up after finishing second in the Claremont passing tournament, beating Hart, Canyon and Centennial along the way. And you might be selling California a bit short.

  • El Rancho

    Cal High was going to be a very good team, that is until Nicholas Grigsby found out he would not be able to play at Cal. Dont get me wrong they might still have a good team, but LeVier is going to be very tough to replace.

  • rmurray

    No question about LaVier’s loss, especially with a pair of talented but untried replacement candidates. It mere put more pressure RB Matt Navarro and the ground game. No fumbles or turnovers allowed.

  • El Rancho

    Anyone know how La Serna is looking??

  • Taylor Boyd

    Cal hi will be down this year that’s for sure. But as much as I hate to say it but Santa Fe all ways finds the people to “reload” and win again, so some one needs to step up and beat them. Watch out for La Serna they don’t have size but they’ve got heart.

  • Joe “spartan” Rios

    What school in the area has the most toughest schedule?

  • murray

    For Joe “spartan” Rios: Joe, I think St. Paul’s schedule not only is the area’s most difficult by far. In fact, I think it ranks, all things considered, with any school’s schedule in the southland.
    St. Paul opens with Bishop Amat, then travels to St. Bonaventure. From there, it’s Redondo Uniion at home, on the road at LA Banning (new coach), El Rancho and Loyola, b ack homea for Sherman Oaks Notre Dame, then finishes up with Mission League games on the road at Chaminade and Alemany and finishing with St. Francis at home.

  • Titan1

    Ive been hearing rumours that Santa Fe has been very inconsistent this summer. They will be good this year, but I think there will be a big dropoff compared to last season.

  • scj

    Got to agree with you Roger, I think St. Paul has one of the toughest schedules around. Tough enough with St. Bonnie, Notre Dame and Amat.

    By the way, love the blogs and the new increased coverage on the Preps.

  • Taylor Boyd

    Yes Mr Murray St. Paul does have the tuffest schedule by far. but why all those great teams in one season. i know the concept of not backing down from a good team but i think that they made there schedule too hard. they’ll be 6-4 or 5-5. count on it Murray

  • crasher

    Schurr does have alot of returners, but they may lack disipline, their line is not very good their best lineman left, the only lineman they have left is the coaches favorite, only time will tell if the awards were deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • murray

    Hi Titan,
    Haven’t heard those rumors. In talking with coach Mahlstede, everything seems to be in order, business as usual. I suppose anything is possible, but I’ll be surprised if there is much of a dropoff, if any.

  • scj

    Speaking of St. Paul’s tough schedule, did you see in today’s edition of USA Today that St. Paul’s opponent on 9/7 St. Bonaventure, is ranked 19th in the nation the preseason poll?

  • murray

    Thanks, scj. No, I haven’t seen USA Today’s rankings. When you filed your comment, it probably sent a chill down St. Paul coach Pete Gonzalez’s back.

  • JSR

    Sports Illustrated has St Bonaventure (Ventura) ranked 10 in the nation? Talk about pressure! No doubt St. Paul will have their hands full. Nice job on the blogs Murray!

  • scj

    You can get a preview of what St. Paul is going to look like this year by checking their annual Blue and White intrasquad game tomorrow at Noon.

  • murray

    Thanks for the heads up,scj. My schedule was tight until 2 p.m. Saturday, so didn’t see it until later. Sorry I missed the intrasquad game. How’d the Swordsmen look?

  • scj

    Only caught a couple of series but they moved the ball pretty good. Some of the guys I was talking to were wondering if it was a matter of good offense and no defense. They are young but seem to have some good talent. I guess will know more after the Amat game. Caught the 1st string freshmen against the JV’s. Freshmen looked really good. Couple of guys to watch for the future are the QB and the MLB.

  • J

    If you were to put a preseason list on matchups give me 3 games and why.

  • murray

    Am assuming you mean preseason games involving area schools.
    9/1 Bishop Amat at St. Paul, 7:30 p.m. One of southland’s storied rivalries, even if the talent hasn’t always been even in recent years. Both teams are question marks this season, and this game will go a long way in exposing just where they stand. In any case, the players’ emotions will be sky-high.

    9/15 La Habra vs. South Hills, at Covina District Stadium, 7 p.m. Two perennial CIF contenders, well coached and stocked with talent. Nothing new here. Should be a barn burner. Always tough SoHills defense will be a test for La Habra’s highly touted QB Chris Morales.

    9/22 Fountain Valley vs. Santa Fe, at Pioneer HS, 7 p.m. Visiting Barons were down last year, but are said to be among the most improved teams in the Sunset League. And it seems Orange County teams, even in down years, have proven a test for Del Rio League schools.

  • backintheday

    mr. murray south hills plays los altos week zero not la habra…

  • J

    This Blog is great, and gives these couch coaches something to chat about. The best way to learn is from somebody like you. Ever think about coaching?

  • Dan

    Backintheday if you look closer Mr. Murry post the date of the S.Hills vs La Habra game as 9/15 not week zero. By the way it will be another great game, South Hills looked good despite their loss to Los Altos on friday and I know La Habra will play them tough, they always do.