Week 0 quick start a good thing?

Four areea teams will be among thos high school who will open their football seasons this weekend in what is called Week 0 (zero) in the schedule.

St.Paul plays Bishop Amat, Pioneer faces Gabrielino, Montebello takes on Norwalk and Cantwell goes against St. Anthony on Friday.

The remainder of the area’s schools begin play for real next week. And while most of them will be scrimmaging another school this weekend, the Week 0 schools are not allowed a scrimmage against another team prior to their first real game.

Schools with Week 0 games also are required to have a bye week later in their season.

How important is losing that scrimmage that is used to acclimate players to, after some four months of practicing with and against their teammates, finally break the season’s ice with some physical contact against another team. The scrimmage also is an important tool for making final evaluations for positions to be filled by newcomers or lesser experienced players.

On the other hand, the bye week necessitated by a Week 0 game can work to a team’s advantage if injured players need additional recovery time. Then again, sometimes the timing of the bye week can interrupt the momentum of a team on a wining streak or just beginning to jell.

A Week 0 game, or following the norm by opening the season in Week 1? Which is better?

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  • Taylor Boyd

    in high school it is important to have the scrimmag under your belt because the new comers need that game. the bye is over rated and sucks away all of your momentum. but go La Serna. get some posts on the Del rio. but i do love the blog Murry

  • Brian Sandoval

    week 0 is better getting a bye during the season to possibly heal some mid season injuries can help you come cif time. But to change the subject just came back from the los altos , south hills game, didnt catch his name but number 4 from los altos is the real deal. felt they should of ran the ball more. kid can really make things happen.

  • Vickie Roy

    Will you cover Whittier College sports too?