Fans can make an impact

The number of people who show up to watch their favorite team does not always indicate accurately how much they care about it.

Considering fan support often can have an effect on a team’s play, which area high school’s football crowds are:

largest (in number)?

loudest (vocal)?

most knowledgeable?

Most aggressive (read: rude)?

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  • Taylor Boyd

    all crowds are important but
    -largest is La Habra
    -loudest is St Paul
    -most knowledgeable is La Serna
    – Most aggressive and rude is Santa Fe

  • dennis maldonado

    la serna does not have the most knowledgeable fans, i say that would go to st. paul or santa fe. i would say that la serna probably has one of the least knowleable group of fans and probably draws the worst of alll the schools. The best drawing schools are santa fe, st paul and la mirada.

  • murray

    Hi DM:
    Don’t know about least knowledgeable La Serna fans, but sometimes wonder if it’s more disinterest. Seems like it’s more of a social gathering than a sports crowd. I’d add La Habra and its shoulder-to-shoulder, jammed-packed crowds to your group of three best-drawing schools.