Summer passing leagues: Worth the effort?

Summer football passing leagues.

Are they as valuable as most high school coaches say, or are they
given too much credit for a team’s success?

Coaches talk about how they are necessary not only to help their
quarterbacks and receivers get on the same page, but also to evaluate

Critics claim such evaluations are tainted because there are no pads
involved, and theoretically, no contact. Quarterbacks don’t have to find
receivers through a maze of bodies blocking in front of them, or against
the pressure of on-rushing linemen bent on wreaking havoc and

How, then, can it be real football?

Two things come to mind.

When his Muir Mustangs were winning back-to-back CIF championships in
1985-86, legendary coach Jim Brownfield was adamant about the positive
impact the passing leagues had on the success of his program.

“These titles were won during the summer,” Brownfield said after the
second one.>p>

La Mirada football coach Dave Rush talks of how this year’s team came
together – mentally and emotionally as well as physically, after
struggling in its first game of the Claremont passing tournament this

We had struggled with a bad start,” Rush said, “and then the players
turned it around and found a way to beat three top teams (Hart, Canyon,
Centennial). We finished second in the tournament, and the players have
gone on from there.

“Those wins showed the charcter and spirit of our players and how
they came together.”

Summer passing leagues.

Worthwhile, or overrated?

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  • Dan

    Summer Passing leagues are valuable in bonding
    a team together, a good example is the la Mirada team you mentioned at the Claremont tournament, that coming together and almost winning the tournament could be the start of a
    great season for the Matadores, only time will tell. As for gauging how a team will be during the season, Passing league is a poor indicator cause things change when you have linemen & blitzing
    linebackers breathing down your neck, or when a reciever hears footsteps or gets layed out crossing over the middle etc.etc.

  • El Rancho

    Passing league tournaments may not mean much, but what these tournaments do is allow these players to play in an actual competition. Even though its not too important to win a passing tournament, playing well in a passing tournament gives kids confidence going into the season. Once the pads come on its a whole different story, but like I said its a good competition for the kids.

  • scj

    Not to mention these passing leagues give us football junkies a little bit to nibble on until the season actually starts!!! 🙂

  • Taylor Boyd

    being a former player at La Serna we did tons of summer passing leagues. I found that it is not only important for bonding but also to get you team to compete togther. also the passing game takes alot of pratice to be able to prefect it. so yes they are Worthwhile.

  • -=bw=-

    I think passing leagues are really beneficial to teams in getting rhythm and time down on offense and gives defenses and idea of what to expect during the season. At the same time it cracks me up that some teams will alter their defense just for passing league and run unrealistic sets on offense. Too many times I have seen teams get all excited over a completion when in reality the QB made the pass from 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage or have an empty back field with no one to protect him. I really think plays like that would end up as sacks. To those teams…I dont think you get the full concept of passing league.